Sword Art Online

Asuna is a cuck! A KEK!

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is this the psvita one?

Kureha is ____

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gonna miss these sao game threads


>Asuna is a cuck
All these cuck comments about her is making want to self insert as Asuna

looks more like a yandere to me in that picture
come on, look in that face


not as cool as her sister.

We just had a thread, can't you give it a rest for a few hours?

it's fine, so is kirito

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Thinking about Asuna forcing Kirito to start dating the other girls while she watches and gets off on it is surprisingly hot. Am I cuckquean?

are you at least female?

>Am I cuckquean?
Depends on who you self-insert into.

The idea of self inserting onto Asuna becomes more appealing because of this cuckshit

going to be my girlfriend and soon loving wife.

well, I guess you are one, but don't worry, I am never gonna cuck you

Yeah you're definitely a cuckqueen. Are you proud of your decisions?

"Hey Kii-boy, wanna /ss/?"

Here's hoping Argo and Kirito elope so they don't have to deal with Asuna's sick fantasies of her watching her husband impregnate everyone around him

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Well shit. Didn't expect something like to happen while reading SAO threads of all things. I guess I'll know if I feel proud if I ever get cucked in real life.

do i just play the game normally then enhance stuff in 2nd plahthourgh in FB?

about to glop two more years of seamen