Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Is anyone else watching this piece of shit Log Horizon rip off?

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are you?

Dot Hack is better

The other thread died huh, how?

yeah, I noticed that too. I doubt that it fell off the board - maybe the post limit was changed to 250?

No, probably a mod removed it. What should we do now?

Maybe because it sounded like a recommendation thread?

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yeah that makes sense.

clone? the only connection between the two I see is that I dropped both of them, anime is trash and so I am but this is below trash

This is discrimination. Isekai threads are the threads of peace.

Now, who is the most based isekai protagonist? Pic related for me.

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I have no interest in the show, there's no real drama, Im not trying to lewd any of the characters, but I keep watching it every week. Im not sure why, someone send help.


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Drama doesn't need to be present in everything.

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I've got a buddy that un-ironically likes it.... this is his first isekai.

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The start of this series is incredibly boring, it doesn't get somewhat interesting until the undead invasion

>Log Horizon invented isekai

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the LN, right? it's not the worst novel available if you haven't grown sick of all the tropes

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ditto, though honestly it gets really long-winded the further it goes on.

Just boring buildup towards the same kind of ends most other series tend to do.

i only watch it ´coz totally not-shalltear is on it.

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No, but I do read the wn and have re-read it couple of times from the beginning. I know that it's terrible garbage, but it's the kind of garbage I sometimes need.

So the fire for isekai threads is finally dying down eh?

Isekai thread?

Niggas shit is off the charts on Skeleton Knight, Ainz Pope is cunning as fuck

People keep starting them as rec threads so mods take them down.

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new .hack game series when user?

translated two pages of the latest spear hero manga chapter

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I dropped it at episode three because the beta self insert mc pisses me off way too much and why did they have too make him so young making him a mature 17 year old or something similar would have made it so much better and more watchable. I am just sorry for all the cute lolis, this shit really pisses em off.

Yes, I'm watching this Log Horizon rip off which is an SAO rip off

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>comparing this shit to Log Horizon


Admit it Sup Forums

you only like it because of the three slave girls

Is there any GOOD trapped in MMO series?

closest I can think of is Overlord

The only slave girl I like is Liza.

Update when

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i kinda like the OP

Pochi and Tama are good for not being possible harem members, but Liza is the best of the three. She just doesn't get enough time spent on her.

You all know you will watch Shield Hero anime when it comes out and you will like it.

He is a RTS game player rather than MMO right?

I tried to, but I nearly fell asleep on episode 2 or 3 because MC was extremely boring and was getting all the screen time. Would have been much better if it was about his job in real life.

I liked Hello Work in the beginning but damn does it go downhill after he gets married.

The best isekai movie of all time

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Hot damn we getting isekai anime next season lads?

Anime announcement soon. They probably haven't said anything yet because they're working on a promotional video or something.

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do you even need to ask at this point?

I have short term memory problems so its always good to make sure you know?

Isekai Izakaya: Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu

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what isekai

only thing I see is the inn one

Anyone remember the name of the series where the MC falls in love with the goddess and trades her his memories for becoming a summoner and he starts by getting a slime, killing 3 pieces of shit that try to ambush him and then proceeds to recruit a skeleton knight?

black summoner?

Yep, he is playing some 5D backgammon

Post the hentai tags your favorite isekai has.

I'll start.
The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time:
Tags:Moral Degeneration, S H O T A C O N, Tentacles, Rape, Snuff, Torture, Guro, Blood, Insect, Age Progression, Giantess, Slave, Netorare, Netori, Elf, Tomgirl, Vampire, Mind Break, Mind Control, Parasite, Monster, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Milf, Lolicon, Dark Skin

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>Chance for /ss/
>No actual /ss/

>You will never have 2 daughters like nanodesu and aye to take care of

Vanilla, Tomboy, Impregnation, Threesome, Osananajimi, Teacher,

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>your memedaughters will never grow interesting enough to not be defined by overused catchphrases

unless you're dumping shield hero take the trip off faggot

One is a ninja, one a hero who will always be below average intelligence.

