Only 4 more days until Yuru Camp is over. How does that make you feel Sup Forums?

Only 4 more days until Yuru Camp is over. How does that make you feel Sup Forums?

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* 6 days, fuck, never mind.

If I die do I end up in Yuru heaven like Big Boss?

Happy because this overrated shit is over

not feel enough to go outside and burn an entire hillside down.

dropped it after episode 1

It makes me feel like going outside.


I want to adopt Rin.

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Happy its over! Slow Start is much better!

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Fucking this.
>tfw dumb nips bought the wrong Kirara

I will cry when it ends.

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Like shit, the thought alone makes me sad.

>those sexy hair
my lord.

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Sad, but at the same time there's a lot of good shit next season I'm looking forward to.

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More cute buns please!

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Kinda sad but it's not like I can't just rewatch this every so often like I do with Non Non Biyori. What's more disappointing is that the OVA won't have any Rin and/or Nadeshiko, which just bullshit.

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Fine. I lost interest about 3 or 4 episodes ago.

I found a Rin in a bin.

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I'd be surprised if there's no Rin. You could show her learning to camp from her grandpa or becoming friends with Ena. Nadeshiko's got nothing to do though. She was tub of lard in another city at that point.

please return my wife safely to me

The last three are wrong; the first images established that the bun is Shima, not Shimarin.

You should put her in a tin.

It's too late. She's my wife now.

Has it already been 3 days

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Dick in a Rin.

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/a./ mass suicide when?

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Ironically, Slow Start started out fine but has just gotten worse.

Is there wifi at the suicide forest? We can watch the last episode from there before going to see the Yurus.

I don't want to appear in a prank video after my death.

Time to end it with the best feels of all time.

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But I do

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Glad I could enjoy it.

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>i'm so fucked up

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I'm this season is over in a week or two so I don't have to suffer through these garbage again

>K-ON with Camping
>K-ON with Ramen
>K-ON goes to Antarctica

Me in the bottom left corner

>K-ON with Ramen
I don't think that's the right description.

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did her bun said anything yet

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Oh no! Rin's roast is ruined!

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The end is near. So, who's the best Yuru? (You may choose more than one.)

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Still comfy. This show is great and rewatchable. I will be comfy af as I wait for the new season.

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Ena is best waifu that's for sure.

The bun must never talk. It holds dark secrets that will drive any man to insanity.

We must kill the bun before it's too late!

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It's funny how you can easily tell that this person not only didn't watch any of the shows he's whining about, but he also didn't watch the one he's comparing them to either.

You don't even had to ask
The answer is RIN

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Rin for the win!

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Is there even enough manga material for a second season?