OnePunch Man

Didn't Murata say the incoming chapter would be 100 pages long?

His pages list in the last stream seemingly shows the chapter will go up to 150 pages.

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No fucking way

he's perhaps the most talented mangaka today

I'm not sure. Normally, crosses with a straight line all the pages beyond the ones he planned to do when his page sheet goes a bit beyond. So since he hasn't, it's logical it would be right.

But at the same time, that both seems crazy and he didn't mention anything about it. He confirmed the other day it would be 100p, so the only explanation if that's true is that ONE gave him even more storyboards pages very recently.

His hand is possessed by the devil.

Murata is planning to die

Don't jump to conclusions yet, this was taken awhile ago

Holy fucking shit what did we do to deserve this man.

Fool, he's breaking his limiter.

I wouldn't really mind either way. 100 pages is already a lot, and anyway, 150 pages pretty much means we'll have to wait more, so there is isn't that much difference.

is murata a CHAD?

NANI? So we might get to see Garou vs Rover.

i know he’s working on multiple projects at once. this all seems unhealthy.
does he take breaks?

it hard to tell, he does seems to take breaks.

For one thing, he seems in good shape in recent photos of himself.

>only 150
Is Murata slowing down guys?


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Is the dinosaur Rover? A replacement? Something completely new?

Anyone got a better pic?

What killed the hype?

Check the latest thread in the archives, it had the word "murata" in the title

It's obviously not. Rover will have the same design. Murata even stated it before.

It's the opposite. The hype killed everyone.

How do you watch past streams? Only some of them work for me, and only in Chrome. They don't have audio, the others say that they can't be used in my browser.

They don't have audio because he turns it off when his assistants are around. Use Windows, Firefox, or get a better computer if you have trouble with anything else

>Windows, Firefox
That's my default browser, the past streams just don't start. The chat and current streams do, but not the past ones. I'm also pretty sure the streams that do work on Chrome had audio.

The site has always had problems for me on any device, I wish Murata used a more traditional one.

Season 2 when?

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Season 2 doesn't exist.

Try clearing your history or cookies. Otherwise just keep using Chrome or get a new device. He doesn't stream anywhere else because he likes the small chat

I had to force Firefox to activate Flash. I've been watching Murata for a long while, finally I'll be able to watch past streams.

the closest japanese could reach from the chad status


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We better get DK vs G5 and PPP vs Nyan during the raid.

So is it confirmed that she's replacing Goddess Glasses? How long until Sweet Mask breaks her mask?

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Nothing is confirmed, but it's what makes more sense with:
>them having the same ability
>Fubuki/Amaimask comparison tying to her inferiority complex
>Do-S's potential ugly face

I hope she has a cute face like Mosquito Girl's.

Murata was doodling possible faces once on the margin of one of the pages in a stream. None of them were normal, she's definitely hiding something.

>I overslept
Get some rest Murata!

Why does Murata's grid go up to 210? Is he seriously going to do so much for this chapter?

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