ITT Sup Forums writes an anime

ITT Sup Forums writes an anime

first doubles decides genre/setting

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Whole Foods

Top kek

In Flint USA

Wagon train to the stars, a là Star Trek

Same thread already exists

so it will be on a space ship. next dubs decides the MC

Shy half-succubus who rebuilds car engines as a hobby

Yosuke Brosuke, mild mannered detective by day. Dental hygienist by night.

(the idea was that it's on a fucking longass mission, to be more precise. Hey, I never get doubles, so let me be clear)

Too slow there lad.

I will never forget the humiliation I suffered this day.

so the MC is a shy half-succubus who rebuilds car engines as a hobby. next dubs decides why the MC decided to go on the longass space mission or the MC's name


He can be part of her reverse harem

Next: with a Kirk we need at least a Spock. Who's Bashful Space Semen Demon's foil?

She plans to race aliens on every planet they stop at because gotta go fast

Escape debt on home planet after rigged racing goes wrong

Looking for a planet where they have guitars so she can fuck a guitar

To spread the word of our lord and saviour Jesus H. Christ.

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Exile from puritan home world.

The ship has no gravity and having her soul weighed down by gravity makes her go into heat

She decided to travel, to prove that half-succubus are in par if not better that full succubus .

Car racing was outlawed on the MC's home planet due to environmentalists so the MC has to look for other places to race

breeding stock

she is looking planet eden, a world in which the sun produces an alternate energy she can use to live from and thus she isnt dependent to suck energy from sexual intercourse with others because she really doesnt like sex or anything associated with it and wants to lead a pure life

You're all too late so what's her fucking name

the succubi of their homeworld exiled the humans and half-succubi from the planet and they are on a new space ship, seeking a new home world

next dubs decides her name

Suckia Madick

>the succubi of their homeworld

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maybe its the humans that exiled all the demons and half-succubi?


"Puritan" for succubi is actually being a trashy slut. MC is a pure maiden who only cares about her engines. So she was exiled for her auto autism.

Eh. I preferred the racing one.

Pregnant loli idols.

Her name is Suiko. Next dubs decides her role on the ship

we'll go with that. all the pure maiden succubi and half-succubi were exiled from their Puritan homeworld for not being trashy enough sluts.

She likes engines, ofc she's the ships mechanic

Waste management

chess club treasurer

She’s working as assistant Janitor rank 2.

Mechanic because the ship is a really old model that has an engine she spergs out over and she's the only one that knows how to fix it.


She's the ships psychotherapist/psychiatrist

she has to gather energy for the ship which runs on sexual energy which she doesnt like at all because she is so pure, but she literally has no other use and is the most beautifull of them all and thus best suited for the job she doesnt want and has to find workaround to gather that sexual energy

The computer doesn't have text-to-speech so she has to manually read everything it says out loud

Stowaway who gains favor with the crew then takes over

She’s a tailor. Making uniform for mechanics

she is the one that repeats everything the computer says to the captain

she's the janitor

Nice trips
My dictionary says 帥子 is a real name
(So is 彗子 but it's pronounced Sumiko)

Mechanic, but she get increasingly inefficient as her succubus blood become stronger.

Oh shit

Man, it doesn't even exist and i already hate it

Maybe that's why they demoted her to janitor

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write it with water + child

janitor it is

have a couple questions that i want to clear up for the next dubs or number ending with 5
1. how big is the ship/how many exiles are there?
2. are there any men on the ship or is it all pure maiden succubi?

100 exiles, ship is the size of a rebel cruiser
50 guys

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1. A Hundred or so, it was an annual event
2. All female, but they will actually be sent to a training facility.

1. It's medium sized. Maybe about 20 people.
2. They're all men apart from her. Bishonen men. The show is a reverse harem.

so the protags name is literally abortion child?

1. The ship is big enough for 500 men. Not much since it's purpose is to repair other ships and do as cargo ship as well.

2. Men, women, succubi and other monsters

Wow what an unfortunate name...
Suiko's parents did not like her

>how big is the ship
Big enough for a couple hundred passengers to move around comfortably
>how many exiles are there
All of them
She's the only one on this ship though

75 exiles
25 pure succubus (males)

Im pretty sure water could be read as Sui. But then again japanese names are hard.

1. As big as titanic, but now it only has 20 people. Everyone’s name is ending with ‘ko’

2. 5 men

Small cruiser capable of carrying 100
The only men are also pure and exiled
50-50 split

His father was looking for a quick fuck. Her mother just didn't bother to actually abort her because she found pregnancy fetishist.

The ship is as big as the Death Star and there are pretty numerous exiles there.
As for the men, well, there are few. Oh, and they are all shotas or femboys

A lot of Japanese names assign arbitrary kanji to arbitrary pronunciations
ライト being spelled 月 in Death Note, for example, is not an exaggeration

Is this anime or hentai?

It’s an escape ship. Only 10 succubi present

There are no guys

The moment I stop trying to get my dubs I get them, fuck

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a male succubus is called an incubus

There are men, but they are only the few maiden's monogomous husbands.

Cargo ship with 100 men. Including women and men. Plus monsters

The first set of dubs has spoken

1 man, otherwise 23 maiden succubi

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so the split is 50/50 incubi and succubi in a small cruiser with 100 individuals, all are pure and are therefore exiled. Our MC Suiko is a janitor on this ship. next dubs decides if there will be a love interest, and if so, who that love interest is

Big Cargo Ship, would have space for ~500 people, only 85 onboard.

2. 10 males onboard

Pretty good thread OP

Her love interest is machines.

Yes love interest, he's an uncaring alpha in public, and an obsessed nerd in private.

Well that was quick.

They used the moon kanji for the name "light", what.
That's some real fuckery, are there other famous examples?

my doutaa suiko is oblivious to love


Well. Care to elaborate a bit?

so Suiko is unironically in love with the ship's AI computer? next dubs decides the first conflict

She is not interested in dating males or females. She's interested in some day making a machine husband.

They run into a bunch of space yakuza looking to exploit whoever they come across to make up for losses in their illegitimate businesses.

Fucking a steampunk android is her wetdream.

she's in love with the bathroom cleaning robot

The ship was undersupplied and has run out of coffee

so the first conflict is that the ship runs out of coffee, so people start rioting without their morning coffee. next dubs decides how this conflict plays out and is resolved

they all take turns beating up the mc

Seduce a coffee merchant ship

>rioting when you're going through caffeine withdrawal
>doing ANYTHING when you're going through caffeine withdrawal
user have you ever had coffee

mc has to supplement their missing coffee with other activities till they find a spac-starbucks

AI wants to kill everyone to have time with her. She didn't want to lose friend but AI was not interested in what she said. She left angry.