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nobody without the glasses

She wants to fuck.

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I can fuck her.

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It's amazing how much scenes I genuinely don't remember from this show.

The second worst Love Live

Excuse me??


these are two are cute

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Fuck you

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That's not fuck you, they are all great.

Look at the bottom of the mirror.


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She's not particularly bright is she?

it is not necessary!

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So is this Love Live rewatch thread or something?

I haven't watched it before. I thought aidorus were dumb but now I know better.

I've got to say I don't remember much. I know that I'm supposed to hate first season, ship very specific pairs and treat some characters like they are garbage waste of oxygen.

Nor attractive.


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>someone worse than Hanayo

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I wonder about rin's boi puccy

My wife Rin is the cutest!

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Rinboy is for rough anal sex.

that's no fun

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That's just a mindset of an idolfags. You are supposed to look for non existent character traits no matter what, analyse their actions and judge who is a ''well developed character'' and who is a filler.

the first season is actually the best one though

sunshine is awful by comparison

Sunshine is its own series though. First season of this cast was apparently awful because it had too much 2nd years and laughable finale.

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the finale was intended to lead directly into the second season, there was no need to close anything when it was going to go straight to S2 anyway

It was not what I meant. I recall last 3 episodes being pointless drama that came out of nowhere and it totally contradicted their characters (which are incredibly simple to begin with).

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I've never watched love live but I've seen the first season of sunshine. Should I watch more sunshine or go back and watch this

That what they all think before they get infected too.

They are more or less the same.

You don't need to watch the first love live to watch sunshine. But the first love live is better in every way compared to sunshine.

First is better.

Umi is love.

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Honks sister is the only canon whore

I want to impregnate Rin.


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I had sex with her but she didn't demand any money.

im gonna shoot my love arrow into her



I love Nico

>every way
Apart from characters, setting, story and songs.

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First season of Sunshine is fucking terrible while the original series and S2 of Sunshine are top tier

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Rin is fucking annoying


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Are there more pathetic posters than the ''rating'' posters?

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Its when you know the thread is dead. People will just use rating shitposting to keep the thread alive and makes it harder to have threads in the future.

Love Live discussions are pretty much dead at this point anyway. Everyone is letting their inner Sup Forums out in numerous LL generals on different boards.


There's better group chemistry in LL, while in Sunshine everyone is a walking meme to have more distinction and make them more standalone. To me Muse had better consistency with their music, while Aquors is hit or miss. My only complaint with LL was they would overdramatize shit from time to time that really didn't need to be.

sunshine s2 was laughably bad.

I love nico but I HATE bunny outfits

>ptsd ending after chika being the only survivor of the van accident
nah, you just have shit taste

I don't know how to feel about music. I liked Mu's inserts more, but other Sunshine songs are pretty good and enjoyable. The one thing I can say for certain is that our sub-unit songs are way better.

Reminder that Rin already has a boyfriend.

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Best part of S2 was that walrus.


it was a sea lion

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That episode had a cute dolphin too!

A slut

Umi is so perfect

Homo detected

No faggot umi is sea

Reminder to everyone that Honoka is the best girl and no other Idol can even compare to her

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I love it when Nico gets drawn with thicc thighs.

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i miss them so bros

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I can't do it. I just can't do it. I can't love them all, Rin and Hanayo are just so SHIT

Goddamn, they would have completely ruined the series but thankfully they were background nobodies that could be ignored

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What a faggot.


get the fuck out of here right now

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Wtf I love nico now

wow she looks great with contacts

She looks better with glasses.

Did best girl Kanan get thiccer in S2?

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Looks like I'm the only one who understand your point, OP.

Megane >>> Regular girl

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No, just Hanamaru

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I'm still mad.

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are you still here user?

This isn't exactly a chatroom here, you know? What is it?

well i'll take my leave then, sorry to bother you

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