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too spooky for the average audience

uhhh actually it's doing good in china soooo nice try but it didn't work this time sweetie

It's so fucking boring, I have no idea what were they thinking.

honestly the whole thing with the lizards should have been cut out. focus more on political intrigue. or maybe bring in some other guilds from the game or players and spice things up. i like the princess story that is currently happening though.

>honestly the whole thing with the lizards should have been cut out.
>cutting out the only good part of Season II

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Not everyone likes furryshit.

But there's no fur.

scalies are part of the furrydom.

I liked it up to the point where they slaughtered the lizards right after they showed them passionately fucking like animals

like jesus christ make up your mind

Tell me you wouldn't a lizard and I'll call you a liar.

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i really wouldnt.
i have a asian tomboy fetish. everything else doesnt even get me hard.

It's a damn fucking shame. I'm still enjoying it, but knowing that there won't be another season because of absolute dogshit planning and execution is always upsetting.


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You're a man of conviction.

Is this ironic? There aren't people who are aroused by the lizard girl, right?

I prefer Overflop myself.

Streaming sales are high and novel boost is happening.
Season 3 will be in summer 2019, screencap this.

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So this is why madhouse doesn't do 2nd seasons...

Why can't nips write as fast as chinks?

You are a disgusting degenerate. That's why this furryshit is flopping.

indeed someone wished for this and got monkey paw┬┤d

There's nothing wrong in consensual sex with reptilians.

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>Sup Forums
>"s2 never" for 3 years
Reminder to be careful with your wishes. Sane anons warned that it would be shit.

If she gets hungry halfway through do I have to pause and feed her the neighbours cat

They seem to like fish so have an aquarium with some live carps maybe?

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If I were Ainz's son and asked him to let me fuck the lizard, would he order the lizard to let me do as I please with her body?

Serious question here, isn't it best to buy one of these blank and just replace the illustration with your imagination?

Also why not just get 4 normal pillows and arrange them 2 by 2

No he wouldn't, he'd tell you to get her sympathy through conventional means or just summon you a PoP, pop have no rights.

the target audience is people with autism

not even for my birthday? what a shitty evil skeleton

No, it's slavs who can't into English.

>isn't it best to buy one of these blank and just replace the illustration with your imagination?
1. Not everyone have a vivid imagination.
2. It grows dim with age, not unlike your libido and chances to get any.
So print is sometimes the only solution
>4 normal pillows
Dakimakura is for hugging, throwing your legs over it or maybe leglock. It's extremely comfy but naturally gets you very horny, not unlike sleeping on your stomach.

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Evil ls pandering to your degenerate son every wish: both toward the object of his passion and son himself.

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It's not even all that popular here.

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that's why I said what a shitty evil skeleton. A proper EVIL skeleton dad would murder people just for my amusement

Maybe it's because I watched all 10 episodes at once but I thought it was pretty good, maybe not as good as s1 but still good

no lizard has a right to be that thicc

I wouldn't call it a vivid imagination. SO when you get that lust blood you just throw the daki aside?

I enjoy the fuck out of papa bones.

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>proper EVIL
Ainz isn't Chaotic Evil.
Sure he steps over some heads, but he finds no pleasures in torturing and killing the weak.
No, I cry myself to sleep while hugging it.

best girl

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It's been too long for my memory since I read book 6 so I forget, will she even have anymore scenes in the final 3 episodes?

enjoyment doesn't factor into Law vs Chaos, and chaotic evil isn't any more evil than lawful evil.

Yes, but Lawful Evil won't abduct people against their will just for his degenerate offspring to have fun fuck.



he will if it's in his code of ethics to secure luxuries for his family

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Shit season then.

ye, like SAO but who cares? Instead of building or using the existing characters we are introduced to 10+ new, all of them 1D and the story... what is the story again?

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That's retarded code of ethics.

Because exhausting existing 10 characters in mere 5 volumes make for an excellent novel.


Because lizard is not a luxury.

Fuck you.

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it is for me

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Are you an Eskimo?

The feeling of disemboweling lizards can be quite luxurious.

Comrade, it is a well known fact Nazarick is Russia under the management of god-emperor Brezhnev

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I for one am glad Overlord got a second season...even though I wanted it to be a 2-cours anime

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Big dick lichman exploring the world and the world reacting to big dick lichman and his hordes existing, that's the overarching plot.

I mean, why should I care about a guy that was in the show for 4 episodes while he is acting like Raki from claymore. They keep adding boring and annoying characters instead of exploring for example Albedo, she hates humans and loves Skeletor, that's her character, why the fuck should I care about her or any of them for that matter?

