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>the literal garbage tsundere who had no real interaction with the MC until they suddenly hook up wins

Man Akame Ga Kiru was complete irredeemable trash

Yep. But thats not the issue, I just to want mourn dead waifus

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That hit hard user

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What would a date with Leone be like?

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One of the worst series ever written.

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she is also probably be the only person that Mine would of been willing to share tatsumi with, so we could of had a threesome

Akame ga Kill! killed off so many characters there are only four night raid members and 2 Jaegers left alive and that is only the case in the manga.

>the literal garbage tsundere
stay mad faggot.

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still mad

>actually failed in killing a fucking caster/assassin
Mordred is a disgrace for all Seibas

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It hurts.

>>happiest girl in the world


Does this board suddenly like akame ga kill?

Muh kokoro. Kotori chan deserved happiness

She survived though

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Didnt she die in the manga too though?

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Still cooler than Arturia.

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Dies in both sources, same way

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sniper loli best girl
this is who I self insert as

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Yes, I just preferred the ending where she killed the PM and then went on adventures with Akame

She is not really that much of a loli, though she is short and flat-chested.

Why did the author name her Mine out of all things, it makes it hard to search for her on sites.

you know, if she just killed the PM before he could use his teigu they would of a the perfect weapon against ether esdeath or that gundam thing.

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She deserved it, no loss there user

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still mad

You just slap "Akame ga kill" before her name.

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Sacchin deserved to die

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The worst part is that the series uses reverse plot armor as an excuse for it being "good" and "mature"

> Spoilers: Akame ga Kill isn't good or mature...

Never liked anything having to do with this fucking show except for the fap material that came out it.

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In her defense, she was in a shit series.

She was smiling to the end. She protected her husbando till the very end.
Please don't remind me.

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the series should of just been a black comedy with a harem ending.

Nah you basically could nto end one fight.
Even against semiramis you only won because she stopped her attack to let you live and to talk, when the fight continued she forgot to activate half her powers.

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>fap material
there's none, no fanservice actually pretty feminist but I liked it anyway

>no fanservice
are you fucking blind there was fanserivce every where did you not see the part were they were wearing fucking swimsuits or the fact tatsumi had a harm. plus the creators of the show were selling fucking waifu pillow like pic related for crying out load.

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t. horny babby boy
The greenie pervert always got his ass kicked by leone

Fuck Minefags

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I'd fuck myself too user.

And the anime was too different from the manga.

>Mordred couldn't even beat a lance wielding Saber

>The greenie pervert always got his ass kicked by leone
that's a normal joke for anime though.

It was fun.

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inb4 people shit on mai waifu everything is irisdina's fault

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i would fuck mine herself (even if she didn't want me too)

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>all the boys are pussies except for the gay dude
Sounds feminist to me
Still love akame ga kill don't get me wrong


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I hope you aren't implying that class containers applied to servants in their real life like when she fought seiba.

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Failed Hard with this one

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Is that. Is that a man?

Go read fucking gangsta user

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Too real


God fucking damn it

I fucking knew some little shit would post this

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more doujins when? I wanna see more anal

she didn't deserve this ;_;

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She was used goods, but one of the hottest used goods.

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Conflicted. I don't know if I want to go BETA on that smug bitch or preserve it.

Just self-insert as oniichan and go for purifiying dick route

>purifiying dick route
There's no such thing

She chose her fate.
They raped her and then said "Hey we'll tell your brother we raped you unless you work for us as a prostitute." It's bad NTR doujin writing, and by the end of it, she was just fucking evil.

t. lezzy