Has episode 10 restored your faith for this show? Or will you really drop it now?

Has episode 10 restored your faith for this show? Or will you really drop it now?

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tell me what happened and ill consider watching the show.

I won't drop it but it is pretty mediocre. That said, any episode that doesn't focus on Hiro and 02 like the past two is automatically better because they are boring as sin characters and absolutely everyone else is better.

>has the worst episode yet restored your faith in the show?

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It's revealed the children are treated like animals by the adults who brainwash them into fighting for them. The children are infected in order to pilot and the adults think they are disgusting.
The adults city is an Orwellian tomb world where some choose to have endorphins pumped into them and live in stasis chambers to ward of death. The main girl is regressing back into a monster.
Zorome loves his waifu.

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I dropped it after the first episode because I had no desire to watch Gainax's retarded offspring attempt to capture the success of Eva with an Eva-lite that ramps the pointless symbolism and budding sexuality of the original up to 11 without actually capturing what made Eva a success.

What was so bad about it in your opinion?


It was a generic reveal

I might pick it back up when something happens to advance the plot. I can only sit through so many """"hints"""" and teenage drama.

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I'd agree as long as it doesn't focus on Ichigo and whatever that other fag's name is. This love quadrangle is so overplayed, I can't believe how much screentime is wasted on it. Fuck, even Kiznaiver had the same exact setup.

This show is so fucking good

As has been the case so far, it continues to try to copy Evangelion but the talent isn't there.

In this episode the clues are all wrong. They manage to be unsubtle and yet also say nothing of substance.

What is actually wrong with this show? First 5 episodes were great. Then all this boring irrevelant shit happens over and over. What the fuck?

But this show isn't like Evangelion nor is it trying to be.

You don't even believe what you're saying, so I won't bother with it.


I dropped it for the 10th time.

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this episode was actually very interesting and i liked that the most annoying side character got his own self contained story that gives him much more depth but also fleshes out the lore

subtle kino

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Kind of a boring episode, but Ichigo was damn cute.

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I like Goro and I think Ichigo would have potential if only they explored her leadership qualities more rather than still focusing on the cancerous love triangle.

He's an enthusiastic Hitler Youth who is slowly getting his world turned upside down. He's going to suffer even more down the line.

Yeah, I'm ashamed to admit, but it restored some enthusiasm I had.

So, this show is pretty much a PURISU BURIIDO psa, right?

I get the feeling civilization in the show stopped breeding a long time ago

It was boring to be honest, kind of generic anime shit.

They are moving really fucking slow with the plot. Maybe it's because they want to focus more on the characters for the first half of the season but I hope this changes soon now that the halfway point is closing in.

Mate I dropped it 5 weeks ago and never looked back.
Reading all the posts bitching at how bad it got only empower my decision.

This episode redeemed itself in my eyes. It wasn't just blatant and shallow symbolism for the sake of it, but rather a means to an end. With how the adults treat the childten, and how adult society is actually conducted, it's meant to be turnt upon its head. I eagerly await the next episode.

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Not only that it seems like all social interactions completely seized to exist. Partnering up a man and a woman is the only interhuman behaviour left in that society. No talking, no touching, nothing at all. Everybody just lives for themselves.

>Has episode 10 restored your faith for this show?
If you mean I liked it because it actually had some plot progression and actual world building instead of muh beach, then yes.

Do you know what dropping is?

Mitsuru finally warming up to Ikuno when

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Can't wait to drop this trash again next week.


>there are people this new browsing Sup Forums right now

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Are you new to these threads?
Everyone drops this show once a week before picking it back up.

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Next week will be his episode.

I bet you only saw episode 5 anyway.

Latest episode is definitely a "plot" episode. Based of of how Trigger does thing's the character building has stopped and we're about to roll down the plot boulder into the mind blow valley. Also I don't have an image to go along with what I just said, so I'm going to allude to this plot as a hamburger.

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I hope they were just hamming it up with the garden stuff, because I think Ikuno fits him a lot better, two cold and emotionally distant people that gradually warm up.
Plus Futoshi needs milkies from Kokoro to grow up strong.

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>Fatoshi fags becoming desperate and encouraging the Ikuno pair because they know the milkman is coming for Kokoro and they can't stop the inevitable.

