Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Dungeon wa Kindai Toshi~

The first chapter of the manga adaptation has been translated by LHT.
For those unfamiliar, the premise is that demon lords maintain their own dungeons around the world to harvest power from the emotions of those who venture inside. The MC has the idea of building a town to nourish humans instead of an inhospitable hellscape that kills them.

Also, isekai thread.

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Technically, this isn't even isekai. Rather than having a past life, the MC is something of an amalgamation of the collective memory of humanity.

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Yep, it's THAT kind of story.

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And that's it. RIP thread.
The manga seems to omit quite a lot of important details, like the true nature of the MC's medal. It could just be that more information will come later.

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Much thanks. Might read this for the cute fox.

not isekai

Having read the first two volumes of the WN, I'm not very excited.
The city management elements are garbage, there's no overarching plot and the conflicts are just about MC flaunting.
MC's loli wifes are ok, but not quite cute enough to carry this otherwise worthless story.

She is pretty cute.
Also, if you thought a single thing about this was at all original, know that one of her first powers is a GON-style transformation where she ages herself up to borrow strenght.

I fully agree.

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I guess I'll dump some of the original illustrations. If you compare between the two, the manga is quite off-model for everyone other than the fox.

This is daughter number 2, an elder-dwarf who forges guns. Yep.

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Cute but should've had drill hair.

Say hello to best girl aka best mom aka daughter (?) number 005.

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This mess shares an author with Kaifuku Jutsushi of all things.

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There is somewhat of an ojou-sama tsundere type character later on, but you'll have to put up with twintails instead of drills.

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Daughter (?) number 003 is a high elf, shown on the right here. Something something nature something agriculture something crop rotation.

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Basically, girls with guns.

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Fellow budding demon lord here.

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>lazy fantasy setting and lazy game mechanic
why can't these kind of setting be more creative and interesting like Rance series? none of these shit is even 1/10 as good as Rance, a fucking porn game.

Reading volume 1 of this. It's a very good read so far. Too many Norse names though.

The guy really loves his childhood friend. He would probably go to deep end if he could no longer talk to her.

There is also a two years time skip in the beginning, I am assuming later volumes will go back to those parts.

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>Why isn't stuff written in some dudes basement as good as something by a professional studio
Gee, I dunno.

Real talk: setting/premise means absolute jack shit in the long run. Sure, an interesting hook will get more readers to try the shit you're peddling at first, but long-term, if your world-building, character development, prose, etc. are shit, then your product is still complete shit.

People here should focus more on how actually well-written these stories are rather than what the initial premise is.

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The dwarf builds a fucking power suit in vol. 2, but instead of getting an illustration of that, have some bland bullshit instead.

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Mom's stat sheet. I think her illustration here is way cuter than her manga design.

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Full frontal of daughter-wife 3.

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Rance's world building, ability mechanics and lore stuff are massive mean everything in long-run (it lasts 10 long ass games). None of these hundreds of isekai/fantasy shit is on par with that, it's really sad.

The relationship the MC has with his girls is really fucking weird.

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used goods

well the mangas narrative looks rushed as fuck, so im guessing the novel version was a sludge of stats and other BS explanations?

Because LN is a fake porn, an inferior product.

Because he's an idiot denying he wants to bend them over and fuck them. It's literally a plot point lol.

Nah she's a legit cake. The he gets to frost on the regular.

Isn't this just the elf from the Demon Lord LARPing series?

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The rest of vol 2 illustrations are quite boring. so let's move on.

Holy shit, after six months, Sairin Yuusha has dropped 14 chapters at once. Let's look at a NU review.

>jaq921 rated it 2/5
>Status: v2c2
>This is lukewarm compared to Nidome no Yuusha (like stale water to molten lava).
>I don't feel the madness, the anger, that guilty pleasure when you see your enemies suffer as you cut their limbs one-by-one, the fear in their eyes as they beg for life.
>I don't feel the evil.
>If you like a revenge story treated with kiddie gloves, this is for you.

This dude is acting like Nidome no Yuusha is actually good, which is hilarious. Is this the kind of edgelord for whom revenge isekai are written? Seriously, what's appealing about setting up some arbitrary needlessly, pointlessly evil assholes who get comeuppance? I can understand a desire to get back at a proxy for all the people who've done you wrong in life, but the "villains" in these revenge isekai are so flat and comically evil to the point of absurdity. All revenge isekai I've read are guilty of this, from shield hero to kaifuku jutsushi to this. I can't derive satisfaction from the punishment of characters whose motivations are so contrived that they can't possibly have any basis in how people behave in reality.

