One Piece

Welcome to Dunkin Donuts. What would you like to order, user?

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Who /oven/ here?

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Perfect Job for a loser like him.

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Three original glazed, a small coffee and a s-smile

Who /ichiji/ here?

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I- I never went to a donut shop before. What would you recommend?

>Who /Irving/ he-

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Get off my thread Germafags!

>"i was a sweet commander once, you know... "

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Oven is a good boy.

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You will never have Reiju sitting on your face.

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Well look who it is. I have to admit, I missed you Lawfag. Not seeing your pathetic face has made me pretty lonely

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>Perospero hangs out with Oven
>right arm melts

I'd rather have Reiji do it.

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>You could have protected these smiles

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Why even live?

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Katakuri could've proteced both their smiles had he not decided to stab himself and job

Thats kinda sweet but you are thinking about someone else. I miss him too though.

>not Krispi Kreme
Nah you can keep them man

Would he be a fag or just look like one, like Perospero?

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*shoots you down for rejection*

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He'd have a harem of pretty boys following him incase he wants a glass of juice

oototo charlotto purin

the new ex-sweet commander. brother snack has a company.
everyone estimates luffy because's his a kid.

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>jobs to a literal firework show

Why is Ichiji so angry here?

The WB pirates got raped too many times and probably dont even have their DFs anymore. Are they going to be raped by Kaido as well?

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Good question. I think he'd still pursue women for their juice, so bi maybe?

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>robably dont even have their DFs anymore

He's not though?

Is their more genderswap Charlotte fanart? I want to see Femakuri, Femven and Femfuku.

Blackbeard is hunting DFs so he probably stole theirs. It was already foreshadowed by Daz bone saying that Zoro will probably become able to cut diamonds so Jozu's fruit will be with Shiryu, and Teach will get Marco's fruit and complete the trio of DF and get rid of his one weakness

I order you to lick my feets and telling you're a bad onii-chan!

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Eh, now that you mention it we will almost certainly get Judge's reaction to Sanji defeating BM with a cake, and how cooking isn't so worthless after all.

He's stealing DFs by killing the users.

Have we even seen Judge since he got thunderbolted? Dude's laying on the ground somewhere passed out, no way he could be anywhere near where Big Mom is gonna eat the cake.

Yeah, I think it's clearly gonna happen. I would have guessed the Germa bros would be included but it looks like this chapter is their farewell.

>tfw cracker is 45

I would hate fuck Flampe. I dont care how old she is.

You only need ask. I have a lot.

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So what will the reaction be once Zoro cuts Diamond?

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fem cracker is bae

>woah he cut diamond

>genderswap 3 beefy bara men
>turn them into a stick figures with balloon tits instead of thicc Amazon godesses

Couldn't agree more user. But sometimes you have to make do with what you find.

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Something like that, I assume

Does Bro-lee art exist?

Indeed she is.

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save Katakuri 2018

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Katakuri an ugly pelican eel who's a lame big brother and donutd are unhealthy and bad for you

That was with Burgess, Teach didnt had a Fruit with him and needed that black cover to steal WB powers. Its probably something related to his own DF. And Marco is very popular so i doubt Oda would kill him

Wow...amazing. So you are saying a Fat retarded woman will eat Sanji's super cake and everyone will be totally amazed with it.

Sound like a lukewarm ending to a multi year arc. Especially considering Sanji has been out preformed by his family all arc long.

Jesus, he is even slower now then he was at FI it seems. He's been worthless, I hope he dies now so we can bury and forget him.

>Luffy: Defeats 2 Commanders in like two days, Increases Observation Haki, does badass things all arc

>Brook: Poneyglyphs, sleeping with Big Mom, Badass lines and moments.

Nami: enslaves Zeus, Big tits.

>Carrot: Helps take out a fleet with new form

>Germa: Cucked Sanji like they did in the past, no real reprisal from Sanji, BTFO of Big Mom Pirates, cool powers and outfits. Clone Armies etc.

>Jinbei: Badass Helmsman, Tanks a shot from Big Mom, takes a leadership role while Luffy is gone.

>Sanji: Cries, Gets BTFO by 6th or 7th most powerful family member, can't lift Luffy and escape even when they are distracted by Dogtooth's defeat, needs to be rescued by his Family that hates him, can't get laid even in an arranged marriage. Oh and bakes a cake.

