Get an absolute 100% perfect GF

>Get an absolute 100% perfect GF
>Time to go to Jupiter for no reason

I haven't finished the series yet, but this is seriously pissing me off. Why would anyone do this?

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I'm glad this thread is up so I can say I agree. Cut the second half, keep episodic adventures, have the finale be their section almost shutting down. Bam, 10/10 show.

Who in their right mind would leave this behind?

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>disregard family, acquire dream
women and betas will never understand

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Is Planetes the ultimate mgtow?

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She's already pregnant in the last episode.

Honestly the second half brought it down from a 9 to an 8

His dream was to get a spaceship, not fuck off to nowhere and probably die for seven years.

Read the manga

But still pretty good

>cut the second half
>keep the half with the fucking moon ninjas
>implying this will somehow raise the average quality of the show
the second half was better to start with.

>fucking moon ninjas

I skipped these parts almost instantly. What the fuck were they thinking

I feel like Hachi's obsession with Jupiter and his behavior towards Tanabe is one of those things that western audiences perceive somehow differently from Japanese audiences. They sometimes see something praiseworthy in behavior we perceive as just being an unhinged asshole.

Manga hasn't got enough hard scifi detail for me

fucking normalfags will never understand that space is the one true waifu

>a decade ago moon ninjas were a highlight in Sup Forums
they lived and died on their own terms

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I guess the joke about gaijin weebs cosplaying naruto on the moon seems funnier from a Japanese perspective? It was still an inexplicable shift in tone which adds absolutely nothing to the story.

didn't she betray him?
he's pretty much a cuck

this part was pretty good

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I see you entirely missed the point of the whole show.

The human drive to go further and explore, tempered by a desire to come home occasionally is the driving force behind his character, and every major important character in the show.

my brother on an other colour

space is scary

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This is why women never amount to anything

That's fine, but being first on any space mission is basically suicide. It's just a stupid thing to do.

>>being this much of a spineless coward
its almost like you want to be completely forgotten

>once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Jupiter
>generic thot that's literally a dime a dozen

Wow, what a hard fucking decision.

I'd rather live in a cool space world with a nice girl then die in literal no-where as a faceless crew member who gets forgotten when the second people to try succeed.

>mfw when the most dangerous weapon in space is random crap moving at high speed
>mfw when the missiles they called in where on an orbital trajectory instead of streaking in straight and ignoring gravity
>mfw when the missiles actually had a travel time that affected the plot
>mfw when the lasers where near instantaneous pulses of energy only visible when hitting an object instead of slow bright-red beams
>mfw when they actually got space combat right
That was the best few minutes of space combat in any medium ever. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

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Somebody HAS to be first though. That's the point.

Seven more years for me then

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the music in this scene and Fee going berserk were just great

A hack director had to inject stale comedy when there wasn't any needed to begin with. That's also why those fucking incompetent buffoons of management are constantly doing stupid shit.

The anime is fine when it's adapting the manga, but anytime that fucking trash director goes off-script it's a disaster unless you really enjoy bottom of the barrel inane comedy.

They did their research in the show and Manga. JAXA actually is credited for technical advice on the show, and there were NASA Orbital Debris Section employee interviews in the US DVD sets. They liked it.

Hachi has always put his dreams before anything else, I don't know why that surprised you.
Ai is nice and everything but a regular life is not what Hachi wanted.

What do you do with your own spaceship if not fuck off to nowhere and probably die? The guy fucking loves space.

The Von Braun Project meant far more to Hachi than Tanabe did. Tanabe knew that as well as anyone.

>has a shit father

>instead of deciding to buck the trend, the idiot becomes even more of a space recluse than his father ever was

I hated this piece of shit.

Planetes aired in October of 2003, the same month JAXA was officially formed, how could they have offered technical assistance during the production? Unless, you're telling me on of the first official acts of the Japanese space agency was to help with the production of an anime.

Dude, but it's like, Jupiter man, not going to a business trip in China for 2 years.

The mangaka explicitly said he did not do any research on space when he wrote it.
The details like the handholds for zero-gravity, the correct mathematics and the realistic suit interfaces are all from the show, because they did their research and corrected the manga's errors.

i don't remember that, but it has been awhile. what are the details?

That's a good question.

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>>faceless crew member
oh yeah everyone completely forgets about buzz aldrin because he was a faceless crew member

That one episode with the poorfag spacesuit designer was pretty good and the testing for the Jupiter mission stuff was okay, if a bit shonen for the setting.

Can't name another that was off script and any good though.

he did something though, being part of a crew to Jupiter won't be remembered. the guy who steps foot on jupiter probably will. no one knows the name of the first guy to actually go into space

Without googling who was the guy that stayed behind in the crew module while Buzz and Neil took the lander and went down to the surface?

>the guy who steps foot on jupiter probably will
>sets foot on Jupiter.

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Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin?
A lot of people know that.

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>no one knows the name of the first guy to actually go into space
Are you for real?

>steps foot on jupiter
Remembered for being an idiot for killing himself maybe

Collins dont remember first name though

Why did she leave her own tits behind?

Your fetish != cheating.

