So how did Yu-gi-oh manage to survive, and thrive, where other card manga/anime fail?

So how did Yu-gi-oh manage to survive, and thrive, where other card manga/anime fail?

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Battle City arc, especially the Egyptian Gods.
I still remember there being a parents meeting at the time in my school because the teachers were scared about how much the word God was being said in school and thought some sort of cult was involved.

Duel Masters is still getting new seasons, isn't it?

because yugioh is actually fun game

Dark Side of Dimensions is totally the last DM season. We will totally never going to see Yugi and Seto face off in another movies many years from now for cash grabs.

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Takahashi is really fucking good at making memorable designs, and despite all the shit it gets, Yugioh at it's core it's a really fun game

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what a retarded teachers

damn i really hated school.

Both of those are not true anymore, the game has devolved into a steaming pile of shit and the oneshot he did some years ago had the shitty Zexal designs.

Kaiba is the heart and soul of this franchise.

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By being the original one.

When did they stop being holograms?

The franchise has hit a downward slope ever since Zexal though. Even the card game is literally fucking itself because Konami has no clue on how to balance its own mess.

apparently when these things started to get used.

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What made the Egyptian Gods so iconic?

the dub

That they were anime. They weren't presented as some typical childish bullshit. It is the one thing Konami couldn't censor. They were portrayed as truly powerful and fearstrucking beings.

They were overpowered as fuck and had memorable names and designs.

They are presented as the ultimate boss monsters with a great design

This is the only real answer.

It was the first one

Their initial meta was pretty hardcore. Thriving on the merchandise, the anime went from storytelling to a sideways promotion.

This kind of shit it's why yugioh it's so good, over the top action about a children card game

it basically created the card game craze in japan. It existed always with bromide collecting and other card games, but it was fucking stylish as all hell, plus it had SETO KAIBA

Exclusively because of Seto Kaiba

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are you me


Idk man, spending a few minutes making a board of negations with protection and stopping my opponent from playing is pretty fun to me. Winning in a card game no matter how degenerate the game is is always fun.

Because it has best cardfu

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god damn what a bad ass entry

Eric Stuart Kaiba was GOAT, an uncensored version of the series would have been awesome with him

The anime is memorable. Blue eyes, Dark Magician, Exodia, the Egyptian Gods. It helps that the card game caters to the anime fans too, they printed the Legendary Dragons as cards for example.
I am a fan of +1 formats, where you don't instantly lose if you could not spam your board or did not have a hand trap going 2nd. Aka the format Pot of Duality and Solemn Warning came in Duelist Revolution. Gemini Heroes, Black Wings, XSaber, Plant Synchro. Game went full retard with The Legendary Six Samurai x3 Gateway and Windups hand loop/Izektors field nuking.

>He destroyed a fighter jet, murdered an employee and his own dragon only to make an entrance.
Kaiba's anime when

Watch the movie. It Kaiba being the main character

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Unpopular opinion:
I think Ra looks kinda lame

That's around the time I started playing and I can see what you mean seeing as how the game seemed a little more interactive back then. I just might be a little biased since my first real deck was Dino Rabbit which was just make Laggia, set 4 negates/floodgates. I personally think the flood of hand traps is what made the game a lot less fun, they stop petdecks from competing with anything even remotely meta.

I summon Pikeru in attack position!

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I grew with 4kids anime. Then watched original anime and it was way better
>Yugi entering for regain his memories, not saving the world
>Jounichi entering for facing Yugi in the finals for his Red-Eyes, not for helping him save the world
>Marik didn't want the Millenium Puzzle and the Pharaoh Power, he only wanted God cards and revenges
>Kaiba wasn't all the time ''I DON'T BELIEVE IN MAGIC'', he said that sometimes but he believed in what was happening easily and he even called Yami ''the other Yugi''
>In 4Kids version Yami Yugi and Kaiba were all the time complete opposites (muh destiny vs magic doesn't exist). In original version they had so similar mindsets it surprised me

Why not make a troll deck for the main purpose of pissing off other players?

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By the way, manga is way different than anime in some ways. It also got awesome quotes like pic related

Almost all Battle City duels have same base as anime but then they are completely different (for example Yugi vs Kaiba semifinals he summoned Kuriboh in turn 2 and did nothing but get destroyed, not the discard effect to save him from Obelisk effect in anime).

