How did a simple filler anime like Maid Dragon become the best thing Kyoani has done since Hyouka?

How did a simple filler anime like Maid Dragon become the best thing Kyoani has done since Hyouka?

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>The dump I took last night was the best shit I ever made

Did you manage to use the toilet like a big boy? Or are you still too retarded to move past diapers?

Why is it a filler anime?

Hyouka wasn't even that good.

Hyouka was actually not good

Which dragon would you fill?

muh manga

Why do I feel so attracted to Kobayashi even though she's so ugly and plain?

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Because she's cute, dip.

Interesting things are interesting, Sup Forums-related can be literally anything, and the manga is such an odd concept that struck enough chords with people and played the lolicon card lightly enough that normals could forgive it, unlike Made in Abyss

Also the twitch marathon that played it made it fairly mainstream.

Her moe is strong

Because of a string of mediocrity

Because the manga was actually from a well-known author and not some literal who.

Damn shame they didn’t adapt Ojojojo, although Kyoani wouldn’t touch something decent. They’d rather butcher good manga, while fawning over bland LN shit.

I will never forgive them for what they did to Koe no Katachi

It's that plainness and frumpiness that makes her attractive in the first place

Basically this.
Is any of Kyoani's good anime from their shitty inhouse LN competition crap?

>I will never forgive them for what they did to Koe no Katachi
The manga was a trainwreck of shoddy characterization and meandering. I'm surprised they managed to salvage it.

the Koe no Katachi movie was way better, fuck off.

Christ you boot lickers are the worst part. Kyoani could shit in your mom’s face, and you’d still kiss up to them.

The movie was just as good if not better than the manga.

Except the movie was leagues better.

Gaijin pandering

Yes, except Elma since she might eat me

>How did a simple filler anime like Maid Dragon become the best thing Kyoani has done since Hyouka?

KyoAnus knows its audience very well. Praise the pedophiles and they will support you to the end of the world.

>flop dragon

Because it is good and cozy. And I do care about characters, aside from loli and shota.
All the cute maid chores and Kobayashi's routine are also a thing which is as pleasing as kotatsu. It is not great or exceptional, but you just can't help but like it.

And yes, other than the story how they met, plot is irrelevant.

Discussing things means elaborate your point unless you actually get off on people calling you a fool for your opinions.

Crying "Kyoanus lickers" doesn't argue anything on why Koe No Katachi film was good or bad, which I think was much better than the manga, since it had better pacing and a better ending.

and no season 2...


It's because you think she's in your league.

The film’s pacing was atrocious, as it jumped from memorable scene to memorable scene, skipping any and all actual contextualizing substance. For fuck’s sake, they completely gutted Yuzuru’s character, when she was the deutoragonist of the Manga. Ueno and Sahara’s arcs similarly suffered such that Ueno’s entire motivation was essentially excised, while Sahara is relegated to a glorified cameo.

The Manga was a masterpiece for the first four volumes and was good in 5 and 7. The only time the manga’s pacing was subject was during volume 6, where Ooima went too quickly through the POV chapters, which should have been more numerous and scattered throughout the narrative, instead of being in one long sequence. Aside from that, it’s far more solid than the film, which feels more like an AMV or a best hits compilation rather than an adaptation

Oh, also the moms got the shaft, and not in the way anyone of us hoped for

For Kyoanys standards it was

what would kobayashi look like as a dragon?

>socially awkward
>mildly alcoholic
>like maids
Good lord, she's way too much like me

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if they got married, wouldn't tohru be miss kobayashi as well? what is kobayashi's first name anyways?

>since hyouka

Excuse me?

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Why is the title kobayashisanchi instead of just kobayashisan

For anime's standards it was.

Would this show been nearly as popular if some no name studio did it?

cool has his fans.

Kobayashi, she's kobayashi kobayashi

>she's kobayashi kobayashi

>Literally worst Kyoani, period
>Best anything
Gay swimming was miles better than this trash, and all that tried to do was apppeal to fujoshit.

So you fell asleep in the first episode. Duly note.

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The "Chi" refers to one's family household, so it'd be somewhat more accurate (if not needlessly clunky) to call the series something like: Miss Kobayashi's Household Maidragon (even though that wouldn't probably be the best TL anyway). It's just another scenario of awkward literal translations.

>tfw practically no porn of her

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>Hyouka manga is forgettable
>KyoAni makes a good anime

>Maidragon manga is good
>KyoAni makes a forgettable anime
I sense a pattern.

good thing they adapt shitty LNs now

Maidragon does most of the writing work for Kyoani rather than letting them potentially botch a long-running thread plot. Rather than a long weld bead to hold together two pieces of steel with an obvious end-shape, Maidragon is a series of cloth stitches which end up making an unforseen article of clothing. I don't mean this in a way which implies that maidragon is particularly 2DEEP4U, but more in how that's just the nature of its formula: a bunch of little vignettes ended up (accidentally?) stringing into a coherent path of character development and a subtle, non-interfering, overarching plot that occasionally decends down into the SoL world to deliver some tension. Maidragon is good because, by design, for the most part, Kyoani can't fuck it up too badly. They don't see the clothing at the end, so they just focus on the stitching until the end result is a pretty little surprise to everyone. That fact, however, sort of makes me worry about any potential season 2 given how the manga's u nadapted material does have a somewhat denser sense of plot than what is already featured as an anime.