>>sets foot on jupiter
we got a brainlet over here boys
also no matter what failed or otgerwise attempting to make it to jupiter has a much higher chance of being remembered than sitting at home with the nice grill

>no one knows the name of the first guy to actually go into space
Nigga what

>American education

The cool part of space isn't even being on a big ship, it's fucking around in zero-g with your dank spaceship and crew members.

This guy was a retard, plain and simple.

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If you don't live in russia and ask a random person in the street from any where on the world, they won't know the guy.

>its called a gas giant
>therefore it must be a giant ball of gas

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Now you're trolling.

I hope you're baiting.

who is right

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>Mutts in their natural habitat

full release never ever

No, but she should have.

Maybe in Murrica or 3rd world countries.

Some people remember the second guy. Nobody remembers the third guy.

Not the retard who doesn't know who Yuri Gagarin is and thinks you can stand on Jupiter.

>who is yuri gagarin

Fucking American Education right here.

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I'm burgerclap and we spent a whole month on space exploration in middle school.

>If you don't live in russia and ask a random person in the street from any where on the world, they won't know the guy.
It's literally elementary school textbook tier knowledge.
We even have a street bearing his name in my very town, and I live far from Russia.

I will deposit 200 freedom bucks if you live stream yourself asking a random street goer who the first person to go into space is. the person cannot be young or around your age.

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i have never met someone who didn't know who yuri gagarin was.

I'll double that offer when you show a video of a guy walking of high pressure metallic hydrogen.

>no one knows the name of the first guy to actually go into space
>People prove me wrong
>Better point out how literally not everyone in the world knows to prove my point.

Hey dumbass. Your original point wasn't "EVERYONE DOESN'T KNOW HIS NAME"

it was "NO ONE KNOWS" stop being a fucking highschooler who needs to be right you faggot.

What fucking country do you live in where this isn't common knowledge?

What's your point? A lot of people can't do basic algebra either.

>Cannot be young or around your age
Why the fuck not? Tbh only alzheimers wouldn't know that.

Education in America is poor, and honestly Yuri was glossed over whenever space was talked about.

Either way he's being a fucking faggot about this and trying to win, even though he was proven wrong.


>not wanting to go to mother fucking jupiter


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Unless this user is literally from bumblefuck county Mississippi I can't see any way even MURICAN education could have failed him in this regard. The history class chapter on space exploration is the one kids ALWAYS pay attention to the closest because space is fucking cool.

So you are admitting to arguing semantics? You know what my original intention was.

mainly to avoid someone memeing with their friend, granted they could always get a parent but no one would dare to be this dishonest on Sup Forums

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I hated the moon ninja but they had the perfect payoff to it. Suddenly these goofy shitheads are well and truly missed when you realize they're gone for good.

Have you ever read Kokuo no Hito? It's about a guy who climbs mountains. He's a loner, he knows people who die on the mountain, but he keeps climbing. Eventually through a turn of events he gets a wife and a child and he still keeps climbing. This leads to him doing one last climb on the highest peak he's ever attempted and death seems certain if he does it.

He climbs anyways.

Sometimes your dream is so big that you forsake the people around you in order to take one step closer to it.

You guys can keep being disingenuous and jerking in each other but you know I am right, which is why yall can't bring yourself to earn easy money.

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Actually it's because it's nearly 9pm here and I live in the suburbs and if I go knock on my neighbors door while taking a video of them while asking who the first man in space was I'll probably be committed.

Look at this Do I need to prove my point any further? Apparently we're all mind readers and can discern his Intent, from him using wrong words.

>No one knows the name of the first guy to actually go into space

Yup, I can really feel the intent of him saying that, if you were to go outside and ask someone on the street they would not know.

I can just feel the flow of magic going into my head from your head, telling me what exactly you fucking meant.

>tfw disallowing people aged 0-35 rules out 2/3rds of the worlds population

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You didn't know a common knowledge fact, simple as that. No need to sperg around this much faggot.

A litte hard to do it at 1:47 CET.

I am okay with rescheduling for tomorrow

>get called out on playing semantics
>becomes a rambling mess
and then you call me a "highschooler who needs to be right" prove that you are not one yourself and stop replying to me.
>watch as he does what he is told like a cuck

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>13. Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.

>te 100% perfect GF
she was a self righteous bitch

Considering this guy can somehow violate the rules of physics and stand on Jupiter I don't think the rules of Sup Forums pose much of a challenge to him.

gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

>le u repplied I r so smrt because u r sheeple retard
>le impossible to win
>le I go to higshcool and think that everyone is inferior to me
>le I sperg because I got caught

An hero user. You're not worth the fucking oxygen you waste on this earth.

holy shit i broke you, I am sorry I shouldn't be ruining your saturday night

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I didn't record it but I asked my family, who are all here for an event tomorrow.

>parents, upper 50s
Both named Neil Armstrong (nice)

>grandpa, 80s
Some damn Russian

Uhhhh he was Russian... Yuri... can't remember his last name but Yuri for sure

>sister, 30
Yuri something, right?

>Cousin, 19
A Russian guy, I think.

>Cousin, 16
I know it's yuri
>Leans closer to me
And that's what they call lesbians in anime, right?

>Brain-damaged cousin, 37
Haha, space? Are you gay? (He asks everyone if they're gay)

So you can have that

>>grandpa, 80s
>Some damn Russian
God bless him.