ACE's BD first episode aired yesterday.
What did you think about it?
Also, remember that Kamiya Agari is the ACE and she's going to defeat the bear in a few days.

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what are the chances of the BD's coming to the west?


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Fuck yeah

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>in a few days
I wish.

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And thanks tanoshii guy. This way we have something to watch every week until Bear's victory.

The only girl I'll be buying this series is not Ace.
Don't remember the last time we got middle school girl butt as delicious.

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explain this dog

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Slightly more hopeful for season 2. That's 20 chapters to cover, but among the 12 episodes of season 1 only 4 or 5 were canon and the chapters were closer to 50 than 30 pages, so a single cour could be enough.

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Every fucking time. I go to the takkyuu club every time and she just gives me this stupid face every single day.

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Is this a Kumami reference? Kinema Citrus confirmed for bros.

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I agree.

I think it took way too long for just one episode. I'd understand if everything had been autistically typeset or there were super detailed karaoke or something, but it's pretty a minimal release. If you're going to go at Asano's pace, you should also have his level of craftsmanship.

Also, why 720p AAC?

Still 8 weeks to next chapter so I'm fine with one or two episode/week.

smug dog

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So best.

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Spanish for dog: Perro
Japanese onomatopoeia for licking: Pero Pero

Coincidence? Who cares, I want to lick that midriff.

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I think you meant: second best.

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>this was actually about bear

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I'm not the one who uploaded it, that user was I want different sub colors for each character too.

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>the ED was actually about bear

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So you're saying bear was a mistake?

Holy, I might have.
But can't be sure without knowing more.

What else do you need to know to be sure?

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>massive rack
>rabid pack
A shame this is still there, but I appreciate the lyrics.
The real test will be when we get to hoku hoku and dess.

I liked "I choose strenght over cuteness everyday" better.

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Why did they removed their eyes?

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She's top tier, I can already say that much.
But not sure she can overtake Koyori.

Dating the ACE

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Reminder that a DOOR gathered Koyori and ACE together.

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But she's got much more personality than the dog. Which might be because she appeared a lot more.

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She really loves rubbing her crouch in public.

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>you're about to munch but someone gets in

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Would she top?

I'll know if we ever get there, but you might be right there.

Gin is dead.

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Did Homura make an appearance in the manga yet?

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Is this foreshadowing for a character moving away?

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How? We're still on Bear's wild ride until May.

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>they see your racket

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I don't suppose anyone can decode these runes?

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>said no one ever
You know this is an anime original scene when someone praises Munemune for something else than her chest.

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Read it and find out.

Oh so the first chapter finally got uploaded. Neat, gonna watch. Thanks user.

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Oh no, you didn't just make a reference to what I think you did.

I sadly didn't find any animation or mixing changes in the BD episode, I wish they made best doggo cuter than she already was

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I don't know what are you talking about, I was just calling her Gin for her hair color.
It's quite heroic to be the first to have a match with the dog.

Reading the chapter 1 right after rewatching the episode 1 I can confidently say the manga is better than the anime outside of the soundtrack

Captain didn't deserve this.

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Kill yourself my friend.

>minutes before disaster

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Too soon ;_;

>opponent dogeza to make her feel shameful
Fucking brutal

But in 10 years ACE will be 10 years stronger, making it impossible to beat her again.

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That was way too rude.

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>not knowing it's a downhill ride for girls after middle school

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someone stop asano

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But then the competition will weaken at the same rate.

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It's kinda hard and fun to watch the first episode in this season.

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The manga is even on a slower pace than Saki.
I bet they are still in Tsubame purgatory right now.

he can't keep getting away with it

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Why the puzzled look? Does she now something?

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Because every chapter is full of happenings.

ACE didn't deserve this.

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I want to do things to that butt

Every thread until I win Nationals.

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She absolutely deserved it.

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Especially when she protected her ACE spot anyway. At least Tanpopo always believed in the ACE, unlike faceless bitches.

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If anything this should have happened with the previous dog.

You and I both.

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not happening

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You, I, and him three

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BDSM with A-chan!

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Sorry, Agari will be busy commemorating her victory with her dog.

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I know A-chan had a lot of scenes recently but I don't think she'll win another match right after she loses to Bear.

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Bear got her development already, but she is fighting the hero, and the hero was just being fashionably late.

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Bear got her development, A-chan will complete hers by losing without shame. Ojou and dog must get their turn eventually.

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They will get their turn, just not in this tournament since everyone wants the plot to move on already.

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Everyone want the plot to move on to them, yes.
Besides, Bear is the dog, and the dog is the hero, therefore Bear is the hero.

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Dog is the heroine though, which makes bear the second girl in a harem.

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I think you're missing the point. Bear is the one with two wives here. Koyori is the one picking up used goods.

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Bear is just a childhood friend, she couldn't even experience a true tanoshi match with ACE until way after dog, and it was a one time stuff. I bet ACE will compensate stealing dog's chance to play by playing with her all night.

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Get up scorp, it's time for Nationals.

Luckily ACE won't have to compensate since dog is playing, so she can spare the whole night to play with Bear instead.

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Cute no-aces.

La muerte (100% completado)

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El oso lesbiano (100% gay)

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El conejo azul (con su cuchillo)

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If you're going to shitpost in a different language at least do it in moon runes.

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That's some hardcore rubbing.


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I guess that explains the jobbing

Borra esto

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You mean As Blanco.

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Hanabi golden (forma perfecta)

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This is a total ripoff of Kagame.