Darling in the FranXX

I miss the first ending. It was so much better. Why did they have to change it so soon?

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Zorome a cute! CUTE!!

The ending was way better than the show deserved. After the horrible sixth episode, it packed its shit and left. That's why they had a quick beach ending episode up while they were on the lookout for a new more permanent one.

Too much budget.

Ichigo is the true MC
Debate me you can't
She is also my waifu

Why are you posting here, Goro? You should be training

Holy fuck
It all makes sense now

Zero Two is a big eater

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pls kill her off

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Back when I thought this show had potential

Don't bother denying the truth.

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It would be interesting to go check the amount of screentime Ichigo and 02 get. I swear they're close.

This is what happens when you eat honey like that irl

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I don't like Ichigo, but the amount of butthurt she causes is very entertaining.

So is this her full oni form?

This actually makes sense.


I am only two episodes in. Why are the steering wheels little girl butts? Whose idea was this? Does this get explained? Is it some stupid shit?

They don't even bother coming up with anything. It's them linking with each other. It has to be this way. Just turn your brain off, bro :^)

The hidden strength of the oni.
An endless stomach

Driving robot is sex.

So this is what Papa meant when he said that she devours her stamen.

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pleb filter

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They might bring it back soon. Last 4 eps have been character development, bonding and world building and have had a completely different pace to the first 6. Shit is probably going to get hectic after the grand crevasse stuff so I think they are trying to get all the backstory done beforehand. They might bring in a new ed after 12 or bring back the old one.

This shallow show that is nothing but pandering is the happiness machine and we, the viewers, are the old people

Milkman episode fucking when? I'm losing it over here.

Fatboy episode when?

Hopefully never


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So is Franxx just being ironically deep then?

Um, no?

Those sinister looking Franxx pilots from the OP will probably make their move soon. I think that only one of them has already shown up.

Based on this episode, the adults seem to be slowly dying out.

The series is actually more straightforward than I thought.


I don't know why. It's not like she's got a snowball's chance in hell of taking Hiro from 02. So this hate seems over exaggerated.

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anything is possible,
and an upset like that would be pretty amusing.

It's because the show focuses in so much on her even though everyone knows she doesn't have a chance. She is destined to die, but she won't go down quietly. You'll have to walk through her dead body.

She's shit

you're shit

>combat suits have an upside Y for the boys, showing they are males
>formal uniforms have Xs for both genders
>when they turned into adults they have to transition into females
Nice one, Abe, how the hell did you made this shit up.

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AKSHUALLY honey is an all-round better alternative to sugar. Gram for gram it may have more calories, but it's sweeter so you naturally use less of it than sugar. But even given the fact that 02 slathers it all over everything she eats, it's not that horrible because:
1. Honey is nowhere near as addictive as sugar
2. Honey isn't empty calories and actually has a lot of nutrients. Especially raw (unprocessed) honey.
What also helps is that despite eating a lot of honey, 02 is never shown to be a big eater. This may also explain why she remains slim: she remains at calorie equilibrium despite her exceptional honey intake. An alternative explanation may also be that her being half-Klaxosaur results in an entirely different (faster?) metabolism. Perhaps she constantly eats honey because it's an efficient source of carbohydrates (direct energy), of which she may need more than an ordinary human.

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>n-no you
The absolute comebacks from Ichigofags

Would you have preferred they drew on penises or vaginas to their suits instead?

Torikago was amazing.
They'll probably get a different ED for every arc


They just changed it because they need more songs to sell
Im kinda surprised they are using the same one for 3 episodes now

Okay autists, if any of you are still here, what are the theories concerning the adult women? Is she Miku’s original and they’re all clones? Is she Zerome’s “parents”? Why does she seem familiar to him?
Is dinoni slowly transforms into a dino and that’s why she’s taking those tests? Isn’t the dinoaids Hiro has similar to that?

>Especially raw (unprocessed) honey.
This. I take one tablespoon of raw honey before bed and after waking up.

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The most popular theory is that she worked in the garden when Zorome was born. I think it was a more symbolic thing as he is always subconsciously yearning for parent figures and thought he could latch on to her.

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>Miku doesn't like big facials
You still have much to learn, little girl.

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Care taker maybe, she was about to touch him

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Miku is for anal only!

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Zorome has some weird fetishes.

I fucking NEED more heartboners moments.
I swear for the last 2 episodes we've been purposefuly starved. Next episode will be the same I feel it, episode 12 though... Mark my words end of first cour will be heart orgasm.

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Twintails is for rough throatfuck, did you not learn anything from your japanese porno mangas?

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Who hurt you, friend? or am I just projecting

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So after this episode there's no way Argentea isn't going to be on Hir02's side when they rebel/escape right?

They're like the one pairing that's questioning stuff.

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she's his biological mom

Her hand stops when he mentions "protection".
She realizes she was not there to protect him but to turn him into a slave soldier for the adults. He is just an animal in her eyes. She's as emotionally attached to him as she would be to a pet dog. There is no human connection.

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Oh boy i'm not ready yet

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why does ichigo even have a crush on a manlet

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Why is she so sad?

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How can a granny have such a sexy body?

because she's a manlet

Because for her, that manlet is tall.

>waaaaaaaah nobody likes me
>darling all i need is you
02 and her fanboys are shit

Goro is clearly the superior man

didn't get to kill a Klaxosaur

While she was happy that Hiro gave her a present, the present itself just reminded her that she's not human and looks like a monster in some ways.

He's an adorable little shota

On her dino period

Porn of Nana when


>zoromefags are actual fags

She's sad because she is just a demon masquerading as a human and failing at it.
She really wants to be human for some reason.

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Him and Zorome are probably the only males who wouldn't absolutely destroy her during sex.

He used to be CHAD during the orphanage days.

Imagine how energy-consuming it might be to throw soldiers across the room, jumping for, like what, 5 meters and descending the 4 story building by jumping from the roof.

You're thinking about this too much user

its because everyone has an X chromosome.

They wear the X formal suit over their usual uniforms, giving the males XY and the girls XX

Something is about to go horribly wrong. Ignore the flood of brainlet answers.

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And I'm an old man who tries to be a little girl but fails at doing so. Tough fucking luck.

It rhymes.

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Stop making sense you faggot.

Was Zorome working himself up over Miku and Goro turning Ichigo into putty last episode not enough for you?

I for one thank Abe for such blatant vanilla monogamy propaganda.

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>02fags aren't normalfags!
>I swear!
Suuuuuuuuuure they aren't

How did we go from this to THAT

She knows everything is fucked in the world. She has a boyfriend and that makes her happy but she knows deep down they're all going to die and she will survive alone.

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Why would anyone ever do this? Especially for a show that hasn't finished airing.

The honey moon period is over.

Zorome is my husbando.