Toji no Miko

Dreams never die.

She will be fine and befriend everyone.

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She could beat all those toji but she couldn't beat cancer

That's what happens when you become Okita.

Only death now.

>"m-muh yume!!" as the OP again
I remember being told that Yumemefags care about the show beyond their shitty seasonal edgy waifu being in it.

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Dreamers come and go but a dream's forever.

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When are we getting Yume hentai? This is important.

Guaranteed after game comes out. Give it few days.

If anything we're gonna get Mihono porn.

Pretty damn cute. I kinda want to see her try wearing a suit like Kirigiri, it might suit her.
I for one welcome our dorky overlord.

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Do you think Yume can even carry a child? I want to see her pregnant!

Corpses generally can't get pregnant, no.

Keep dreaming, user.

Imagine all the fun bloodplay you can do with Yume!

>stick dick in
She spits blood at you!
>put it in her mouth
Blood as lubricant! Hot!
>kiss her!
Literally a blood vow!

CUTE! Yume barfing up blood is cute!

You need to stop

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This is not the kind of batoru she had in mind.

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Life doesn't always go the way you want, kid.

>edgelords trying to pretend they're better than another edgelord
>when they're just as edgy and actually like Edgy the Tojiest Edge

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Why are you the way you are

How tall is she? All these IMAGINES are going through my head right now.

Meaning? I'm not the one going on about how hot it'd be a kiss a bloody, dying mouth. That's one of the edgelords Yume brought here.

Second smallest girl of the cast after Kaoru.

Yume is 145cm, Kaoru is 135cm. Both are indeed IMAGINE worthy.

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Found the barren vanillafag.

>if you don't find it sexy to cover your dick in blood and force a dying girl to give you a blowjob, you're a vanillafag
Ow the edge.

Yume was a mistake.

But vanilla with handholding is the best.

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You have to go back.

Just don't reply.

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I'd love to go back to the early TnM threads but I don't have a time machine.

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>Kaoru is shorter than an actual 12-year old
Little Smough is too sexy.

So these girls get boyfriends latter on right? Lesbianism is just a cute teenage phase

>So these girls get boyfriends latter on right?
Roll the gacha.

You can imagine whatever you want when you roll them user. Good luck.

I don't think the game has an avatar, so you'll have to self-insert as Mihono instead.

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It would be fantastic if you didn't trivialize my sexual interest I, as an adult human being have a choice in making, thank you very much Mr.Bigot, what if I called your heterosexual interest just a bunch of pre programmed hormone responses, not very nice is it?

>Self-insert as Mihono
W-What if Mihono is my navigator? Is she gonna talk to herself or something?

>not finding it sexy to cover your dick in blood and force a dying girl to give you a blowjob

If Yume is not available at release I'm getting Kaoru.

Vanillafags were a mistake, you'd bloodplay can't even be called entry tier nowadays, would you cry if you saw some of the more nasty stuff in porn?

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Don't like half of those idolsluts got a boyfriend already?

Stay away from idolfaggotry, it's for your own good.

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Webm of Yume getting tag teamed where?

>She will be fine
You're actually right, unfortunately

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>best three girls in one fight

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>no one likes Mai
What went wrong?

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You're thinking of the other idolsluts, this group will get boyfriends once they stop being profitable, so I'm guessing in 2 years or so.

>implying anyone can resist her cookies and milk

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Edgy as fuck. Almost as edgy as Yumeshit. Good for you.

Remind me again why not liking edgyplay makes me a vanillafag. Are necrophilia and vanilla the only two things you know or something?

Play the game retard. They are all gay.

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You have to go back.

>getting wrecked 2 vs 1 while wearing suits that make you 5x stronger

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Just now getting around to watching it
>this Yume backstory
I wasn't ready for this show to make me feel.

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>play the game
They are pretty much all slobbering over (you)r dick.
Not you, the girl manager from the all girls school Otonokizaka/Uranohoshi, but (you), the player.

You must not be very cultured, if that's your idea of a feelsy story.

(You) go to the school. The all girls school.

You are a girl in game.

