What are your thoughts on Ichigo?

What are your thoughts on Ichigo?

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Worst girl

Only fun for bulli

Would bang but Oni is cuter

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All girls are great.
Sadly, they are reduced to shit simply by the merit of the protag being another little fagboy.


She's in love with Hiro

not as femenine as cocona


Superior to 02.

shes ok

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She'd make a hot milf.

Milfs are not hot by definition, despite the propaganda what old and used women-controlled media pushes so hard.

she's pretty ok

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My fetish would disagree.

I want to pinch her butt and sniff her vagina.

She's literally Cocona with green eyes.

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wait a second

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What does it mean?

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She's cute.

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A best

I'd fuck her asshole after she licks mine

Hory shit

I want to marry the ichigo!

That Ikuno is Papika

She deserves better

My wife

Why is her skirt transparent? Why isn't she wearing panties?

she's short

Waifu of the year

Not short enough.

Only if you're a subhuman manlet.

I'm not a subhuman manlet. I'm a lolicon.

Ichigo a cute!!!