Dragon Ball Super


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mejico is gonna freak

i can hear the mexicans screaming already


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>yfw Heroes was wrong about the spoilers

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>Mexican bloc party just turned violent
Looks like this the end for me, thanks jobku

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wakie wakie spics

Can Jiren just win already?

Dragon Ball died in 95. I don’t know that the fuck this is.

Will Toyo jerk him off this hard? Holy shit.


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Wheres the torrent? I want to see cuckarot getting btfo

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Is Goku eliminated?
If he isn't, you just know he's gonna do some asspull to win

post /ourdroid/

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>it's okay goku we can do this

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Haven't they wanked this faggot enough? Jesus Christ. Was this really Toriyama's idea or is it that faggot producer who just can't let his Gary Stu husbando go?

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You know what time it is?

Yeah, it’s time to APOLOGIZE.

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But the fight wasnt even bad... its just that the writing sucks, incomplete UI was exactly the same as MUI

Dude, do you have OPs image in better quality?

>incomplete UI was exactly the same as MUI
No it isn't. incomplete UI jobs to the opponent while MUI jobs to itself.

It's the producer, with Toyo he will be out after Aniraza

el gary stu

I need a version of this with 17.

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>17 had an arc dedicated to him in GT
>It was shit
>17 is wanked heavily in Super
>It is shit
Maybe 17 is a curse

look at his FUCKING NECK

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>MUI is something all the momentary GoDs haven't accomplished

>it's actually another jobber form

>lol just a prank guys, am gonna get my cruise ship wish lol

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17’s place is inside Cell, absorbed.

So, is it safe to say that this is the worst arc in DB history at this point?

Como mexicano promedio ya puedo ver las antorchas desde mi ventana

Deviantart is trash.

17 is pulling asspulls the likes of which have not been seen in any medium
Don't think anythings going to surpass it. Toei seriously sucks

neckpilled as fuck

reminds me of kenshiro

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Why are there so many triggered autistic faggots?

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Is Jiren (Desnudo) Fuego’s state the same as UI or just like adult jobhan power unlocked?

Who is out already the manga ?

torrent when
stream when

I love it

are english subs out yet?

Fightwise you cant even compare Gogeta ss4 vs Omega shenron to Goku vs Jiren and since watching the fights is all you can hope for in Dragon Ball its natural to conclude that GT is better than super

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Friendly reminder this is an ENG/JP board and to report all the ESL 3rd worlders shitting up these already horrible threads.

>Jiren tries to kill spectators
You know, I really hate the Goku vs Superman meme but it honestly would've been better if Jiren really was like Superman in personality

What did he mean by this?

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no CHOCO bro here?


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You need subs to watch dragon ball?

>Goku masters UI
>Still gets hit
The absolute state of gokeks


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>Supposedly a hero who never kills
>Tries to kill Goku's friends just to piss him off

What the fuck was Toei thinking?

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>that user that said it was a victory for Goku because Jiren takes emotional damage was right


you COULD assume that, you'd be wrong though, lol

Even the divine can't detect robots?

I have an irrational gynophobic desire to beat Caulifla to death in revenge for Super

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this show let me down.


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>he destroyed himself with a self destruct
>lol jk he only lost his sleeve

So, where are the faggots that kept insisting that 17 wasn't coming back? Where are you fucking pathetic fag boys at? Huh? Did you go silent? Did you kill yourselves after getting so embarrassingly BTFO? WHERE ARE YOU FUCKS?

I’m gonna laugh my ass off if toei make ssj4 canon next week.


I wonder how the manga will handle that, because that'd be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of character with how he was originally presented.


so Jiren is so overwhelmingly powerful compared to everyone else bu the cant just throw 3 people out of the ring?

did he and the zenos even react at all in the last ep?
where the fuck are they?

>17 is alive

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You can do that back in

Eiji Hanawa, the voice of Jiren, used to voice Kenshiro, so the comparison is very appropriate.

post yfw he actually gets the boat

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The man that single handedly saved Universe 7.


