Nanatsu no Taizai

Dumping chapter 259 spoiler images.

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>not wanting to put up a fight
That's a lot of change.

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Will Maelstarossa spare her?

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Honestly, the old designs of Sariel and Tarmiel were better.

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How exactly did the time travel make Diane and King strong again?

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I hope he does. Monspiet and Derrierie are two of the Commandments I like the most. And I love the relation between them too. Two of the closest characters I've ever seen.

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That's it for now. Also,
>gowther sama
Why did she revert to this?

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So the entire landmass turned into essentially water?


The absolute fucking state of one of the best selling manga right now.

>not even the anime can save the threads
sad already magi tier

She never dropped it.

Where’s my man Escanor?


>speaking normal
>dressed normal
She finally got her share of healing huh.
Hopefully Estarossa won't be a total dick and will just fuck off instead of killing them. Which he can probably easily do as Derieri is effectively powerless against him.

animefag here. is every episode going to be le tearjerker for awhile?

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You watched today’s episode?

yea. if i had to guess every character is going to get a side backstory episode until they find pride, and then he'll have the saddest backstory episode.

Supposedly wings + removal of memory loss handicap

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>Sparing anyone
How naive of you user

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Escanor's backstory is kinda sad but not the saddest of the lot

the saddest and best backstory is gowther but we not gonna see in this season

You won't see the actual heavy hitters this season.

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new merch is always cool

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Hopefully Esta kills her regardless, she's been completely ruined anyway,

She was healed and not ruined.