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Episode 1: Ordinary teenager meets mysterious girl who DROPPED
Episode 2: Childhood friend girl likes the MC DROPPED
Episode 3: Mecha cuckolding DROPPED
Episode 4: Episode 3 but without the cuckolding DROPPED
Episode 5: Actually decent episode DROPPED
Episode 6: The power of love cures AIDS DROPPED
Episode 7: Everyone goes to the beach and DROPPED
Episode 8: Ecchi shenaningans DROPPED
Episode 9: Almost Allahu Akbar'd for that bitch and all I get is friendzone DROPPED


For the last fucking time studiofag, NO ONE IN TRIGGER IS WRITING THE FUCKING SCRIPT OMFG

I have never lost faith in the show in the first place. ZeroTwo is the best and she deserves happiness.

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And you're gonna drop it 14 more times

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>Episode 9: Almost Allahu Akbar'd for that bitch and all I get is friendzone DROPPED

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>02 visible distressed
>talking about tests
>hiro doesn't even bother to follow her

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I got the gist of this in the first episode. Really nothing more?

You bet I am

I liked it. Now I just kids realize adults are shit and let klaxosaurs win.

No you didn't because none of that was revealed in episode 1 you stupid shitposter.

>just wish

>people talking about how they dropped the show
>while they are posting in these threads
get fucking real
is your time so precious you can't take literally 20 minutes a week to watch something, yet you show up on Sup Forums to talk about shit you don't watch

What if Goro wasn't actually friendzoned?

They're just gay memers

ok is anybody noticing that magma energy gets refined into useful form by human emotions - especially positive ones, or everyone knows that already and nobody talks about it and somehow im the autist for not noticing that earlier

Shitting on a trash show takes almost no effort but sitting down to watch it does.

>implying he won't die in the friendzone right before Ichigo decides to express her feelings for him

FeMC is a monster, kids are mutant soldiers for the adults who live leisurely and far from them. If you didn't get this immediately you're a fucking brainlet.

was for you

There are people who follow a show literally just to gain more shitpost knowledge on it

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This only works with GC.

That looks so ugly.

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>hating this sweetheart

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The ED song is very 90ish

wow look at her teeth

If that is how they choose to engage in the show so be it. They may be having more fun then an idiot like me who actually enjoyed this week ep.

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>implying you knew parasites were infected in episode 1
>implying you knew the adults were completely disgusted by them
>implying you knew how their society worked back then
I'm wasting my time responding to a troll post but you can have it for effort.

>02 now has fangs
What did they mean with this?

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These are all legitimate reasons to drop, to be perfectly honest.

How do we fix the anime?

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she's getting hungry

Where do the two non-grandpa adults fit into their society?
Are they a third caste? Do they not worry about getting infected? They don't seem like grown up pilots but they also don't seem like they fit into the plantation either

Watching it to shitposting in threads doesn't mean watching because you like it. I get the feeling when people say "drop" they just mean they aren't invested in it anymore.

baby machines

no episode so far has been awful, so I don't really understand the shitposting

No one will die, only Hiro

Use 40% of the budget for the last 4 episodes.

How did you think they were chosen to pilot?
How is the social structure not obvious from the interaction and visuals of the adults? Don't play dumb or stop being stupid

the world is actually a dystopian future, ala THX

papa is probably a robot

the kids protecting everything are infected with something, and will never become adults

The plantations probably seperate their inhabitants into different sub species like an insect colony of some sort.
There's the children who are the soldiers which fight and protect the colony.
Nana and Hachi and the security are more like caretakers of the soldiers and make sure they fight.
Not sure how the other adults fit in or if APE are akin to the queens.

dropped this garbage episode 3

People are probably genetically stratified inside the plantation. There're the civilians (old people), staff (non-grandpa adults) and suicidal klaxosaur killing squad (children).

Then were do the adults come from?

hey just checking but the adult was the child's mom right? because she automatically knew he was 666? and the flashback would lead us to that conclusion?

they are all old

probably live forever, so they don't breed anymore

probaly his caretaker

VE >>>>> darling in the flops

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well said

remove the NTR like they did in the manga
more pussies and tits
remove ichigo

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Grandmother unless the adults have rapid aging disease.

I like Saber, do I watch VE?

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Based Ishidate making everyone cry like a little bitch.

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>Has episode 10 restored your faith for this show?

I've never lost it in the first place.

>Or will you really drop it now?

Not a chance in hell.
It's all way down to the Grand Crevasse and the grand finale.

Evafags, Evergardenshit fags and all other butthurt people can go cry elsewhere 'cause DITF is delivering the goods 10 times over.