What happened to her and Sayaka anyway? They couldn't possibly have lost against Yomi.

blown the fuck out

I get attached to characters I like.

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By a dying 12-year old girl without a suit and while also inhibiting her Noro steroids from kicking in, no less.

Half the reason to watch this is gone if she's gone, thankfully she's not gone so I can continue watching her be a smug cunt.

It's the opposite actually. The only ones that got boyfriends were the ones that were going to die shortly, and picked some random guy to have daughters to take revenge for them.

You can tell this is true by how utterly irrelevant the fathers are in their children's lives. Honestly, it makes no sense to me that Kanami's father never told her anything about her mother's role in such a big tragedy or why she passed. The only thing I could guess is that he was never told. And Hiyori's dad doesn't even seem to exist, so I'm going to assume her mom just stole some semen.

No way she's really dead.

The fathers are too busy at work and their sons are off doing generic LN scifi-fantasy shit. Kanami's otouto's punching an alien god in the face while rescuing worst girl right now.

>Half the reason to watch this is gone if she's gone
So it's pretty much .

>their daughters are national fugitives
>still too busy at work
Like I said, irrelevant. Kanami's mom probably only kept him around out of pity for having used him like that since she seems like the nice sort.

It's typical for settings with girl only superpowers. Males are absolutely irrelevant.

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Mai's father should be slightly relevant at least, he works with Ellen's dad and Mai uses family resources when need be.

It really makes you wonder how they even lost WW2 with Tojis around.

It's just funny to me that they actually bothered to have him exist on a phone call in the first episode. But once Kanami goes on the run? Not even a phone call back. Yukari doesn't even bother detaining her family. Usually series like these approach it like Hiyori's possibly nonexistent father, just don't mention and don't show so you can guess yourself if Hiyori's dad died, or she never had one, or whatever, but we know for a fact that Kanami's exists. And this is ignoring what I mentioned before, how he apparently didn't know anything about anything.

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You try stopping nukes with a sword.

Toji's can assassinate the entire government easily

Males in this kind of shows are like girls in 80's shonen manga.

>implying the big strong Americans would get stopped by little girls with pointy sticks
Not to mention leaving the homeland vulnerable to aradama.

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That's very late into the war. Imagine Guadalcanal with tojis running around.

I guess they didn't want to cut people and government can't just order holy mikos around.

Can Toji even dodge bullets/explosives though? I guess they may be able to phase fast enough to avoid them, but still, I don't think they're suited for actual modern warfare.

You see bullets going through utsushi like it wasn't there. They needed those magic crossbows to even do anything.

Fuck off Lynne before I sic The Sad Ohara on you too.

They did mention some gov't folks were all for weaponizing tamahagane during ww2. Presumably, it didn't push through. The 'murkans just followed up on the idea some years afterwards.

Reminder that today have episode 12 pre-screening event.

I can't wait for all the retards being surprised that Yumeshit survived.

Post all the spoilers you can find.

Isn't there a big event today? And game release in hours.

>All hell is about to break loose
>Yomi snaps and fucks up that tormenting cunt
>Yume makes her comeback ensuring another 3 months of Yume
I'm excited.

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Wait what

>12 pre-screening event + game release
I feel like we're gonna get a massive spoiler for the episode if we play the game's story.

>the attack fails, yukari has to do the ritual shit again
Oh what a huge spoiler, who would have seen that one coming, and now the second cour will be spent setting up another one.

They confirmed it runs parallel to anime so who knows.

>yukari has to do the ritual shit again
she just absorbed 20 years worth of aradama goop, we don't have time for a repeat

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Or maybe the ritual is a success and Kanami alongside everyone else has to escape from that place.

At the pace mobage plots go 12 anime episodes could take shitload of chapters. Especially since they will be dealing with normal Aradama attacks too.

They lost. Why do you think they didn't show what happened? They wouldn't hide something obvious.

>the lost to the most useless character in the show

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Fuck off, Yukina.

At least she's useful for birthing children.

Why is Kaoru so cool?
How can I convince her to let me suck her sword?

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