Aikatsu, Pripara, Cocotama and friends

It's almost over.

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I want to fuck Lala.

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Good, I dont want another Pokemon Anime

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Movie time!

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I don't mind it. I liked Yui, but nowhere near as much as Lala, and with Lala being regressed into secondary character, it lost its main charm, nostalgia mode can only help as much, and the characters have gone too shallow even for the more dramatic parts, unlike previous seasons.

With Aikatsu, I'm just happy it's also ending, Venus Ark was a chore to get through, and even if the latter episodes weren't completely trash, it never went back to be really enjoyable.

I don't care about Cocotama, and Fairilu is getting another season (though I kinda wished they would start something new at Sanrio)

Hey the machine is back!

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Remember when people thought Aria would be a bad character? Fairy saved stars


Cocotama isn't going anywhere, and the spoilers we have for season 4 indicate that Hikari is sticking around for another season.

Movie Lala is cute

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That's alright, I don't dislike it or anything, just don't care about it myself.
Kokoro is cute, but she loves a little boy, and the main cocotama is a male, so not my cup of tea.

I'm happy about it, having 3 seasons was enough for PP, IT was clearly a filler one.

You can watch it for Hikari and Nozomi, I think most fans like them better than Kokoro anyway.

As an ainon who has been to both France and Paris, I can say it is certainly not this beautiful.

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Cool bandwagon opinion user.

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>both France and Paris

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I suspect that Hikari was at one point set to leave for a new girl, which would be why the magician was introduced with the plan that he could ask her to be his apprentice and take her away, however when it was decided to take Season 4 in a different direction (Cocotama World) and that there would be no new girl they decided to keep Hikari. I firmly believe that she was at one point slated to become his apprentice and leave for a new girl, even if they're not going through with it now. The fact that her eggs were all temporary except Lychee further implied she might hsve been going due to that allowing her to be written out without losing all those toys with her. Bearing in mind that as a toy-based anime plans can change at a moment's notice based on what new toy Bandai wants to peddle.

B-But I was one of those that came out with that name, at any rate I'm still happy with PP ending, either the writers or TT didn't have the balls to make a season without the old cast which is why IT ended like how it ended, pretty neat but fairly mediocre, unless you're a DP fan, in that case it's the best season ever.

Everytime they show Paris in anime and say it's da bes place in da worl I remember this

It's possible, but I dunno. Joker had been around for quite a while as Hikari's idol, and him taking on someone as young as her as an apprentice feels a bit weird. She has school and a family.

You can go to France and not visit Paris, but you can go to both France and Paris if you go to Paris. Also Race Queen Meganee.

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That might not have been how she left, but the fact that all the toys she had bar one left her possession indicates to me that the writers thought she would be temporary.

So seductive.

>Nozomi might have stayed if she had a more marketable playset

Paris syndrome always seems to hit Japanese the hardest. I remember when I went and how I felt disgusted by all the graffiti everywhere and the non-French people everywhere who where not tourists. The weather always seemed to be cloudy with rain.

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Bibitto's bus house really didn't have a lot going for it.

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>non-French people everywhere who where not tourists

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Kyupi kyupi kyupikon. Kyupikon!

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Got to make it Sup Forums friendly.

What did she see?

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damn. I should fix my tracker although i think its because I have my computer turned off when im away from home.

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Your love for Lala and Non.

>Ohys 720p

The asked for it, dear sister

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Lala's boyfriend.

The sense of scale is more than a little off in this pic.

Why couldn't stars end with Hime destroying que sera Yumers?

Are they on a nuclear bomb test range?

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But DP was always my least favorite unit despite Dorothy being in it and I still think IT has been the best season so far. I really think PP would have felt unfinished had it ended with S3 (or that's how I and other ainons felt when we were panicking at PP's possible end right before the announcement of IT). It's very nice that the series ends not just with Lala becoming a Kami Idol but proving she is worthy of being one by guiding a group of newbies into success and almost singlehandedly building an entire server from the ground up, then later sacrificing herself to protect it. And it's not just good on paper because as far as I can remember, ever since lala and her new friends were digging that underground tunnel and trying to shill their new server, Idol Time has been PriPara quality at its best, I can't recall a single bad episode, and by bad I mean relatively bad like the fuwari arc or that tournament arc at the end of S3, because I don't think PP could ever be truly bad anyways.

