Mitsuboshi Colors

Sacchan is the cutest color.

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She's average

She's the shittiest color.

What makes her cute?

She has cute poop.

Oyaji is the cutest color.

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She was really cute when she wasn't talking. I wonder why that is - it's not like she says retarded of obnoxious things all the time, so it's not what she says, and her voice isn't grating or anything, so it's not how she says it. And I don't think that if she were completely mute she'd be any cuter. There's just something inherently cute about a little girl that doesn't say much,.

I want to stick it in her pooper.

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I want to see his novelty glasses collection

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Gap moe, maybe? She's usually the most talkative color.

How old is Oyaji? He'll definitely still be there when Colors are gown up, won't he?

I wonder if he also sell 'em?

>Sacchan is the cutest color.

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why isnt this show popular as Yuru Camp?

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0 scenes of me molesting the colors

bc yui is ugly. she ruined the show

He can't be THAT old.

Because Yui is ugly

Sacchan is the rightful property of the Nigerian community in Japan.

Because Yui is ugly crybaby

Sacchan is average.

Because Yui is cheap.

I want to see Colors grow up into fine JK

Super average

Who will be the finest?

>new episode today
Nice. Kotoha and Sacchan are prime daughterus.

Yui's ugly mug need not apply.

She's not a crybaby!

>Kotoha gets flustered
>gap moe working wonders
>Sacchan shuts up
>gap moe working wonders
>Yui trying to be savage
>she's still ugly


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Yes, you piece of shit.

5/10 shitpost.

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Yui wishes she was half as cute as Sacchan.

>See this ug when you're on a trip to Ueno.

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Ya ho~ Colors-chan!

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We still don't have an official height for the Colors, right? How tall is that box? I need to imagine some more.

Go away Nono, your thread got deleted.

Ore no waifu-chan~

But your thread got deleted Nono-chan!

Why are all the old hags so top-tier in this show?
Tour Guide > Lottery-chan > Moka = Sacchan's mom > Nono

Stop bullying Nono, colors!!

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>tfw the town you lived in as a kid never had this much fun with your shenanigans as much as Ueno does with the Colors

How well would yotsuba be as the new green colors member?

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She's a bit younger than them, isn't she? Though that being said, she might topple Yui as the leader.

Yui would tear Yotsuba a new asshole if she tried.

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Yotsuba is young enough to be immune to Yui's ugly savage mug.

Yui has no power over her.

Kotoha is destined for great things, the other two will be average cumdumps.

Shut up Yui

Sacchan is going to become the cutest model.

Sacchan will become average like her mom

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Yui has power through her words. Don't mess with the leader, bub.

Yes, the thief who stole my heart

I love her boobs & her puffy cheeks.
She's the best.

Her sister is cuter.

More like poverty-chan

I will make Yui my cute daughter and protect her from all of those average taste anons.

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Post grown up colors.

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Sacchan won't become a hyperdyke you fuck.


None of the Colors will become gay. Maybe some experimentation for shits and giggles but they're all as straight as an arrow.


Don't memearrow me you motherfucker. You heard me.

He looks like 45. I bet that white is hair dye.


Grown up Kotoha.

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>not flat

Imagine fucking a color.

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We need more hardass Colors desu.

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Yellow > DOLLARS > Blue

I wish Kotoha would shank me.

sacchan is second cutest at best

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Dollars are the best.
Only the leader is shit.

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You mean grown up Colors

>not even the cutest on the panel
fountain > Sacchan > Nono

Kotoha a elegant

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Man there's only two episodes left and I don't think they'll actually do that chapter.

Five posts in, I think that's a new record

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They already did it in the OP so I guess that's it?

I bet it can be arranged.

What would each respective Color's weapon of choice be?


Episode soon.

Truth be said, the difference on marketing and budget is astronomical.

I don't think Yuru really had much marketing as well but just blew up. That being said, I'm at least glad one of my AOTSs is being received well by the nips. Unfortunate that this one went under the radar.

Feel sad to know that Colors & KoiAme are flopping.
Thank god Antartica & Yuru Camp are doing great.

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I wanna punch her in her gargantuan foreread. Hate that cunt.

Is like they used all the budget for the series on this scene.

I want to go on a date with Sacchan and explore the town together.

She's like 9 you sicko.

I don't know, Yuru Camp is shit. None of the characters are interesting and it's more about eating the typical nip food instead of actual camping.

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>still no modelling chapter this week
Saving it for the last episode, I hope.

Date != Sex

Speak for yourself.

When will it end?

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