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What a shitty final villain
He looks like some gay pixar character

dbs was a mistake

>streaming anime

Kill yourself please.

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Don't know why everyone's so excited, We'll probably get 20 minutes of the spectators talking and 5 minutes actual fighting.

That's because he's not the final villain

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>smurf reject
this would be much better

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How long until the episode?
how long until subbed

>how long until subbed
tomorrow. crunchy roll usually has something out on sunday.

I guess it varies, I remember there being subs about 2 hours after the episode has aired

Realistically speaking, what are the chances of mexicans dying tonight if goku doesn't win?

will there be riots in Mexico today?

stream threads aren't allowed

Which form will Freezer use to beat Jiren, Blanco or Dorado?

why would they be? mexico is very pacific outside of the cartels.

None, F will play instead

What time is the episode airing? An hour later than usual?

Only one man knows the answer

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quien es el dj?

1 hour left before Mexican Armageddon
Americans gonna be regretting they didn't build the wall

50 mins from now

Pienso que Freeza es el mejor cuando habe la forma dorada

>Americans gonna be regretting they didn't build the wall
he's trying. He's already got the go ahead from a judge to hold funds from California since they aren't deporting anyone.

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Let me guess, cause of daylight savings?

Reported stream

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Bing Bong!

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I'm hoping that they'll go light on the commentary for this one fight. I don't need Tien to tell me that Goku is firing a Kamehameha, again.

What do you mean Armageddon?

I live in México, and that's not true

Who’s winning between Mexico and crunchyroll?

El Especialista


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Those two are allies. The feud was between Toei and Mexico, the latter won.

If I were to build a wall I would build it at Panama.

kys and sage

Toei cucked out.

But is this his final form?

They usually have it up about that time after the episode. The guy you're replying to is just retarded

>tfw already have 3 streams ready
not gonna miss a single second. Last time I missed the entire first half (it was pretty bad though so it doesn't matter).

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>especialista en anime

live in California, will post if riots start down El Camino Real

The anime specialist

i live in san luis potosi and is very pacific here.

Anyone in california would be the best place to start the DB-Super fans from streaming across the border.

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>not just conquering the entire American continent and turn it into a civilised country

Have an english one?

I wish I watched DBS because this looks like it will be one hell of a shitshow.

You missed the thread in the morning where the government of japan got involved?

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english subs don't come out until 2 hours after the episode ends

It's near impossible to cross from Colombia to Panama, don't you know of darien's Gap?

i don't get it why does toei act like a little bitch instead of asking for money?

Keep us posted commie

Translate it, spics.

that won't stop them

I only started watching DBS after the special and I've laughed at these threads more than I have in any other Sup Forums board. Threads turn to shit when keflafags start dumping pics though.
The show is okay too

Because the point isn't money but brand control

holy fuck I'm dying of laughter

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Ww3 is imminent, right?

boring meme

That's old news faggot, Crunchyroll thought Toei were being cunts too so they negotiated with them along with local governments and now crunchyrolls streams will be shown all over latinamerica

>yfw mexico goes literally goes nuclear

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How soon?

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How long will the episode be?

>Goku kicking ass
>ka ka kachi daze on full blast
>runs out of energy as Jiren hits Goku right in the stomach
>Goku crumples over
>music abruptly stops
>both are on the edge of the ring
>Jiren about to hit Goku out of the ring
>mexicans freaking out
>huge energy blasts knocks Jiren off out of no where
>F starts playing and Freezer is revealed

Irrelevant news this anime specialist stopped the war

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Can I get a quick rundown on the DBS plot so far?

Have you anons had your daily dose?

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>how to lose entire latam gadgets market in three short paragraphs

>Even Japan gets problems from Mexico
Build another wall in the pacific

>Si, se puede

Based mexican Obama

Chichi >kefla

A ningen reached the power of Gods

>especialista en anime

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everyone changed colors

We can only dream of being so based

1 hour? Isn’t two episodes this week?

can't wait for goku printed nuclear bombs from MExico getting launched to japan

Kefla has better reaction images

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To Mr. Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solis
Governor of Coahuila

The government of Japan has knowledge that episodes #130 and #131 of the series Dragon Ball Super, which copyright belongs to japanese company Toei Animation, will be exhibited in squares and public places without a proper authorizarion from the author. the company Toei has made known it's concern on it's official statement, added to this document.

The government of Japan exhibits it's interest in that this situation be handled with the proper copyright and intellectual property law from the country of México. In the event that it's exhibition is illegal, the government of Japan wants it suspended.

Henceforth, a speedy response is expected by the authorities that pretend to exhibit this show, so that we are aware of the final decision, Sincerely yours: faggy dude

you fags are just jealous you are not weeb enough to be an anime specialist

Normal length f.am

How do I become an Especialista?

Does Mexico like Pan?

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Yes, i am

Who made HIM expert? The King of Anime?

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>earn money just by being a weeb
Packing my bags for Mexico right fucking now

>paying for anime


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They made everyone retarded and gave them a couple color mods.
You’ve to be high on nostalgia to appreciate super or gt for that matter.
Everything after the first serie is a slow and steady decline to cash grab tier.

mexico loves GT and everything from it, you'll see lots of niggas singing it's opening

D-doc this is a Christian board!

Shouldn't it be airing by now?

Yes she was one of the first lolis I liked


fuck that shit, why watch 360p no subs with commercials when HD subbed no commercial version will be up an hour later?

Uhm..g-guys what is happening here?!

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Would love to see that desu.

So is Mexico going to air it all or not?