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I think the problem lies in giving people way too easy access to +1s without any real drawback.
The thing I loved about (most) of the Synchro era is how everything was go big or go home, you want to make a powerful board? You had to risk everything, but it would be worth it if you succeeded. So you had to play around with the cards in your deck, figure what the best course of action woul be, all that good shit.
Doing that just loses meaning if you can just net a search off of summoning Six sams when they were already designed with easy swarming in mind, or if you can wipe your opponent's board or hand with 1~2 cards. When you can pull shit that powerful with so little resources, your deck becomes less of a 40-card arsenal meant to enable cool plays, but a bunch of superfluous cards meant to enable a single overpowered play, which makes all matches look the same

Mexico and other south american countries. You can't play poker or any card game without someone making a yugioh reference at one point.

>get a lucky hand/ card
>muh heart of the cards
every single fucking time.

Wasn't it during Battle City? Didn't they become Solid Light Constructions or something.


Color coded with the 3 primary colors. Autists are drawn to color coded characters like flies to shit.


thing was though legendary six sams with 3 gateway wasn't the strongest deck at the time. It was a fucking ftk

The manga does it better, everything except Kaiba. Dub Kaiba, I think, is the absolute best version of the character.

Amazing characters, cute girls, cool monster designs, god tier soundtrack and an over the top game with cards.

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card spam

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So anti-meta? Where would you start?

their users

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The manga is fantastic honestly. Can't believe most people probably don't know the kino that is the Death T arc.



4 kids

Duel Masters is still ongoing
Battle Spirits will return
Vanguard is still going, getting a remake of the original season and a Love Live style spinoff
Buddyfight is still going and looks great

>what is hunter x hunter

yugioh is just a kid-friendly stardust crusaders

>card anime
You dun goofed.

>generic blue demon
>good design
At least the redesign makes it look like something actually associated with egypt but that didn't come out till around 5Ds era

The entire original series is pure Colombian kino
>Nitroglycerin air hockey
>Beating up a gang in an abandoned warehouse with yo-yos
>Dark Bakura's D&D campaign

Someone should try to reach Dan Green and get him to dub the one-finger game from the restaurant.

>what is greedisland

What if I already watch season 0?

The Season 0 anime is alright but the manga is better overall. Season 0 was stretched out with a lot of filler (like that stuff with Kaiba's "enforcers") and a few of the details were altered slightly, like the details of the first shadow game being toned down a bit.

Also for some reason they took the kuudere student librarian that Honda had a crush on for a single chapter before she rejected him and was never mentioned again, and turned her into an airhead cheerleader who was part of the main cast.

I'm pretty sure the Greed Island arc came after Yu-gi-oh.


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>Gyakutenno Megami

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I feel like I could have enjoyed Season 0 a lot more if Miho hadn't had been shoehorned in. What a waste of time.

Back in gen 1 with little to no low level powerful effect monsters? Yes. Fucking Summoned Skull was considered a big deal back then too. Also, that was Duelist Kingdom, right? So that card probably had some other bullshit anime only effects.

She literally never appeared again.
In fact, I'm pretty sure the only reason that card exists is to make that particular joke, as "Gyakuten no Megami" literally translates to "Godess of Payback".

I didn't have a problem with her per se, I was more just confused by the decision.

How is a man allow to have 3 waifus?

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Survive is a bet of a stretch as least in my area. Plenty on pokemon and magic stuff though.

I want one of those.

I wish the scanlations weren't 90% shit. There's some really cool moments that are ruined by low quality scans.

Summoned Skull was still pretty good for a while though, 2500 ATK was the most you could get off a single-tribute monster with no downsides for YEARS.

>Fucking Summoned Skull was considered a big deal back then too.
2500 attack points and single sacrifice summon aint too shabby.

They're all one dead Egyptian girl.

Just get the official releases.

>actual cards that could technically be obtained
>strong as fuck
>have insane effects seen nowhere else
>every time one's summoned it's a critical plot event

Currently airing, new season this year.

monsuta kado

With the card that makes you shake their hand or something.

>There will never be another Character in anime like Kaiba

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>Cluck like a chicken!

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yugioh abridged saved anime

anime series kept the spirit of the game despite each one
the players make the game alive and if you're one the card combos are legit fun to pull off
konami throw nostalgia bones

Yu-Jo Friendship? You need to have a specific LP difference to activate that, as I recall.

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That seems like it'll be pretty good for a Fallen Angel deck.

>Yu-Jo Friendship
>Friendship Friendship
I can never comprehend how their translators' minds work.

No one does.

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They are still holograms

Yugi-Joey Friendship

You joking?

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