The DBZ guy? Sorry, never watched it, never looked for fanart.

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We have no idea if Blackbeard had a fruit with him or not. And he waited for WB to die before stealing his fruit anyway... So, death must be a requisite to steal someone else's fruit.

Male Brulee

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I'm not ready to say goodbye to the only saving grace of this arc yet.

Katakuri is a handsome and perfect little fish who's an amazing big brother and donuts are healthy and good for you

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Quit jobbing and eat some vegetables

>So you are saying a Fat retarded woman will eat Sanji's super cake and everyone will be totally amazed with it.
That has already been shown to be the case speed reader. Sanji is the only one who could have done the cake like he did. It took Streusen days to make it and it took Sanji hours. That is also the only way to stop BM. You just love finding ways to bitch and moan about Sanji. Its getting to be seriously pathetic.

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>donuts are healthy and good for you
And cheese peperoni pizza is a vegetable.

It's actually the tomato sauce part of it that makes it a vegetable.

What amazing meal will he have to make each arc to keep this lame ability relevant?

Will he make Sushi for Kaido in Wano? Pies for Blackbeard?

Its a shitty upgrade either way. Boring and probably irrelevant for future arcs.

I'm a 48 year old man. You can't tell me what to do!

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Ooooohh. You mean Brolée. Yeah nah. Now that you mention it, I never saw any.

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Wait so the blue and pink polka dot thing is supposed to be Perospero's hair and not part of his hat?

Its no upgrade you retard. Its him showing off his cooking skill which is already the best in the world. It'll also only be done for this arc so there is no need to bitch. You will get "Muh Fights" in Wano like with everyone else.

>not Ace

Will he ever be able to truly act like himself, happily singing while chugging down sweets and black tea without a care in the world again?

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Hopefully Kaido has a lot of Fodder for Sanji to fight because that fool can't beat anyone worth while anymore.

>The food themed arc centered around the cook of the strawhats and the food addict Yonko
>Will be solved with the cook defeating the Yonko with his insane cooking skills
>lmao that's lame
Why are you such a retard?

If it was just that then why would he need the black blanket? And he waited WB to die because well, its not like WB would just stand there and wait until he loses the powers. Like i said it was already Foreshadowed by Daz bones so its happening and since Oda wouldnt kill marco thats the only theory that i can come up with

Once Luffy saves him

is Oda dying? his frequent breaks and his sleep schedule worries me.

We don't know. But you have to kill to steal a DF. Marco is still alive and has his fruit.

Who knows user, who knows. Perospero's hair is just like the One Piece, we'll never get an answer.

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And I don't understand Marco doesn't have the diamond fruit so... What the fuck are you on about?

>If it was just that then why would he need the black blanket?
to hide the method

His breaks are scheduled by the jump so he won't die from overwork. They're not a consequence of poor health.

Why would Blackbeard let the DF that gets rid of his one weakness get away and take only the diamond fruit?

I hope we at lest get a cover page. Or that he joins the crew.Please Oda you can have Jinbe back

> Sanji - LUFFY, ZORO, JINBIE SAVE ME!! My Kicks don't work on these guys again!.

>Hey Sanji why don't you go back on the ship with Chopper and make us something to eat, We'll take care of Kaido and the heavy lifting friend.

LOL Jobji


As usual Zorofags can't even talk about Zoro without comparing him to Sanji

I feel like Marco's fruit would go to Burgess, being that he's a complete jobber and BB's FM. Blackbeard gets Kaido's zoan to really cement his position as the final boss.

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>The absolute state of Sanjihaters
kek continue wasting your time trying to bait user. Great way of spending your time.

i feel this arc has so many great characters. best arc in the manga?

Everyone with a bit of experience in the grand line knows how it works.

What picking? Nothing wrong with working at a donut shop. Katakuri would be happy to work there.

Because Marco ran away? Because Jozu sacrificed himself to save Marco's life? Because maybe Jozu is also alive and kept his fruit? I have no idea but I highly doubt Blackbeard is able to steal a DF without killing his user.

What are you talking about? That's his dream isn't it? Actually does Katakuri dream?

>Actually does Katakuri dream?
he has CoC so he most likely dreams big

I’m still disappointed with Burgess, his fight against whichever member of the straw hats won’t be as exciting now that he was assblasted by that faggot Sabo

Because it makes no sense for Jozu losing his and Teach letting a mythical Zoan get away

What does he dream of?