It's time to discuss how the season has been for homo

It's time to discuss how the season has been for homo.

>Hidden gem
>Most surprising
>Biggest disappointment
>What you're looking forward to next season

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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Sora Yori
>Hidden Gem
>Most surprising
I didn't expect to enjoy Hanamaru S2 this much
>Biggest disappointment
Sanrio Danshi
>What you're looking forward to next season
P5, butlers, LOGH

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>DOUBLE DECKER! Doug & Kirill
>new "original buddy cop drama" TIGER & BUNNY spin-off
>Doug Billingham, a veteran police officer who is unfortunately beginning to lose his touch, and Kirill Vrubel, an enthusiastic rookie with more eagerness than skill

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>Next season will be full of goroposting

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>those clothes on the right

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>DOUBLE DECKER! Doug & Kirill
So are they not doing the second season of T&B? Or are they doing this and the second season?

Apparenty it's part of a series of spin offs. No idea if it also means more of T&B too.

I've seen this referred to as a "BL web manga" that can't be correct.
Is this BL or bait?

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Gakuen Babysitters
>hidden gem
>most surprising
>biggest disapointment
>next season

I should have picked up more stuff.

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It's neither. There is one-sided yuri given the blue mahou likes the pink mahou, and I guess the girls in their magical boy forms get like one or two shippy moments. But no, it's not BL.

PTE, Devilman
>Hidden gem
>Most surprising
>Biggest disappointment
>What you're looking forward to next season
Not a very good season for homo

When will Kyoani make something with boys that isn't SoL shit.

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Sword boys is by far my favorite this season, I can't recall having this much fun with a show in a long time. I also need to catch up on Gakuen Babysitters, I left it at episode 6.

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This is supposed to be a homo thread you idiots, don't post your regular ranks.

Ah, fuck it.
>>Hidden gem
Koi Ame
>>Most surprising
>>Biggest disappointment
>>What you're looking forward to next season

Call me when the Kaworu clone becomes relevant or something

>don't post your regular ranks.
>VEG and KoiAme
I see the retard faggots are starting to arrive

I said fuck it boyo.

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>>Most surprising
This is really interesting

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Next cour probably.

>Biggest disappointment
Hanamaru S2. I wish Sugiura and Naoya were here. Fuck Toho.
But I still like it better than anything else.

Why do the moonlanders hate nipples?

Gil and his brother were both really, really hot.
doujins never ever ;_;

>all these people unironically looking forward to Legend of the gay homos 2018
I guess the chara design really was a magnet for fujos and homos

I'm looking forward to the funposting.

I was waiting for a Benedict episode, I better give up.

Calm down grandpa I just want to see how they adapt it

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CCS, Gakuen Babysitters
>Hidden gem
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
>Most surprising
Idolish7, this is too much fun.
>Biggest disappointment
Sanrio Danshi
>What you're looking forward to next season
Golden Kamuy, Binan S3, Butlers, LOGH.

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>not wanting to watch all adaptations of stuff you enjoy
Are you gay or something?

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Maybe it's just me but I get the feeling the animators love to animate Zorome.

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Are you gay?

So they're just titling it with innuendo now?

In America they steal your foreskin when you're born, in Japan, your nips.

Ramen, Baby Shittahs
>>Hidden gem
Dame Prince, Mummy
>>Most surprising
>>Biggest disappointment
Sanrio ad
>>What you're looking forward to next season

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I don't know, since they're delicious.

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Anyone else see the free! movie earlier this week?

It was typical fujopandering but I still screamed like a bitch in the theater.

There's no BDrips out yet.

It was airing in theaters in the U.S. so you would have had to venture outside to watch it (like I did).

Maybe not everyone is a murrican user

what a time to be alive

I am in love. Help me. He's so awesome and adorable.

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No one asked for this. Just give me more Kotetsu and Barnaby.

>venture outside

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The theater was mostly women in their 20s-30s, all of whom were screaming for two hours.
It was fun.
>not venturing outside for anime boys go swimming: pre college edition

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Devilman Crybaby
>>Hidden gem
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
>>Most surprising
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
>>Biggest disappointment
Sanrio Danshi
>>What you're looking forward to next season
Attack on Titan S3 and Steins Gate 0, and probably some other I'm forgetting

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>Attack on Titan S3
That's in Summer.

>Attack on Titan S3
I really thought it was in spring. Wtf why summer? It should be spring S3 and then S4 in fall.
>>What you're looking forward to next season
Tokyo Ghoul Re

These characters are really fucking hot, too bad the anime is shit

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It's just you, it's clear the animators give no fuck about the boys.

I wish it was jus anime CSI feat. handsome ojiisan all the way.