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Reminder that harmony is the faction which tricked all the humans into thinking that dragons want to kill them rather than just the gods. It's the faction which greedily thinks for itself and doesn't respect the old rules of conduct in the human (Kobayashi's) world like chaos does. They're cowards who abandoned their identities and families for cheap power by aligning themselves with the gods. By harmony standards, Elma is an outlier of relative purity, which only makes her more susceptible to harmony's damaging influences.

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>Hyouka manga
Hyouka is a proper novel.

i can understand why tohru feels indebted to kobayashi

but not why she is sexually in love with her

All dragons are sexual deviants

Not necessarily. They all have their own perverse and degenerate kicks.

Though, all the female dragons shown so far do. Lucoa having gotten drunk and fucked her sister.

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It's love.

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>has a stable well paying job
>has a hot maid notwife and cute adopted daughter
>has IRL friends
>>she's way too much like me

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There is a new manga chapter out, now.

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I want the notwife to be my wifewife.

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Dragons don't have the tradition of marriage. So the only thing that makes a dragon couple a couple, is if they are fucking. Touru want to fuck Kobayashi is the dragon equivalent of wanting to marry her.

which chapter is this from?

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Newest translated chapter (61)
Or you mean your pic? Thats fan made, I think it was from some aritst's twatter.

Because it wasn't written by any of the shitty writers at kyoani or by any of the crappy LN authors at their publisher.

COOL actually knows how to write good characters and develop them.

No, but it still would have been talked about and probably enjoyed some mild popularity. COOL is decently known and his fans tend to be loyal, even if his manga isn't explosively popular.

i guess, i can't find it

I wanted to give this show a chance but tohru was such an annoying shit I gave up 6 episodes in.

I missed the previous chapter somehow, but Elma having Tohru on the brain so much is oddly adorable.

because cool kyou shinja is COOL

Post your face when the COOL gets murdered by his assistant.

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I'm more shocked that he only has one. The dude has like 3-5 ongoing series at any time.

He thanks two assistants right on that page though.

>The dude has like 3-5 ongoing series at any time.
That time he was doing 10

i need help finding the antholgies, does anyone know where i can read them? preferably the 2nd one

The 3 Dragon Maid Anthologies can be found at

Keep in mind that they didn't receive translation as of now.

Your tip to the copyright agency has been received user.
DMCA to be send to that site shortly.
Thank you very much.

BTW, Kanna's Daily Life translator here. I'm addressing the suggestions from you guys about translating the anthologies.

Unfortunately, I noticed that there was way too much ecchi in them, veering too much in the direction of hentai, and it made me feel pretty umcomfortable.

I actually love hentai, big tits, loli pussies and whatnot, but, at least for me, I like Dragon Maid characters more when they are being wholesome and heartwarming (qualities that Kanna's spin-off excels at) than when they're being ecchi.

Not to mention, Riko, Georgie and Ilulu (my favorite characters) received negligible attention in the anthologies. I unfortunately don't have motivation to work on the anthologies.

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It's just a spinoff.
Please translator-sensei, do it for us fans

Speaking of Dragon Maid translations, you guys might be aware that the other translator (the one in charge of the main manga and Elma's spinoff) moved to Mangadex.

He just released Elma's Diary Chapter 07, a fixed version of chapter 06 (with the missing page added), and the chapters 59-61 of the main Dragon Maid series there.

Dragon Maid:

Elma's OL Diary:

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>Itou Hachi drawing Maiddragon /ll/
How can you not see this is the most perfect thing ever?
Is this the only page or is there more?

do you at least know if they're consider cannon? honestly, the only part of the anthologies that i care about is the last chapter of the second one

Usually I'm unable to decline a request, especially when it's made on such a bona fide way, but in this case it would be a lot of work to do on something that doesn't satisfy me.

I'm really sorry, but I have to disappoint you guys this time.

well that's a shame. still, thanks a lot for your work, we really appreciate it. and off to wait in hopes someone will one day translate them

Amagi was not a good show.
I'll say it again:

Amagi was /not/ a good show.

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If nobody shows up to take, I'll consider giving a try.

Some of the stories actually interest me. But at the moment, my priority is at other projects.

I'd say a more literal translation would be "The MaiDragon of the Kobayashi Household", actually.

Thank GOD this monstrosity never made it into the show.

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hope you don't feel presured to do so. Just do what you enjoy

Is it scanned somewhere?
I'm sure /u/ can translate it if it is

I'm annoyed that she wasn't in the show. When Kana wanted Kobayashi to come to the sports festival Ilulu told Kana she should destroy the building where Kobayashi works. I liked that scene, and since they did that sports festival thing already, they can't add it even if they introduce her later.

>Chapter 62 is translated
>Chapter 61 isn't

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>not wanting to see lolis naked

oh come on, it isnt even that bad

I can only find the 61
I understand, thank you for your works

>loli pussies
fucking gross