GuP - Girls und Panzer

BDs Soon™

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It’s the Oarai Spring Festival later today in Japan(tonight here in the US). Hoping for updates for Das Finale Part 2 at the Garupan Talk event.

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Its still amazes me how localized GuP is to one specific town in Japan considering how far it's spread internationally.

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I ordered all the plush
cant wait to bury my face in this as I fall asleep

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That's a cute seal

I want to TOTSUGEKI that armpit so badly

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playing the game made me realise how autistic mika really is and also made me want to protect alice a lot more.

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She's a Finn, they're naturally autistic.

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I like how they hinted that Mika is well trained and is more than what she shows

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>watched the tv series
>watched all ovas
>watched the movie
>now playing the ps4 game and reading few mangas
why can't I stop? why the hell this is so good?

Because is fun, the cute girls are a plus

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it ends when youve lost all all your money on merch

Humble yet incredibly skilled sagley hobos who refuse to use their immense talent except in very specific circumstances are my favorite character archetype.

this game was already over from the start, the only thing I managed to get was a few chibi plastic models

She sure must be very skilled, because she is very good at stealth and thievering

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Is the actual game any good?

Darjeeling is the softest.

They are really pushing the 3.0 part

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I only played for 15 minutes and it's surprisingly really good, controls are really smooth for a tank drving game, and each tank do play as you think, small goes super fast drifting like crazy, huge ones are slow walls that act as snipers, fun when you get to play online, but I dunno how short the single player is

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A shit. The inmigrant girl is better.

Ojous are Miho's kryptonite

Gays not welcome

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Andou pls.

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I'd play a Monogatari game too, which is a better choice.

More like "not being a retard"

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>marie wearing something similar to the huguenot cross
what did they mean by this?

feels like watching an episode but you are really there

They're both pretty cute

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Looks similar to the Legion of Honour

I assume there is some English version from singapore i can grab online?


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Just import it legit, it's not that expensive.

Thats not Moral

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Oshida a cute

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By "grab" i meant buy it off an shop on amazon or something.

Mika doesn't roll with those petty things

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So the Volleyball club wants to be oiled up.

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>a friend of mine picked up the first GuP manga
>told me he didn't like it because "tanks are boring"
Do I have to kill him now?

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All Oarai want the arab money, what a fucking sluts

Someone stop that degenerate

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>GuP manga
The anime come first.

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Yes, preferably with a tank for maximum irony.

He is right, tanks are gay, planes are better

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Maho's smirke scare me

to be honest, pocket battleships are cooler than either


Are you that USS South Dakota fag?

If they're so cool, why are you going with the term coined by butthurt English tabloids who couldn't deal with someone else coming up with a ship type the English hadn't thought of?

I'm more of a Graf Spee fag. Carriers are fine, too. Actual battleships are kinda boring.

submarines are the coolest

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I will marry the Duce

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a wild darjeeling has appeared!

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>running silent below a combat convoy
>accidently fart
>die instantly when they depth charge my boat and the hull implodes
Real cool...

Haha, gay.

Going full imperial and steam rolled Mahapoos because they thought spice>tea is very chad to me.

Your planes are gay


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I wish she'd broken out the Crocodile for that

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Just imagine what Rosehip could do with a few Pervitins tablets on her system

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