Dragon Ball Super

It's OK guys, not even Toei would shit the bed for such an important fight two weeks in a row right?

Final wakuwaku vs kiero in less than two hours.

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See you lads next month. Thanks for the manga leaks

Why do we call Jiren Kiero again?

Question, where are pepole going to watch this live?

Reminder BASED anime specialist saved the dbs public showings

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Mexican mayor got toei authorization

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watching live without understanding japanese makes you a fool

Fair point - but it's basically going to mostly be fighting

Leave Japon to me

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>especialista en anime

Marvin looks like a real gangsta, would watch shows with

out in three hours gokek

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Do you mind if I save this pic friend? I like it a lot haha.

>f-freeza gonna betray u7 guys!!


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la especialista...

>especialista en anime
Is this serious or an edit?

who was in the wrong here?

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Jobbolo for hesitating.

The answer is always tien

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How would vados-kun do against el especialista ?

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How does this change the dragon ball lore?

>Meheeko has actual for real ANIME EXPERTS HAVE WATCHED OVER 500 SHOWS.
>And they are consulting them to broadcasting anime live on an actual plaza.
Is this real life

how long until episode?

it'd be fun if mexico wasn't a fucked up hellhole


>making a living talking about animu and mango
He is living the dream

They watch anime and play videogames.
Which as we all know are the causes of autism and gun violence.
What did you expect

>Final wakuwaku vs kiero in less than two hours.
Their fight will last until ep 131 too.

5 minutes

ane-san, this is REVENGE

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It's fucking DBS, if you can't understand what's going on based on the context you probably have brain damage.
No one cares about the intricacies of the dialogue, just watch it to see the outcome and shitpost about it.

shut up retard and go play with your legos

>still looks autistic
Seems like there's no fixing her.

Shut the fuck up you fucking dunce. Every week you dickheads get info wrong and spread around false rumors because you didn't have the translation
Worthless drone.

Feels good not being a Gokekfag doesn't it, Jirenbros?

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Which one's stronger, el grande padre or this guy?

So, where do we watch this live. I usually never do that but this time is special.

Who can stop Mexico's love for Dragon Bol

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I always knew it would come to this. I was the one who threw away your legos by the way.

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>Esto es el fin, jiren.
>.. Whew, so this is it. Now I get to make a wish on the super dragon balls. A Dragon Ball Super(TM) wish.
bravo, toryama

more like JABRONI

Halo kefla when?

Man really want to play the "WHERE IS FREEZA??" Game

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I am wondering that

When they going to release another guide book?

How much longer? Hour & a half?

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>el cumbias

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anarchist jiren?

No. Daylight Savings Time.


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holy shit now that gif makes sense

So how long?

Frieza will win, but he'll be teleported back to hell right before he makes his wish. Screencap this post.

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Someone post the webm

Then there is no place for you in any existent universe, ane-san

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Place your bets Sup Forums. What will happen in Tacoland tonight?

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>tfw we won't see frieza until next episode

>Plazas streaming DBS in big screens with free food and drinks and DB Fighterz tournaments
It's not fair bros

What are people assuming that Frieza is going to beat Jiren next week just because he got a sneak attack in?


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The memes keep becoming reality

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>Implying it wouldn't fall off
Pan is a cheslet.

hey guys animeajay here to tell you that its kind of awkward when you falseflag as me

she has fat where it matters

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How can Caulifla compete

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In the end, we truly are the Chads of Sup Forums


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Isn't it more than 2 hours still because of daylight savings?

by fusing with kale

Can I get a translation?

Why would Toei make Goku job after getting full UI?

Isn't the point of introducing new forms to sell merch by making it the new strongest thing? Why would they gimp UI like that?

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>not Toriyama

is this shit being livestreamed anywhere?

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What's going on

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That's my girl!

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Will the anime specialist be hanged when the stream starts to lag?

>Anime specialist ensures, Yes DBS 130 can be transmitted

that's what i want to know

>those reaction videos from Mexico as goku mastered UI
You fuckers better record Jobku today

hilarity WILL ensue
Where's the damn livestream?

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Amerilard DB fans are the worst

>started with Z
>muh shitty faulconer soundtrack
>muh superman goku dub
>muh blue popo

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Post soundtracks

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>blue popo
>blue popo only appeared in the censored 4kids kai dub

Anime Gohan: Can barely handle 1 furfag
Manga Gohan: Takes on all 3

fuck toei

where's the peppa pig stream?

Who's house we watching it at? And who's bringing snacks and drinks?

>shitty soundtrack
Awful taste user


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Reminder Gohan hasn't even gone Ultimate yet

Is it a national holiday in Mexico?

Feel Vegetafags' pain


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Yeah, only retards would go without Krillin and Tien's insightful commentary. They might even tell us that Goku's firing a Kamehameha again.

No but next year it will be remembrance day

A table dance in my city is showing the episode and having 2x1 girls no joke