I am a male Sailor Moon fan. Have been since I was a kid. Never dawned on me that it was a "girls" show

I am a male Sailor Moon fan. Have been since I was a kid. Never dawned on me that it was a "girls" show.

Watching the redub by viz now, so how is the new show? any good?

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> Never dawned on me that it was a "girls" show.

It being all frilly and girly didn't give you a hint?

Like, don't get me wrong OP, it's great but it was clearly made for girls first, with boys liking it being a bonus.

Well it doesn't matter if you're a girl, you can still be a cool hero.

Apparently the new one improves after the first season.

The new series is better than the original anime because it stays faithful to the manga and doesn't completely rewrite character personalities/stories nor is it crammed to the gills with filler of the week episodes.

I agreed user.

It's a show about lesbians. It's 100% for men.

There are lesbian characters who were changed to cousins in the original DiC dub, but eh.

Staying 100% faithful to the source isn't the best way to make a quality show. Look at the Sci-Fi channel versions of Dune and Children of Dune, more faithful to the books but boring to boot. The David Lynch movie is better.

>Watching the redub by viz now
>watching sailor moon dubbed

The old series was pure filler shit and the new one is even worse. Watch better anime.

Not all dubs are bad. I watched it subbed for years.

DBZ was pure filler shit, and that's still great.

Manga is inferior to the 90s adaptation though

Yeah, but you can't compare DBZ to the shitty mess that was Sailor Moon. At least DBZ had different storylines for all of its series. Sailor Moon was the same shit for the entirety of its run, the other girls were pure bait and filler since they never had any time to shine on their own, the whole find the star seed/pure heart/mirror of dreams whatever fiasco was repetitive as hell since we all knew the senshi had it from the beginning. It was seriously a waste of my time and I regret watching it.

>watching the dub

Staying faithful to the manga isn't a good thing when said manga was quite inferior to the anime. An anime which had filler that was genuinely entertaining and improved on the source material.

I would suggest rewatching Z. Not Kai, actual, original DBZ. There is so much fucking stalling on the anime, it gets in the way of the plot many times. It's not like certain anime where the filler is neatly placed all in episodes you can skip, they had filler all over the place. Some of it directly contradicted the plot.

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>oh look a Sailor Moon thre-
I'll catch you guys on the next one.

>new series
I hope you're not talking about crystal
I try really hard to pretend it doesn't and has never existed

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The first two seasons of Crystal are shit. The third gets a director and half a budget and actually turns out decent.

It's still shit plot-wise. But it's all because of the source material's awful quality.

The new show is horrible, and "modern times"-fied.
Removed all the little lewdness, panty shots, ass cheeks, (the most obvious how they made Chibiusa into a stick figure, cause she's a child, who can't have the thighs or prettiness she used to have), not to mention it's filled with QUALITY, a horrible design in general, and all the fun fillers are gone.
No, user, don't watch Crystal.

It's kinda good. It gets better in third season. There's too much quality.

Season 4 looks good though.

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lol dont be delusional. shit's terrible

Watch the live action show instead of Crystal. Uses the first arc as a base and does its own thing in the toku style.


So, who was best Inner and why is it Makoto?

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>anime nowadays too prude to have a lewd Sailor Moon anymore

Modern anime is a mistake.

She just is.

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The fuck's that 3D garbage?

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>grew up watching casual sailor moon dubs
>thinkin' about rewatchin'
>discover the subs masterrace meme on Sup Forums
>read some blog about how the dubs cut all the lewd stuff
>zoycite gender swap
>lost it at cutting the beach scene
>start watching the subs

This was the first anime I watched seriously. I had shit taste from the beginning. It devolved quickly into the lewdest, rudest, crudest haremshit and seasonal garbaggio.

I also like Star Trek Enterprise.

>Adult male Sailor Moon fan
>Still watching it dubbed
What the fuck is wrong with you? Lisdexic?
You watch Sailor Moon subtitled and THEN You can call yourself a fan.
You OWE it to yourself. Of course, if you're watching with VIZ's subs... (>.>)

>The fuck's that 3D garbage?
That was NOT garbage 3D animation.
They keep handing Oscars out to every CGI shit Disney or Pixar makes these days.

I am perfectly fine if they want to do some 3D CGI in Sailor Moon.

Hell, Toei might get an Oscar.

>I am a male Sailor Moon fan. Have been since I was a kid. Never dawned on me that it was a "girls" show.
As a kid I can remember watching the 4kids dub of Card Captor Sakura, and I found a set of Clow Cards in a box of my old books a few months ago. Decided to rewatch the series as an adult, and I was blown away at how feminine the show was.

I would only watch the original show for nostalgia's sake, I had already gotten through halfway before I got bored but I will finish it eventually. The filler is pretty grating though. Sometimes I just watch the movies.

>Watching the redub by viz now, so how is the new show? any good?

It's terrible and this coming from another Sailor Moon fan.

>season 4
When was this?

There's only been Crystal III so far.

They announced season 4 will be comprised of 2 movies.

That's because the CCS dub was butchered to hell to try and make it a boy's show.

Filler seems par for the course for shows of the time, even American shows. Networks would order a shit ton of episodes, so you get alot of filler.