>Implying Leonid Brezhnev's Russia is Nazarick
>Forgetting Vladimir Putin is basically Ainz Ooal Gown and he is turning the motherland into the real Nazarick with humies, heteromorphs (slavs) and dragons

Comrade, there is still time to do the right thing

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Flopperlord? more like Flopperflop

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>MC is mechanical engineer isekaied as 4th prince of a medieval country
>is mentally mature and well-educated
>offers oppressed witches safe heaven and an opportunity to contribute to society
>brings up shitty border town up to industrialized city standards
>drastically raises quality of life and literacy rate of population
>abolishes oppressive religious organization
>cracks down on corruption and abuse of power by nobles
>most sasugas directed at his prosperous domain, not himself
>refugees are enticed to work, not left to leech of a welfare
>doesn't dive in pussy right away but doesn't shy away from loving affection either
>love triangle is painfully unresolved in a natural way without going full polygamy retardation
>doesn't hold grudges
>prison is basically empty: all convicts are either hanged or sent to mine to work
>author doesn't take a year to update the novel
>there are no fillers: every intermission covers relevant characters or plotlines
>actual worldbuilding
>Overlord > RTW
Overlordfags will deny that.

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Satan plz, Putin and his buddies are basically picrelated turned government.
>humies, heteromorphs (slavs) and dragons
You guessed wrong:
>Heteromorphs: Putin and his friends
>Happyfarm residents: rest of the population

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>reading chinkshit

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No, it's too late: unfortunately he can't be removed from power now.

I picked it up to kill the wait before vol13 but found out that it's actually better. The sasugas are more natural as well, I've read some nip LNs after and cringed at how sherlock sasugas are.

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more like Underlord haha lmao

At least Ainz isn't fucking Anna while making Nightingale watch because his wife told his author "no harems".

>good writing
No, fuck off, half the bullshit he pulls off are purely due to plot conveniences, and the less I talk about the nonsense after the guy gets super powers the better.

>picking up a chink novel with a protagonist named Roland to kill the wait before vol13
>it wasn't The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
You had one job

How do you even make S3 fit in one cour?
>Adapt Vol 8 as OVA before S3
>S3 is Vol 7, 9 and 10
>Vol 7 is short, it can be rushed in 4 episodes
>Leave Enri's arc in Vol9 to BD specials
>Make splat air as a double-length episode special
>That leaves 8 episodes to adapt the rest of Vol9 plus the entirety of Vol10
This doesn't bode well.

Is there actually another player in the world besides Ainz?

The end of season 1 seemed to imply there was another leading the Slane Theocracy.

Pretty sure she fucks off wherever those two are alone in the room. That or she's into NTR and actually shlicks in the mist. Unfortunately I can easily see it going full smarthpone route with polygamy or at least Nightingale as "war wife" when he's out on war expeditions and Anna is tinkering shit back at the factory.

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>about the nonsense after the guy gets super powers
He doesn't get any IRL though.
I wanted to kill time, not three afternoons.

You...do know TELotCL is 800+ chapters long, don't you?

>good writing
Are you perchance confusing "good writing" with "good LN/WN"? Asspulls are plague of all amateur authors and it is at least better than a trove of p2w items and 100lvl Dragon Lords asspulled every other intermission.

Yeah, instead the guy asspulls convenient witches whenever he needs a random ability.

Only about 250 are TLed to English though, I don't know mandarin. Guess it worth to check it out.
Well yeah, but it's presented in a reversed manner: he finds a witch then thinks of an application of her talent.
>planned fight with asspull cash-shop items
How am I supposed to be thrilled when Ainz can literally pull any shit through p2w?
At least Roland is mortal, kinda.

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You don't really read something featuring a overpowered lich and his krazy kid krew for the fights because it's always going to be a curbstomp and a gamer being a gamer abusing the hell out of anything he can.

I don't think you can read 250 chapters in three afternoons, but even if you can, I do recommend it. While I would say Overlord is slightly better overall, Lich Roland is a better protagonist than Ainz. The worldbuilding is interesting, the supporting characters are lovable, and there's a lot of interesting personal history to unravel.

Ok, brb.

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It's funny you should post hat image because something almost identical to this happens in the first couple of chapters or so.

I thought skeletons were banned on China.

>Posting ponyshit

That's not exactly true. Their Divine Heavenly Entertainment Celestial Censorship Dragons of Heaven's Blessed Council of the Sacred Dragon Arts in Heaven do discourage media from "promoting superstitions," but the absolute cuckolds at Blizzard are the ones preemptively censoring all their skeletons from their MOBA/MMO shit just to suck up to Chickity China due to the billions their billions make them.

It took me few minutes to even notice it on the pic, I didn't mean to. But even then - I accidentally saw this mlp porn comic on sad panda where a pony was hitting on a human city guard and I fell for it. Didn't even watch any of the cartoons. I'm sorry for disappointing you user and falling deeper into the abyss with every day.

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> Instead of building or using the existing characters we are introduced to 10+ new, all of them 1D and the story... what is the story again?
> MC plot and character development is shown instead in background of one-shot stories

Is Overlord a japanese version of Malazan book of the fallen?

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>Dragon Lords
in what way is setting up foes an asspull?

In what way is setting up allies an asspull?