ITT: Characters you want to carry like a princess

ITT: Characters you want to carry like a princess.

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Shoulder rides are fine too. So is that koala hold thing that she did in Kabuki.

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Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong link, the homo thread is two pages down.

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mfw she died:

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I want my waifu to carry me like a princess

Seo...definitely Seo.

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Pretty much every girl.

She is a princess

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You, OP.

That's just gay.

(You)r momma

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But she didn't in the manga and bathed in a tub of dragon semen to get pregnant.

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What would Sup Forums do if you feel a bulge between her legs while carrying her?

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There are no dragons I akame ga kill!

Girl of the season obviously

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No, shes the girl forever!

Every IMAGINEable character ever.

Tamako a cute when she works in the farm.

How could a cuck like her be the best girl of the season or anything?

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imagine smashing megumins cunny

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Fox pussy.

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can relate
also beach episode last scene did the rest

She would be super cute and kiss after.

My wife

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I wish someone would carry me like a princess.

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You, user. I love you.

rem ofc

1/10 bait

I don't understand, do you want to carry Kazuma or Megumin? Wait you must want to carry Kazuma who is carrying Megumin?

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there is one now.

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