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The only good part of this season was Yume BTFOing every tryhard retard.

I wonder how many times one can rewatch Pripara until they feel dead inside

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I liked Yui a lot more than Lala, she was more fun, cuter, funnier and better. The only advantage Lala has is the more serious arcs giving her depth, like befriending Falulu and the Jululu arc, but that's a function of the story, not the character, and if Yui had had similar stories, she would have been superior in every way.

idk why people do this either. take advantage of your 1080p monitor desu unless you're on one of those retarded laptop resolutions

I dunno this is my first time.

What wrong with PP Season 3?
Its my favorite Season so far

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Maybe if Yui ever went beyond her funny gimmicks, I could love her anywhere near Lala.
But that never happened, and it hardly feels like she had a proper conversation with anyone. Yes, she is cute and funny, but that side of her is way overdone.
And despite you claim it's not her character's merit, she still has character depth, and it really shows even in IT, and all of those character traits just hit my sweet spots, and I'd imagine most of the show's little girl fans feel the same way, considering Lala's popularity.

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Yui is underrated. She is the kind of MC we only get once in a lifetime.
I think it might be that she doesn't really feel like a protagonist. You know, like when Lala was at the center we always saw things from her perspective, we knew what she was thinking and saw her in the privacy of her room talking to herself and all, but with Yui, we can only observe her like we would a zoo animal. We can't see things from her perspective because her head is too dense to get into.
Anyways I love Yui.

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I'm the other way around, I believe PP was fine with the S3 ending if you take out the cliffhanger, also the main problem of IT is how the staff doesn't have the balls to make a season without Lala, Yui is clearly a more PP-like main character than Lala and yet they shoehorned the later one on the plot because they were scared, heck, they were so scared about making IT it's own team that like half the show it's about the old characters rather than the new ones and let's not forget how it took them
at becoming an unit, for things like that it's why IT is called a filler season, minimum plot, a ton of nostalgia and wasted potential everywhere.

I love Yuu.

You will never trap in these outfits

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>minimum plot
I'll never get this one, IT was the most plot-heavy season.
Also not wanting more Lala and the old characters is a problem on your end.

Nothing's wrong with it. NonSugar's arc was a complete and sometimes harsh story that served the dual purpose of developing Janice's character. Lala's baby arc was one of the finest in anime. Geddons became a true unit in one of the most heartwarming arcs in the story. The tournament had some slow episodes but tied in nicely to the saving Jewlie plot and brought a sense of closure to all the struggles the characters have had and how far they've come.
The only criticism I could make is that Dressing Pafé was a bit too out of focus, even though they had several very good episodes.

Not him, and while I love Lala (I'm the one who stated how incredibly much I love her), I still feel like they shouldn't have used her, or at least the other older characters. Because yes, IT has plot, what it lacks is characterization, and somewhat meaningful character interactions. Yui had the potential to become a great MC, yet they failed to give her any depths at all, despite in the first cour, there were some points where I got my hopes up for her future.

Put all cute butts on my face.

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Having legacy characters it's fine at all, but you can clearly see that they were holding the new cast back when the best episodes of IT are the ones with the new characters, like the Mimiko one or the training camp, also IT's plot could have easily be 2 or 3 cours on place of the 4 ones we had, don't misunderstand me, I love Lala like everyone, but making her a side character and make her "clash" with Yui for being the real MC was a clearly a mistake.

>how the staff doesn't have the balls to make a season without Lala
That's not a problem, though. They kept Lala in the main cast and she worked well. The only problem is inside your own mind.
>like half the show it's about the old characters
Not even close to true, and this is still a criticism about not doing what you want them to.
>IT is called
I say something, therefore it's an accurate and universally-accepted fact.
>filler season, minimum plot, a ton of nostalgia and wasted potential everywhere
This is generic, subjective whingeing you could claim about any part of PriPara, depending on your own >opinions.

