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>*pushes you down the stairs*

Anyone excited for megalo box?
I'm not


Reminder that people who liken Danpei and Kamogawa are retards. Danpei was an okay coach who taught Joe what he needed and while he generally lacked the instinct to come up with good strategies, he always looked out for Joe's health and safety during matches.

Danpei made that little guy at prision beat someone who was way bigger than him. Also he acted more like a father to Joe, that's why he didn't want to risk his health

>Danpei made that little guy at prision beat someone who was way bigger than him
Well yeah, that was good but he was just applying strategy to an informal match between non-boxers. Once Joe's professional boxing matches started, I can't recall a single time when Danpei himself rather than Joe managed to come up with the winning strategy.


Tell me, niggers. What's the best way to experience Ashita no Joe? Manga or Anime?

I watched the anime of both, episodes 1-54 of AnJ1 then moved on to AnJ2 (as it begins there chronologically).

Good shit.

The 70's anime is pretty dated, but Ashita no Joe 2 is fantastic. I say read the manga and once you're finished with it see if you like Ashita no Joe 2.

manga->anime aftger some time

to add to this I think Ashita no Joe is the best manga of all time, the art is still fantastic and has aged like a fine wine compared to some other 70's manga I've read. Manga > 80s adaption >>> 70's adaption. Take note that the 80's adaption starts near the halfway point of the manga, and a bit before the 70's anime ended, so just don't hop in to the 80's one.

What does the manga offer that the anime doesn't?

Joe is incredible, his growth not only as a boxer but as a human is one of the best I've see in media, and his passion for boxing was so over the top that it inspired me to try it.
I will always remember Joe

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Character emoting is stronger in the manga. Mainly that's because manga will exaggerate emotions and the VA work will sometimes fall flat. Youko's a great example; she actually jumps out with more feeling in the manga than in the anime because her VA is too low key.

The 70's anime is just flawed desu, I wouldn't really recommend anyone nowadays to watch that over the manga. The 80's one is great but you cannot start from there since it only covers the second half of Ashita no Joe.

I actually prefer it over the 80s adaptation to a degree, the art style is grittier and I might like its score more.

Before the Carlos arc I mean of course.