ITT: shows Sup Forums tricked you into watching

ITT: shows Sup Forums tricked you into watching.

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>blaming Sup Forums for your own decisions

There's those generals with people talking about old anime and it's basically just a circlejerk for really bad anime. Like shit from the 70s. Children's novels into anime, generic gundam trash, and OVAs from the 80s that are basically b-movies but animated.

Not really any show in particular though. I'm much more intelligent than the average anime watcher so my tastes tend to favor the anime rated lowly/hated by this place and MAL

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Railgun in hopes of slut saten.

Code Geass

Not Sup Forums, but a real life friend has been making me watch this and Baccano with him. I'm about 3 episodes into each and I honestly can't say I care much for either of them. Especially Shiki. The character designs in this are honestly the worst I've seen in decades.

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not watching but reading Medaka Box

I don't care how much of a pretend-nostalgia boner yall faggots have for this show, this shit was bad

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shiki's just gross

Skiki is one of those slow start animes for me. Lots of annoying things until about halfway. It was a good ride.

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Ain't nothing wrong with the SamFlam senpai.

Alright fine, it's definitely got its problems, but there's gold hidden in that series.

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My friend keeps saying that too, that like 10 eps in or so, it's going to get crazy. I don't mind slow anime, I mean one of my top 3 anime is Mushishi, but I just find it so hard to care about anyone at all in this.

SamFlam, Shiki, Another and to a lesser degree Madoka were only good to watch while they were airing.

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I feel you. But that's kinda what the town is designed to be like.

1. Everyone who isn't retarded is fucking annoying
2. Everyone who's retarded is EVEN MORE ANNOYING

Really, it makes for a satisfying climax and ending.

houseki no shit. Dropped it after ep 1 due the RWBY-tier animation tho

Add KlK to that

>doesn't like Baccano
Get out

Admittedly once they get off the train the last episode or two kinda drags.

You shouldn't tell someone to get out when you should be leaving.

Bakemonogatari. Dropped it at around episode 8. I just didn't care much for it.

Samumencois my personal pleb filter.

I wish I was as smart as you. No, seriously. I got hooked into that shit 3 episodes in purely because the MC got a girlfriend within that time frame, which was wildly new and refreshing to me.

Then I kept lying to myself over 4 seasons that they weren't ignoring her and she was going to play a bigger and more interesting rule later on.

this entire franchise. i really don't understand how it's popular.

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I hate every last one of you

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>watching monogatari for crab
Doing it wrong, champ.

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This series was the one that made me really distrust Sup Forums's judgment. From what I can tell, anons are actually serious when they say it's a masterpiece. I don't understand how anyone could think that.

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>Implying I hated Samumenco

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Crab is best girl though. Second is monkey, but Hirararararagi-kun is too wimpy to go after it.

Baccano is one of the best anime's i have seen, but it can be quite hard to follow the time lines and remember each character.

Shiki is super slow in the beginning setting up all the characters in the village, but if you follow through you will get greeted with an incredible story.

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>doesnt like baccano
>is a shiki fag

stop being a homosexual faggot

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Samurai Flamenco is kino

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i'd second that. the show is basically just waifu-bait.

>kyoanifag can't into literacy

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Cowboy Bebop

4-5 episodes that are pretty good and feature narrative

The rest (20+) are episodes of meaningless filler

>I'm much more intelligent than the average anime watcher
How can you say that without feeling abashed

Why would I feel any sort of embarrassment on an anonymous imageboard? I feel more embarrassed for the people in those threads I described. They watch some real awful shit and can't handle it when people critize said awful shit. I'm not ashamed just because I take my hobbies seriously. I'm not ashamed just because I have passion for things. Oh but it's the internet so any type of dedication is bad! I got it.

>Only 1 SamFlam doujin
Fuck this shitty earth

Is that samurai flamenco? I gave up on watching after the genre changed midway through after like the fourth time. No amount of "p-p-p-pleb" would make me watch that trainwreck again.

Also this, but I watched Shiki four years ago, so I plan to pick it up again to see if it was really bad or If I just didn't had the patience. Is it worth it?

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Yuru Yuri is uninspired schlock riding the wave caused by Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star.
YrYr credits most of its success to people screenshotting it and making memes rather than actually praising the show for its content and substance, of which it has none. It's simply low-brow yurifag healing comedy that provides nothing its predecessors haven't already covered.

