Sup Forums is now a High School-setting anime

Sup Forums is now a High School-setting anime.
What would your role in the story be?

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Unnamed background character

Same as everyone else here. Hikki that doesn't show up.

The secondary character that fucks background girls in the chemistry classroom

Chad main character


Background character that dies first when the zombies break in.

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the dead one

Chads get dubs
Betas get nothing

Canon love interest, but also somehow best girl

Cuck childhood friend

School shooter

explains why you didn't get dubs.

Weirdo who watches anime and laughs to himself.

Im the friendless glasses nerd that sits front row but secretly packing a huge dick and gets to fuck the school matress


>gets to fuck the school matress

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And get an STD and die.

i did

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I sit in the back left corner and look out the window all day

The rival

What the hell is a 'school matress'?

Came to post this.

The woman every guy lies on.

supporting character but could be mc

The Janitor

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Do you do it for free?

Is your name Scruffy?


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The MC who gets cucked and make Sup Forums got nuts because of it

I'd be the fairly popular normie, who plays an occasional side role to whatever shittery MC gets into, probably by inviting them to things.

I'm the guy who cucks this fag.

The sole protagonist. Nothing less

I'm the nigger of the class, literally.
I walk down the hallways surrounded by my hoes, money bills falling from my pockets as I stride into the class, sit my black ass down and then steal a pen from the guy sitting next to me.
This song plays as my theme wherever I go

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The hikkikomori kid that never shows up at school and but instead of the regular childhood friend/school president looking for him, the school ignores him.


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Class rep
I'm reporting shitposters and lecture about lurking more. Also gay for MC joke character

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The term is "school bike" every guy gets a ride

Not where I'm from m8

The chad ikemen that dishes out justice.

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I'd be the guy by the window who don't give a shit to anyone around.

Where you're from is wrong

the circles-under-the-eyes drug dealer

Your existence is wrong

ineffective police officer when something bad happens.

The bosybuilder that’s always flexing on them niggas

That's a burgerland-only thing.

The chuuni

The genki sidekick that dishes out raunchy jokes left and right and gets regularly beaten to within an inch of his life by the MC's love interest(s).

Gaijin transfer student who doesn't speak Japanese.

the attentionwhore of the class.

Did anyone say school shooter yet?

The creepy weird dude at the back of the class that never changes/washes clothes and has an extreme odor.

The main character


It's NTR

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I'd just be that guy who wants no attention whatsoever and to be alone with my books

The kid that got isekai'd but everyone forgot about 2 weeks since he went missing

Come on, it took me fucking 10 seconds to find it.

imagine an anime that's just a bunch of (cute female) betas doing beta thing

>since this hasnt been posted already (somehow
the schoolshooter

The nihilist with a wicked sense of humor™

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Go back to Sup Forums then you pile of shit. If you can't deal with life in a class filled with Sup Forums there's literally no hope for you.


The one who passionate to be mangaka but refuse to join art/manga club because they are shit.

thanks user

One of these students that are always in the back all blurry. I want one of these weird anons to say "blurry-chan is mai waifu" too.

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b-blurry-chan is mai waifu?

>this is me giving a fuck

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The evil spirit haunting the girl's restroom.

Ok so far we've got

>Unnamed background character
>Hikki that doesn't show up.
>The secondary character that fucks background girls in the chemistry classroom
>Chad MC
>the dead one
>Canon love interest, but also somehow best girl
>Cuck childhood friend
>School shooter
>Weirdo who watches anime and laughs to himself.
>Friendless glasses nerd that sits front row but secretly packing a huge dick
>The Janitor
>Fairly popular normie
>Nigger of the class
>Class rep
>Chad ikemen
>Drug dealer
>Ineffective police officer when something bad happens.
>The chuuni
>The genki sidekick
>Gaijin transfer student

What kind of plot are we to expect of this anime?

Count me in as

Anyways, we have two directions.
1. Superhero Anime
2. Full on "ANOTHER" remake, except we all die.

School rumble.

Could be a combination of the two, students getting superpowers one after the other and a fight for the death commences.
chuuni and school shooter obviously teaming up

I'll be the nigger who comes in and steals all the women from the white and jap men

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We already have one, you're not welcome. The only way you can join is if you and the other black guy fight to the death.

Could probably be an MC

This was me in high school
>always engage with everyone on a surface level socially
>no real friends outside of class, just talks to people in class
>wicked smart but slack as fuck, never do homework or study for shit but still pass on intelligence
>physically a complete runt
>psychologically absolutely fucked, intentionally says things to bait people and make them angry and to get under their skin
>well-spoken when i desire to be
>act extremely obnoxious and make a fool out of myself ironically for the sake of humor and to engage with others socially, even though it exhausts me

>chad main character
>in a high school anime
Name one

Only enough room for one token

MC's best friend that basically only exists to make the MC look good and help him get the girl(s)

Niggers are joke side characters, now fuck off.


Something like Durarara would work wonderfully.

I’ll be the sickly off screen character who everyone inexcplicably cares about, but not enough to ever go into their domicile to actually check on them.

Naturally we're looking at strategical teams forming up.

>Bad guys
School shooter

>Main team
Chad MC
Class rep
Genki sidekick
Canon love interest
Cuck childhood friend

>dead within the first 3 episodes
The dead one
Chad ikemen
Fairly popular normie

>Underdog group
The Janitor
Niggers of the class
Secondary character
Friendless glasses guy

>Alive till the end thanks to pure survival instincts
>Niggers of the class
>Drug dealer

>Self sacrificed
Police officer
Gaijin transfer student

>The one who gives MC mysterious power up in the last episode
Unnamed background character

>Safe because he never showed up

That guy that everyone knows, but never sees because he's always "sick" and "at home".

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this. something where each character gets his time in the spotlight



>Alive till the end thanks to pure survival instincts
Drug dealer

That's a fairly good example, yeah.

You see, the Nigger would actually be the biggest bro in the world even though this is Sup Forums. And he would save MC even though MC is a fucking faggot. so...

>Self Sacrificed

Person who sits around reading and never talks to anyone.

Me on the left.

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Sounds like AOTS
What should we call it?

The legendary sperg war.