You can't talk about Liza like that.

>Demi-Humans, Elves, Loli, ,Monsters, Royalty, Slaves

Pretty Vanilla

Liza's goal is to serve Satou.

A few days said the translator

>Got cucked from his reincarnator powers and destiny
>Got cucked from his Identity
>Got cucked from the qt gf who he died for and should have gotten
>Cured his waifu's infertility so she could have children with other men
>Helped her give birth to another mans child
>Raised another mans child
Is Van the ultimate cuck?

Superior Japanese food, RPG Mechanics, SOY SAUSE, Church is evil, Nobles are Corrupt, Everyone loves MC, Adventure Guild, MC is super competent and the villains are retarded/incompetent, MC is the strongest

fuck off you goddamn degenerate

I finally got around to watching the last episode, I forgot how much I liked this show.

Girls I want to fug in order from greatest to least:


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Van is a tragedy, for sure. He was constantly fucked over in the beginning, and he was basically raised being told all of the ghoul shit is normal.

Honestly, I can't say I really mind. Mostly because it's not a huge part of the story. I mean, there was that one little scene when he first learned about it, and he was sad, but that was it. "Basdea wants to have a kid while she's waiting for me to grow up? Sure, fuck it. I don't care, just don't abandon me and leave me alone. All of my waifus have been raped or have been with a man at some point in their lives? Fuck it, not like they're dirty or anything, they love me and I am very lonely."
If there were scenes or chapters dedicated to how hurt Van is over their betrayal or whatever but he still stayed with them then yeah, he'd be the ultimate cuck. But Van doesn't give a shit. I guess it ties in with the whole Vida shtick where it's free love and fucking Titans, tentacles, and an actual dead body in order to give birth a bunch of new races.

I guess what I'm saying is that, I would rather have everyone be virgins or whatever, and the Basdea thing is admittedly the worst thing in the novel, but I can ignore it pretty easily so it's fine.

also, about the whole shebang in the beginning, no one gives a shit about Naruse Narumi, and also I think that Van is currently grooming their daughter so that's fun.

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tags: dilf, anal, yaoi, males only, mmf threesome, moral degeneration, group, crossdressing, big penis, tomboy, tomgirl, facesitting, femdom, lolicon, oppai loli, elf, demon girl, dark skin, monster girls, netorare, prostitution, scat, urination, piss drinking, nakadashi, maids, mind break, big breast, guro, fairy, bald

Lolibitch doing anal cunlingus to Dragon Loli was pretty hilarious.

Pretty meh. At least Isekai Smartphone was dumb fun. The ED is really good.

I want to see Mito bullying Zena animated so bad

Did they spend their entire budget on getting Aoi Yuuki?

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I don't get it, how many is there of the shield & co heroes?

>new ch out
Now I understand why he always stays away from her. She's crazy

You didn't know that even when she was eating cum straight from another woman's pussy?

>S H O T A C O N
why do isekais and WN/LNs just not to /ss/? There is a fuck ton of loli shit, but literally no tomboyX/ss/ stuff.

but this isnt bullying
There is only 1 chapter though

How many brain cells do you have to relate Death March to Log Horizon? 2? 5? 8 at most right?
and this?

Can you elaborate? i didn't get what you were saying at all.

Into the trash with it

I'm watching it for some reason and I've gotta say it's one of the worst things I've ever watched in my life. Limitless stereotypes, garbage animation and general design, pure fetish pandering / bait and nothing original or interesting.

LNfag friend says it skips shit constantly and there's way more RPG element management in the source.

>way more RPG element management
Thats even worse m8

>Log Horizon rip off?
This isn't the seinfield of animes, this is David Attenborough's study of isekai kulture and cuisine.

Koolio. Autism Groundhog's Day has a mango?

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SAO part 2 was great

but it haves not-shalltear which i love


It would most likely suck?

now this is bullying