That said, I started reading this because it was tagged as being a romance between the hero and the demon lord, and I'm a sucker for that. But really jack shit has happened in 4 volumes.
If you want torture porn, this shit is your deal. jaq921 missed the part with flesh-eating monster maggots and a regeneration potion. Sairin Yuusha does this better than the NnY and KJ.

What are you thoughts on revenge isekai as a premise?

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Kill yourself.

I am very interested.

She's a complete cake, but she's still be the best girl by miles if she weren't.

They seem to share the artist, Takahiro Tsurusaki.

>What are you thoughts on revenge isekai as a premise?
you are either going to get edgelords or youre going to get holier than though shit.

so if you arent ok with either one, there is no fucking point in getting into them, because no one will ever write one without an OP MC.

Rance series is far deeper than that, way better than any of these isekai fantasy trash.

They literally call him daddy. It'd be legit gross if he gave in.

>written by a woman
Nah, it's just some fantasy of wanting a strong asshole man.

>What are you thoughts on revenge isekai as a premise?
Often used, rarely correctly
which is a shame since I enjoy that kind of stories so much

Surely among the thousands of trash isekai that populate Syosetu there most be something good like an isekai Montercristo

>They literally call him daddy. It'd be legit gross if he gave in.
some woman like that

Apparently the author of Kaifuku Jutsushi is female, which really threw me for a fucking loop. I don't know much about Rance, but the MC for this seems to be based on Rance if he were a million times edgier.

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Reminder that MC gets to plough her all day whenever he wants

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I knew it ever since MC was taking it up the ass on purpose way too much

Reminder that the [Time] demonlord has to watch via the bird he gifted Procell in order to exchange letters.
>Not only getting cucked, but having to watch the girl you loved for 200+ years get fucked by an upstart who was calling her Mom not a year earlier

>Fucks Marcho
>Literally calls her Mom
>Rorono and Kuina call him Dad
>Ew, they can't fuck
What's the difference user?

That one is a better revenge isekai imo. MC is still capable of being nice and the world still has other good people.

Also cute ex-maou.

Do you have any examples of this you think were done right? TCoMC has so many things that this genre is missing.
>villains with actual motivations
>unintended consequences of the revenge
>redemption of both some villains and the MC himself
>actual fucking growth

Oh no

I really like how he tries his best to be edgy to everyone but his natural heroism just won't let him.

I think he only got willfully sucked off by men? The ass rape doesn't come until time spent with the gun hero, and that hasn't happened in this timeline.

Wait, has he actually fucked Marcho yet? He chickened out just recently for no reason at all.

Yeah, now that I thnik about it its really weird that he is fucking his mom

it can't be helped when she's such a cutie

>MC is a demon king and creates a city.
>Altough being a city created by demon king, it isnt babylon tier unholy city.
I never get the jap logic

Have to prove to those dirty european serfs why the japanese are superior.

Demon king doesnt mean that he is evil, they actually exist for the purpose of aiding human development after the world went back to the stone age

They hate Christianity so they make demons the good guys just to spite them.

>People here should focus more on how actually well-written these stories are
You serious bruh? If it entertains me, that's all that matters.

>But this was the only stretch of time where Yuuto truly began to feel his heart heal.
>“Good night, Mitsuki,” he said.
>And so, Yuuto managed to pass another day as the sovereign unscathed.
I can already see the phone getting destroyed or stolen and something similar to pic related happening.

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I tbink it's more like in tne older religions in the middle east, where deities could be gods and demons at the same time, and just cause one hapoened to be a demon it didn't mean it was innately evil.

I have yet to see a LN, much less an isekai to pull off the city/town/country management aspect reallistically

There are ones where the MC just delegates management to people that actually know how to do shit instead of magically learning how to run a city/country

Crop rotation lmao

The MC isn't even Japanese, though. And thus far it's been free of the muh miso shit.

It's the writing that entertains you, not the premise that loses all bearing on events after the first few chapters.

They are doing really bad job then

>Basically, girls with guns.
is there anything better?

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Animal girls with guns.

>is there anything better?
guns as girls with rapist elves?

I do not disagree

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I feel like this series suffers from the usual "since MC is dungeon master, he has no powers so he needs to keikaku every fight but luckily it turns out all his enemies are morons"

What do you mean by well written?

Skeleton Knight is the best