It does; the official Twitter account mentioned that the preparatory work for the new T&B series is being done right now.


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Everyone goes on about how cute Lin is, but liking Banba is a strong indicator of having patrician taste.

I want Doug to double deck me.

Yeah Banba is pretty handsome. I like both of his hairstyles too.

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Vash is nice but too much of a moralfag for me.

I have no idea who that character is but I still saved that pic.

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>Koda only decided to sub this recap movie because of this scene
Never change, [gg].

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It's Vane from Granblue Fantasy.

Sometimes I'm like "No, Vash. You can't always change people so quick like that" and then ends up getting more people killed. But I guess there's a point to him being such a moralfag since there's some Bible parallels in the show. I really like crybabies. Same with Akira.

Thank you user.

>It's daddy Vane from Granblue Fantasy.


Not really, also the character designer clearly favored the girls. Just look at how cute, unique and appealing they are compared to the generic, bland, secondary character-tier design of the boys. Even Hachi looks worse than Nana.

So were they or were they not


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Last ep was focused on Goro, today's one on Zorome. But I do agree the boys don't get the same attention as girls, it's clear just by looking at the EDs for example. The series is alright nonetheless, Goro is my personal darling.

The art is so terrible

>[1:09:30] Schneizel fucks Kannon in the gazebo of his rose garden

Cute is subjective but I'd hardly call them unique. In fact I would say they are pretty generic themself except maybe 02. The boys are appealing too except fatty.

I would say it has more to do with the marketing.

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>except fatty

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>stop looking forward to things I don't approve of!
You still have the older LoGH adaptations to watch if you don't like the new one. No-one's gonna take them from you.

It's not even the problem that he is fat but that he has no personality beyond wanting to eat

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Just started reading kings maker, anyone else weirded out by how he ripped the wings off a fucking bird? The entire comic spends all this time making him seem like a noble, virtuous guy who always sticks up for the little guy, but ripping a birds wings off and the creator trying to pawn it off as a “typical totally normal childhood lesson by his mother” seemed weird as hell. Or is this a normal childhood thing that all Koreans go through?

How was the latest FranXX episode? I dropped it a few weeks ago because nothing was happening.


He's just there to be NTR'd.

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Nah I wasn't imposing my view, I was just surprised about people shamelessly looking forward to that shit

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Post your favorite boy of all time

I don't want to be insulted

If the thread is dead, then don't bump it with this boring shit.

Wait till page 9.

Anywhere between Ramens, Sangatsu, and KoiAme since I can't put Thunderbolt Fantasy.
>Hidden gem
DamePri, Miira
>Most surprising
DamePri, Otegine saying stab five more times
>Biggest disappointment
Houshin Engi. Also myself for forgetting Saiki every time I turn away from my folder.
>What you're looking forward to next season
Kamuy, LOGH, more Hoozuki, the youkai inn thing.

They did call him more like a wild beast than a prince, and he loses his shit with people far more than I expected the author to go for. In that scene I was more confused by the enormous lion being so chill and not snatching the bird.

Also the translation calling the fifth prince buggered when the king is fucking little boys was misleading. I hope the brown mute is taking care of that but I haven't finished what's available yet.

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>feeling shame for watching Chinese cartoons
I don't think you belong here, user.

The ones that don't belong here are those trying to discuss gookshit.

You're thinking about it wrong. Imagine how much bullshit we'll be able to joke about just by screencapping QUALITY bishounen faces. There's enough Anons waiting to see it that threads will be a riot.

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This. The show will probably be boring by itself but the threads will make it worth watching.

>>What you're looking forward to next season
>will watch till the end:
Wotaku ni Koi
Tada-kun wa Koi
Space Tiramisu
Hoozuki S3
Inazuma Eleven
>will check out:
Piano no Mori
Mahou Shoujo Ore
Last Period
Gundam Build
Magical Fags
Major 2

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But without gooks (and chinks) you wouldn't have your precious Chinese cartoons.

>retarded logic
As expected of a gookshitter.

At least Suzuken will managed keep some of Yang moe factor.

>Cygames' greatest prank
I can't believe I fell for the hype.

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>Space Tiramisu
>that all stars VA
>animated by Gonzo
I'm afraid that they put all their budget on the voice actors

>expecting cute boys from a waifu collecting game
At least Sandalfags have no reason to complain anymore. And isn't the Feather & Randall story coming soon? Fujos might finally get that SSR Feather they've been asking for.

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>that godly character design wasted on mobageshit

Hopefully the new GBF anime season will do them justice.

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It's shit dude. It should have just been DJ from the start.

It's a gag series so they are putting their budget in the right place.

I can't like those faces. There's something about them that repulses me and I'm not too sure what it is.