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picked back up

What's your point of confusion? That she shrank or that you didn't pay attention to her intro?

Like she said its a branch or the main Titania, technically she is juts sending fragments of her, its only natural they are flatanias

Chestlets, when will they learn?

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Episode 23, in which Elias is SCP-682.

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Doesn't look like a whale corpse to me.

My yome.

Hey it's Constantinople. Neat.

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Should I pick this up? That girl in the OP is extremely beautiful to me.

>all this fucking builtup for Jew's backstory
>turns out to be a weak bait and switch and he was just a bullied kid


Must be the first time I will drop a show 23 episodes in when next week is literally finale.

I'd fuck this jew desu

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In the manga the towns villagers were going to fucking murder him for suspecting that he put a curse on their crops. Don't know why they toned it down in the show.

That's not the point.
The point is you would expect some grant mythos about his crimes against the Christ God and how he was cursed for all eternity.

Meanwhile the kid wasn't even Cartaphilus to begin with. What the flying fuck.

So why did Joseph wanted to merge with Cartaphillus?


Muh medieval bullying.

Well... he DID keep saying that he wasn't Cartaphilus

I get that part but how was achieving immortality gonna change that?

No. He kept saying he doesn't want to be called by that name. Which always implied Joseph simply hated the name that was attached to him over the time. The same trope as Vlad Tepes getting angry when he's called a Vampire

Being immortal would give him the chance to find people who actually cared for them and didn't treat them like garbage, he failed to account for the fact that he will still decay like Cartaphilus

He wanted to help Cartaphilus and didn't want to give up on him. He also wanted to leave the village. Since Cartaphilus wasn't getting any better and wasn't dying, Joseph couldn't leave the village with him. So, he decided to merge his healthier body with Cartaphilus so that they could both leave together.

he pretty clearly went insane at the end there. developing an unhealthy obsession with an impossible task probably isn't good for your mental health, moreso when you use it to escape from constant bullying

And that, my friends, is why you do not fuck with a spriggan.

Why'd they change the Op??? FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a fucking letdown.

You'll watch the last episode, you know you will.

Aren't there still some mystery boxes that the last episode is unlikely to cover like what the fuck is Elias? It's possible that the manga will right?

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lol dumped.

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Don't you mean Istanbul?

Eventually, maybe. The show is literally going to catch up to the manga next episode.

haha you funny

a flat is fine too I guess

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He looks like 682 since day 1

what did he mean by this?

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Imagine you live forever, and then some little fuckwit dies in like 20 years.

Cuckoldry is okay if they die of old age.

4/10 needs more walls.

Not him but Istanbul comes from a greek word to refer to Constantinople as "the town".

Most gods in mythos take human lovers and they get old and die.
It's polyamory user, they're both doing it.

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They were making a joke

Still sounds like a load of ass

I wouldnt mind a load of her ass

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That's a lot of tiny titstania

Do you think she likes the Bottom?

wait what so cartaphilus and joseph just merged in a big hug, or he used his latent magic powers

why this shit cannot give straight explanations

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>Throw rocks at Jesus
>Get cursed forever
Wow Jesus was kind of a bitch.

No wonder Oberon is nucking futz if she does this all the time.
Why can't I hold all these Tinytanias?

Tell him about the fig tree, anons.

> Jesus
But it was God, user. Old testament G was ruthless.

so i take he didn't drank the cat coolaid cause he would just regen from that?

It wasn't Jesus that cursed him, it was his bipolar father.

so everything wrong in this world is gods fault?

>get mad a tiny sinner
>create a wandering zombie
>zombie commits unlimited 1000x sins
>meh it'll solve itself
is the big G a brainlet or just lazy?

The bible was just a collection of tribal and children's stories, user. It taught kids important bronze age lessons like The world hates you and you'll die a miserable death

As far as he was concerned, Jesus was just some shithead criminal that deserved to be on the cross like the other people with him. God would know this, Jesus also asked that he and the other people be forgiven right there. Instead God randomly picked one guy and cursed him forever.

so the bible is like Sup Forums?

People never change user.

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> Lovers are like bees in that they live a honeyed life

>this wall was never good

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Shitposting. Shitposting never changes

No, it's constantinople.

He couldn't take the bantz.

yeah but shes seen better episodes
she only pops up in a few episodes, so just look which episodes feature titania

>joseph goes insane
>cartaphilus just stoicly accepts

explaining how the fae absorb humans' energy maybe

doesn't it work like temple prostitutes?

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WEW. Those temples knew what they were doing.

None of this is Biblical canon; the legend of the Wandering Jew is Medieval in origin, the same period of history, when peasants would line up to pay to watch a cat being tortured to death.

They were two types of insane.

>bad guy tries to sell baby dragon for shekels
>literal eternal jew
what did he mean by that

what is the point of all of the experiments besides lol im crazy?

Sewing together a better body.

It seems like he's looking for a body that isn't always melting and in constant pain.

I always thought the Wandering Jew was Cain, guess that's too much WoD

it is in some traditions, it comes from jesus having said something along the lines of "some of the people here will be alive for judgement day" so either jesus was wrong or there is at least one eternal jew around

Isn't he trying to find a way to stop falling apart while he's looking for a way to die?

i doubt a centipede half dead dog owning body would help, or having someone melt due to cat aids

He's practicing, he doesn't want to find out it doesn't work when he splices it to himself. It makes more sense to try it out on an animal first, then do it to himself when he knows for sure.

You mean Byzantium

You've got to break a few eggs and skulls to make some Omolete de Mioleira, user.

Aren't they the same?

>Catching up with the series
They start torturing the baby dragons


>suddenly delicious petite goddess
Stop trying to get me to pick this back up

Why not. It's generally pretty good

Christ that bull looks fucking happy. We should all aspire to be that bull.

>Sweater puppies

Oh, Magus Bride, you're too good to me sometimes

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blonde Elias with 6 packs is unf

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That's Zeus disguised as a bull about to fuck that bitch. We should still aspire to be that bull.

Once again it becomes clean how bad cowtits are.

No shit Zeus is happy when he is about to screw another thot. He wears a shit eating grin even when he turns into golden shower.