Hoshiiro Girldrop Final Episode


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>suddenly Sosogu was dead all along
What the fuck kind of writing is this?

It was secretly a Key series all along.

You're fucking dumb. Sosogu died 5 years but Daichi made a deal to revive her at the cost of his memory and that's why in the first episode, Daichi doesn't know who the fuck Sosogu is when his parents mention her.


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Idols shouldn't expose their panties like that.

But they should.

I want to FUCK Yuhi.

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Is this going to be like Zetsubou-sensei's ending where everyone was Sosogu all along?

Spoilers, user.

read the manga. Sosogu turns out to be Popuko all along.

I just wanted them to be happy

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Is this translated wrong or something? Title should be "A Starry Earth, A Precious Promise" ("Hoshifuru Daichi, Taisetsu na Yakusoku")

Of course it incorporates a pun on Hoshifuri Sosogu and Daichi's names.

Crunchyroll's subs aren't that great. Hidive's are usually better, at least as far as PTE is concerned

I've noticed. I almost paid for a HiDive sub just for Pop Team Epic but a week delay isn't bad at all.

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I REALLY want to watch Hoshiiro Girldrop now

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>a well-paced, episodic/predictable magical girl/idol action rom-com on mediocre budget at best
>not real

I hope they fund it with the money made off of Pop Team Epic

>mfw PTE was an elaborate marketing campaign for Hoshiiro all along

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The only way they can end PTE is to air a full Hoshiiro Girldrop episode, right?

Bad writing.

But we literally know the twist now.

The Jun Maeda kind of writing.

That would actually be a pretty interesting way to end it. I'd be all for it.

Is there a torrent that uses the HiDive subs?