Dragon Ball Super

Wasku Waku Vs Kiero The Big Finale

Place your bets Sup Forums who will win, El Marcianito or El Kakaroto?

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>Freeza tricks Frost into brutally destroy most of U9's fighters
>betrays Frost right after and one shots the last 3 himself
This lizard is responsible for the entire U9 being erased in just one chapter. Can someone stop him?

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Thread theme

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I didn't draw another image for this so let's try again

1 hour left till Blanco

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Reminder anons this man saved you from going to war with japan

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>post good blancos

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Absolutely BASED
The true Chad.

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we fucking went to war with France over cakes

Who here /waiting/?

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Wait? Will Mexico broadcast DBS today or not? I am confused.


Riding on a train, waiting. DBS starts literally when I get to the last station.

Here, i can't watch the Stream because im going to watch The Shape Of Water in a few hours. Will download the episode once i get home

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Will goku lose today?
Will there be riots?
Will the specialist become governor?

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Forget the episode, mexico riots stream where?

They will

Riots is a definite, mexico are the biggest gokufags.

Goku cant lose
No way Frieza gets his wish

They will, the Especialista en Anime said it's legal

I used to think spics loving DBZ to death was just a meme but goddamn

Are you ready Jirenbros?

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El Kakaroto putos

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Mexican BD of Dragon Ball Super when?

Will there be a stream? Not confident in FujiTV

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Tonight is the night.

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I love Mexico now, I take back everything I spoke about spics for just today.

>not confident in a free and legal live broadcast of the episode
Are you dumb?

any jirenfags here? i wanna kick you ass

Bold prediction: This episode will suck. It'll make no sense and be filled with mistakes.

Never been more ready in my life. TODAY MEXICO BURNS

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>tfw watching comfy Japanese Tom and Jerry while waiting for the ep

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Reminder that this wasn't trash talk, it was the truth.

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pss hey kid do you need a stream

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>40 min til new episode
what should I do?

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>Thread theme
What are the chances Mods would do a sticky and play this theme?

Apparently so...

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It'll go down to the wire and end with a one punch clash that flings Goku and Jiren back but Jiren crashes into rocks while Goku flies off the edge.
Freezy-pop then shoots Jiren in the back for revenge and then tries to rush to get a wish like on Namek but once more doesn't realise there's a another language barrier so he gets wish blocked again.
Whis says he'll grant his wish but actually ends up wishing back the other universes which puts him into a rage an then he gets Hakai'd.

Spics burn down any and all establishments with Goku on it.

Try It

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Who is the cutegang supporting today?
Now that vegeta is out who will revive U6?

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>tfw Mexico will burn in ashes
I can't wait

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how long until it airs?

slim, although the chads of Sup Forums deserve it for their contributions in increasing board quality

Wakey Wakey, Jirenfags.

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Why exactly would it be illegal to re-transmit Dragon Ball Super?

Fuji provides legal streams for everyone, and someone can just hook up their laptop to a big screen. What exact law was broken?

none because they are fags

even though it's pretty much the biggest anime-related shit that has happened on the latest years

a country is holding public showings of an anime episode

I fucking love Mexico

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>revive u6

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directed by jj abrams

They were streaming the sub at 1080p in megaTvs

Does one crunchyroll account allow you to invite 10000+ people?

You cant be this retarded

>gokek winning

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get some tacos and coca cola

Any Jirenfags here? I wanna bully you, you imbeciles

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El especialista did jackshit though. All the legal mumbo jumbo was done by the municipal presidents and such.

>tfw start work literally the minute in premiers


The online article.


Please don't crush my dreams gokufriend

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>Goku and Jiren evenly matched
>drag each other out of bounds
>Zeno ready to crush both universes


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>El especialista did jackshit t
He calmed the masses with his based article and made mexico look powerful to the world

Call in sick

Is this the last episode?

At this point the faggots doing this shit should gather and start their own mexican anime studio.

no, one more episode after this

How does Mexico feel about Pan?

Nope, in two weeks, this one is the recap

Someone post a stream.

Peppa Pig is dead.

> (You)
>none because they are fags
>even though it's pretty much the biggest anime-related shit that has happened on the latest years
>a country is holding public showings of an anime episode
>I fucking love Mexico
How can one contact El Mods del la Fagos?

Too hairy

One way it could end is if the moment time runs out U7 wins due to having more fighters in the arena even though Jiren never got eliminated.


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Very nice Chadforce, Cutegang and Lizardfags, very nice indeed... HOWEVER

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Anyone else excited for Gohan to reveal his big secret?

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>this one is the recap

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>caulifla existing

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They ship Pan with Mantequilla a lot.

I'm voting PAN in the presidential election

Add also Freeza getting his wish of overthrowing the Gods.

1. Your country
2. Your favorite Dragon Ball character


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Do you love Whis

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de muertos best pan

Oh, forgot pic

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Who else is excited to see Jirenfags freak out when Goku doesn't get eliminated?

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>specialist in anime
Haha me da pena mi pinche gente

Lavar Ball

You mean GODku ascending past MUI into...

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>Falseflagging this badly

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Can he beat El Director de TecnologĂ­a?

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Just posting best Saga & Villain.

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>1. Your country
>2. Your favorite Dragon Ball character
Lord Freeza


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Kill yourself spic.

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El hermano



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>especialista in anime

What they mean by that?