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fuck genthuru that bitchass would get rekt by any ant

Alright, so I guess this image is Goku and Freeza looking shocked after they get knocked out and 17 is the only one left fighting Jiren.

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Apparently this entire arc is being handeld differently in the manga, like almost all the fights are differents and you've got some heavy jobbing

Well he did talk a lot of shit.

To be serious, though, Jiren was said to be stronger than the Hakaishin, so it's not unreasonable to think that he'd be able to get around that ability at full power. That said, it does take away from UI's defining trait.


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lol I was initially convinced he would because that "death" was so unceremonious. Then I was convinced that nah, this show is actually kinda lazy if you think about it, they just went over it quickly because fuck secondary characters. I cracked the fuck up when he popped out, though, I'm loving this.

The absolute CITY of BETAGETA

>Gtgaylord still asshurt about being noncanon.

>17 is alive

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Dragon Ball Super is a bigger disappointment than The Legend of Korra

Where was it said that he never kills?

the quality of super is shit, why is anyone still surprised

>17 is still alive
>none of the kais, GoDs, angels, or Zenos knew
Are Tien and Hit still in the ring too? God, what a heap of crap this episode was.

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Meanwhile Gohan didn't even stand a chance against normal Toppo.

They did not. I was wondering about that when Jiren attacked the audience.

>fucks up at everything
>still manages to kill Goku posthumously
>still manages to save the universe posthumously

Shit, man, Dr. Gero was playing chess while we were playing checkers.

Nope. But he fell into a rubble. I'm starting to assume he will die in a last ditch effort to throw Jiren out because neither 17 and Freeza are going to win. There's a reason why the last episode is called "A miraculous conclusion! Goodbye, Goku!!". It's obvious he will die because he will wear off every last bit of Ki he has left, just like Mutenroshi vs Piccoro and Tenshinhan vs Nappa. And this time, he won't resurrect because maybe he will be beyond Zarama's powers. The movie will tell how Goku resurrected again and went back to the new tenkaichi budokai to meet Uub and train him.

Shit bait. Here's a pity (You).

so what happened?
spoiler me please

Goku hasnt admitted to being a homosexual yet

>the minute is still not over

Hmmm, okay

to be fair he bought a lot of fucking time for Goku, and I'm like 60% sure 17 can't also go Ultra Instinct so every contribution was meaningful

Jiren's probably weakened after the MUI fight with MUI Goku. We've yet to see Goku use UI:Omen while shirtless as seen in the promo material, so he'll probably defeat Jiren with that.

I lived bitch

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Hot damn 17 is so handsome and strong it just isn't fair. Can you really even consider someone like Vegveta a main character after this?

survival instincts my ass, yet another asspull. the only explanation whis gave was something about how goku once again went "beyond his limits" due to the genkidama or something along those lines, and it's just as stupid and in no way justifies UI.

i don't understand why people like you defend this shit show. it's like you don't know anything about quality.

I don't know what to tell you if you didn't expect Vegeta to lose to Jiren to sell how strong Goku is for surpassing him. Toppo was about as high as Vegeta could hope to aim.

Your fanfiction is shit and you should feel bad.

The episode itself was good, but it was the ending that ruined it.

Those last 20 seconds literally dragged the episode down from a 9/10 to a 1/10.

Season 3 Korra is arguably better than most of ATLA

Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Jiren the Gray? I thought not. It's not a story the Gods of Destruction would tell you. It's a Universe 11 legend. Jiren was a warrior of the Pride Troopers, so powerful and so strong he could use his fists to influence El Padre to create the Tournament of Power... He had such a knowledge of punching that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Gods is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing a fight, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he gave Goku every opportunity to increase his powers rather than ringing him out. It's ironic he could have been defeated a hero, but to his eternal shame he tried to kill Goku's friends in cold blood. He could save his universe from dishonor, but not himself.

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