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A one-off season centered entirely on a new cast and setting with only passing mention of the old cast, now that would have been an actual filler season. The staff had the balls to continue and give better closure to the stories of the original cast despite them having no obligation to market them anymore over the new girls.

Gonna sniff and lick the Yummers butt.

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Cowgirl Meganee

Well it happened to Ichigo in her series until they cut the cord for good midway season 3 and almost did it to Akari in season 4. Pokemon hasn't (or in this case can't) for 20 years. DBZ tried to many times but couldn't. The only way they seem to do it is if they make a new series.

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I want to sleep with Yume

I could do that forever.
especially first year Yume's, she was remarkably smaller and cuter

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>making her a side character and make her "clash" with Yui for being the real MC was a clearly a mistake.
An anime can have two main characters user, and you can't call it a mistake when Lala made a much better comedy duo with Yui than she ever did with Mirei.

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>the Mimiko one
Which in which Lala and Geddons played a main role and didn't detract from at all
>training camp
One of the weaker episodes, even including the yumekawa yume no kawa gag and broken Yui sewing a giant flag of her yumeme in order to bury it

I want to hug Rola.

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I want to cum inside Rola.

I could do that to any cute idol. Butt worship is my biggest fetish.

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>better closure
I don't think any character they brought back got closure that was any better

>took them 3 cours to become a unit
What's the problem with this? That's just how the plot went, I bet you wouldn't have liked it any more had they become a unit after one cour. It probably would have been less interesting though, because A LOT of fun stuff happened before they could become a unit.

Would 22 year old rola suffice?

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I think we have that in common.
I would go to unbelievable lenghts if I could dive in a cute idol's butt with my face.

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Sure. Why?

>Rola's out
>Lily's out
Who will challenge Yume now?

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Man, I could die happy if I got the chance to bury my face in one of my favorite idle's butt. Getting to feel their butthole rub against my nose as I sniff the intoxicating scent would be bliss.

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DP? That's smalltime.

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It would drive me crazy, in the best possible sense.

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Kokoro is Ichinose-kun only.

So just DP? That could have been part of the S3.

Ako's bottom is the object of my worship!

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>So just DP?
DP is not to be taken lightly.

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>better closure to the stories of the original cast
I loved this, Shion's warrior journey arc with Dorothy and Reona chasing her was hilarious and heartwarming. Her rivalry with the Mia the Mystery Meme Idol and its spirited, bizarre janken conclusion was brilliant as well.
Non grew from her loss to Salami, became the most popular idol in Parajuku and had an entire TV show where she trolled her friends relentlessly.
Aroma finally learned to shut the fuck up and respect someone, without sacrificing any of her personality.
Hibiki learned humility: unlike in episode 138 when she wanted to challenge the goddesses even though Salami beat her, in IT when everyone's saying they'll become God Idols, she smiles and says Dressing Pafé should do it.
Pafé finally take their place alongside Salami, not as Kami Idols but GOD Idols.
Lala grows into a real senpai.
And none of this without taking away from the dreaming Paparajuku into existence, recruiting a new idol, time spirit wars, Garara x Shuuka love story, resurrecting Pu and saving Lala stories.
What an absolute fucking masterpiece Idol Time is.

Damn user, it took me a few seconds to realize what you meant.

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I ship this.

Otome's butt is my absolute favorite butt even among the lot.

I ship this.

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I agree, the best part of this season was DP, I didn't give a shit about them before but IT made me love them, it's funny how they had to be separated to feel like a real team.

How did Otome convince Sakura and Shion to waggle their butts in front of thousands of fans on a regular basis?

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I ship this.

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Promises of sex.

>None of the complaints about IT are ever over the actual quality of its comedy
Well regardless of everything else I'm glad these 50 episodes of high-level comedic antics came to exist and I'd take another 50 in a heartbeat.