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Samflam is good, but Tiger and Bunny is better.
I see you're fresh off the boat. Now go back. You probably don't even know what you did wrong.
CB is okay but Space Dandy is superior.

Lucky Star. Couldn't make it halfway through the first episode. It was an audiovisual torture experience.
Vividred and Strike Witches. Just fucking moeshit with fanservice. If you pathetic faggots want to schlop your cock just go watch actual porn.

there it is

Typical woman attitude. It's "too sexy" for you, so you want to shut it down for everyone else.

no regrets

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same with UBW
But recently I started watching Zero and its in another level honestly

>newfag retard doesn't like pre-2000 threads
Every time.

>like shit from the 70s
Come now. I mentioned a specific era. No need to shitpost your illiteracy to the world.

How are children sexy? You have problems. It's just creepy, dude. I may think shota are cute, but I don't want to fuck them, and I wouldn't watch a show about shota sitting around doing cute things with neither plot nor purpose. People who watch moeshit have problems and you need to die.

Baccano is an anime that can easily fail the three episode test. It probably takes seven or eight episodes for things to really gel together, which is a long time for a 1 cour series. I couldn't get into Shiki myself, although as a Yugioh fan I definitely appreciate the character designs.

Gargantia, full stop. I'm glad I gave up on it.

It was a long time ago but still, fuck you guys.

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I imagine most people just forced themselves to watch it

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I second that one, it ended up being shit.

It gets really good.

Does Revolutionary Girl Utena ever get good

You'd think with all the image macros floating around that it would actually be good. Instead it felt like I was sitting in a class in real life. The only thing the series is good for is image macros and maybe a few three second webms.

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I've tried twice to get through this trash heap, but I just can't do it.

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>Talking shit about gundam

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I can believe I wasted time on this wanna be deep muh teenage ideals crap.

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What's best about trainwrecks is when you're on the train.
This show was close to a masterpiece.

Shiki is a slow burn that gets very exciting at the end.

p l e b

Zambot 3 and Gundam 0079 are from the 70's and are more influential than your favorite anime, don't bother arguing because Anno says you're wrong

Thats easily one of the best shows I ever watched.

Agreed for the most part.

>tend to favor the anime rated lowly/hated by this place
Like what?

>much more intelligent than Sup Forums so everyone hates what I like.
lol low iq VEGfag detected.

I didn't actually say anything about gundam specifically.

>but it's influential
People only say this when they have nothing good to say about the actual product itself. Nobody gives a shoo if something influenced something else. Literally noone.

Whom are you quoting?


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Even as someone who loves UY, it's easy to see it's hard to get into. The first 40-50 episodes are really hit or miss, and can be really bad. Only once the show gets a budget and you start feeling Oshii's direction does it get real good.

>not liking Tomino gundam

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I miss it so much.

Dumb normalfag.

Where do you think you are? Go back to r/anime or some shit retard.

But that's literally the point; My teenage angst can't possibly be this shounen battle series - this time with 100% less mechs

I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something about people who can't into coming of age stories that puts me off. Like everyone knows Catcher in the Rye is literary memeshit, but it really is important memeshit because basically every teen ever 'gets' it, and that's sorta the point

>Wanted to see Mari get knocked down a few pegs
>Get that
Not like this... not like this

That picture really does describe SamFlam.

Guilty Crown is another show that was only fun watching with Sup Forums.

I realize i'm taking the bait here, but hit me with your 3x3 master of anime

Then I read the manga.

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Dumb brainlet poster

this but ironically

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3x3 is a stupid concept. I prefer using words. And isn't it pathetic that you can literally get away with anything you do and I'll just get banned for voicing my own opinion through words?

See shit like this?

boku no pico

>Zambot 3
As one of the seven people on Sup Forums who've seen it. It's completely terrible and most of it's influence can be described as "it was responsible for a plotline in J-decker" I don't understand why you didn't just say Ideon if you were going to pick a non-gundam tomino series that was influential.

Well this is an IMAGEboard, not a textboard, if images bother you so much you might be better off somewhere else.

chargeman ken
i enjoyed every second of it

its really good though, i havent seen the 3rd movie yet but i thought it was equal with EVA tv series.

Clannad, not becuase it was bad, but becuase it made me cry like a bitch

The series is okay
Rebellion is a masterpiece

Re: Zero

Sup Forums really scammed me there

It was ok

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No, fuck you

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