Are they gays or just best bros?

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is this a Berserk reference?

I don't think so, is it?

Hella gay.

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>we cross paths than we cross swords
tip top kek

>we cross paths than we cross swords

>we cross paths than we cross swords
If my dad walked in on me watching this i'd alt tab out from the player

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>we cross paths more than we cross swords

no other questions needed

They look like they cross "swords" quite a bit.

Great girls wasted on a garbage show like this.

The vamp is pretty borderline but viz loves to mistranslate to give it a more yaoi theme
The author is steering to a straight ending

Forgot pic

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They're fujobros. Straight boys made to look gay to bait dirty fujoshits.

Shanoa is winning tho

The fuck she is.

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>best girls lust for perspective guys
>guys are two gay for each other to notice

such a waste

shut the fuck normies

Shut the fuck up.

Not even once.

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any NTR in this anime?

They were but now the author is activating the brakes on the homolust train.

Well that's what he gets for adding such good girls.


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I hated this anime. It was so poorly directed. Is the mango any better? I dropped it like 6 eps in.

No the anime is pretty much the same as the manga.

Is he? I haven't read the manga in ages. Say it ain't so.

Not gay.

Last chapter implied that Shinoa will fuck MC soon.

>Not gay enough.

There isn't any romance. Shipfags are cancer. And this thread is cancer.


you lazy ass idiots just copied each other's post and kept the grammar mistake

>tfw season 3 never

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does this show get good, got to like episode 12 or 13 and gave up. the female characters just ruined the whole show for me

The MC only loves Guren for whatever reason. The Vampire is gay as fuck.

Homo subtext, the usual. I can't wait for the meltdown though.

watched this first and then read berserk, this is 300% true

Gay as fuck from my viewpoint. At least when I was watching the show that was the vibe I got from them.

This. Takaya Kagami is notorious for fujo-baiting.

Shinoa will fuck the gay out of Yuu. The fujo meltdown will be so glorious it will have another hall of anal devastation.

>Series has the best smug girl ever
>Curse with being a shitty fujobait shonen with a faggot MC.

She deserves better.

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Give it time, she will win in the end. That smug won't go to waste.

The anime staff is actively shipping them both so that's why the anime is gayer than manga.

I think the mangaka going to pull the family card though. Like they love each other because they are family and not romantic at all.

Shinoa is winning!

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This better be the case. I haven't kept up with the manga but I would love to see Shinoa find her true love.

Goddamn, do I love this girl.

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Originaly pseudo bros, then fujoshis got hold of it.
Now the mainfanbase is under their control, which will make it difficult for the author to move along his main ship with Shinoa without getting his worked fucked by angried fanbase.

I wish there was more art to her.

Also do not worry she is going to get some spotlight now as she seems to be less human than most of the cast or even vampires.
Seems she was born with the demon turned original vampire or at least a part of him inside her.
Despite that she is so fucked up that according to that demon she could have contracted any number of demons she ever wanted to and would have stayed in control.

I guess it's time to pick it back up. Last chapter I've read was with the chapter revealing the fact that the glasses-kuns little sister was being experimented upon. That made me sad so I haven't kept up with it since then.

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Does somebody have the photo from the book of loli shinoa tied to a chair and grinning

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>That made me sad so I haven't kept up with it since then.

Bless you, user

Well you are in for some reveal level shit then.
-all vampires were originaly human
-all vampires will eventually turn into demons
-only the original vampire might never have been a human, but a seraph as he has a multitude of angelic wings
-nobles 2-6 seem to be ones born directly from the first
-huge power differences between single digit ranks
-the originals blood washes out going down the ranks
-the nobles 2-6 created the other nobles, rank 2 nobles giving their blood someone ends up with a rank 7 or 8 noble
-this continues on a rank 7 noble creating a vampire would result in a 13+ noble
-we do not know how far this continues
-Crowley is actually a rank 7-8 and not 13 as he got a 2nd ones blood and not Ferrid's (who is rank 7)
-despite that Crolwey's two women who were most likely turned by him seem to still be considered nobles of unknown rank
-power difference between rank 5 and 3 or even between 3 and 2 is huge
-makes no sense how Krul could have ever lost to Ferrid and Crowley

I love her so much

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Why did I read the spoilers knowing it was spoilers.

Ah well, I guess it's time to pick it back up.

Y-you too.

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She is very cute

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That user was actually generous with the spoilers. Story's gone someplace absolutely bonkers from when it first started.

That's good. I guess I'll still have new stuff I'll find out.

Shinoa figure never.

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What is smug1 and smug2?

They aren't that good. I like this one a lot though.

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Post them anyway. I'm curious.

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Well I tried to leave major content out and go a bit for some implied parts or things that might not be noticed if you speed read.

Isn't he asexual?

This is smug1. 2 is real low-res and I try not to post trash content.

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Thank you, user. I didn't have that gif before.

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Wow that's a pretty smug pic

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Blushing smug makes my heart happy

That was a great scene, just seeing her flustered for the first time.

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>Band aid
To cover up the hickey mc gave her right?

I do not remember if this is from a childhood flashback.
So either it is from the vampire that drank from her or it is from the experiments done on her as a child.
Well she is still a child considering she is the youngest of her team (15 at the start of the story if I remember correctly).

I still wonder what would happen if some vampire noble like Krul gave her her blood and tried to turn her into a vampire.

It's from the end of season 1 when Shinoa visits Yu in the hospital and gets cockblocked.

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So the vampire bite.
Would have been funny if Crowley had dropped something like "oh yeah you were unaffected by my blood back then and did not turn into a vampire" when Gurren told Shinoa and everyone about Shinoa's demon.
Something like Crowley actually having tried turning her into a vampire back then to see what would have happend.

Sorry nope, canon is it's a band aid to cover hickey, she has a bunch more on her belly and thighs as well.

How? The two girls in the squad have 'automatic MC crush', the smug one more than tits, but why the hell would he be interested in them? He only had boner for vamp murder.

Because that is how this author rolls. The homobait is only to lure the fujos into buying his merchandise, then we get our waifu ending. Since nip fujos prefer to channel their disappointment into hardcore yaoi doujins instead of autistic twitter screeching, everybody wins. We get cute Shinoa being happy and they get their degenerate porn.

>all those cute/sexy vamp ladys
>focus is on two fags

I wish but its a shonen and its better for main characters to be straight. I'll just keep the ship in my heart so no worries.

Dropped it here. Not a fan of these height related jokes.

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t. manlet

Nah. Mitsuba is going to win the Yuubowl. Mika is gay though.

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Totally homo and bloodsucking is a metaphore for sex. Mika loses his virginity to Yu

S2 is much better.

No, she didn't. They even gave her a shit seiyuu as a fuck-you to tell viewers how little they care for her character.

Do you prefer fat jokes instead?

Think author just like to explore bond between two dudes, but ultimately he loves his waifus.

>going to pull
It was pulled long ago. Yuu's been family-zoning everyone from the start.

One of my favourite shows/manga, despite the homoerotic undertones. I like grey factions facing each other.

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She was just a cute girl the entire time.