Who /tiredanimefan/ here?

Who /tiredanimefan/ here?
Used to easily watch 20 airing shows every season, now I only keep up with Precure, Aikatsu and one or two seasonal anime.

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It's okay Sup Forumsnon, it's about time you found your rhythm. You're not tired, you're taking things easy.

Even your taste regressed.

read manga, faggot

That's basically where every man turns out well into their adulthood, nothing special.
You just reached the final station. There will be seasons where you will pick up even 4 or 5 airing series, but they will be rare.

I'm bored as fuck constantly. I stare at my backlog and end up watching nothing. I stare at my steam library and end up playing nothing.

Everything just seems boring. I think my brain is broken.

More like got polished into good taste.

d r u g s
or not, whatever you want pussy

That happened to me once and I just took a break for about a year or two and barely watched anything. I got back into it later though.

>dude do drugs, is cool lmao

The Virgin Aikatsu watcher:
>Is depressed
>Doesn't enjoy his hobbies anymore
>Follows yearly franchises out of obligation

The Chad PriPara watcher:
>Is ichiban
>Watches 30 shows a season
>Still has time to funpost

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Happened to me recently, now I read more VNs/LNs and watch only 2 or 3 shows per season, and I prefer it.

I'm here too user, all that's left to watch is my weekly Pokemon, Aikatsu, and work on catching up a few hundred Precure episodes.
To be fair I've been reading a bit more manga lately.

I came here to give respect the Ruby.
Also, there was a year where I watched 100 shows but now I barely get to 50. I think that as long as you have something to enjoy then it's okay.
Don't force yourself to watch anime, it's a hobby not your job.

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basically this , i used to watch a season of anime a day, now i just stare at the ceiling and every once in a while ill check the Sup Forums catalog. ill watch maybe an episode or 2 a day now. i think im reaching the end.

That's depression. You should get yourself checked because maybe you need pills that make you enjoy things again, or maybe therapy will be enough.

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but everyone told me that depression and anxiety were memes.

Congratulations, you finally grew out of it.

I hope you were meaning to make that pun.

Get yourself checked just in case. It would be sad if you blink and your life is over and you didn't have fun because you thought your illness was a meme.

The only thing I live more than life itself is PriPara.

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Which is ending soon.

So? Things end and all 191 episodes of the show still exist.

When PP is done I'm going to go back to season 1 and watch one episode a week, all over again. Maybe by the time I'm done, Idol Time S2 will be announced.

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fuck off, therapy is a meme. ive seen multiple and its all just a scam. they just talk to you for an hour and then you pay them. it only helps if your a normgroid whos problems can be solved with something as trivial as talking. and pills are just a means to alter who you are and forcibly change you into what they think is right and make you a slave to support their avaricious insatiable normalfag desires. id rather die than participate in such a corrupt depraved society.

>and pills are just a means to alter who you are
Unless you enjoy being a depressed useless piece of shit, then I don't see how this is bad.

>Unless you enjoy being a depressed useless piece of shit, then I don't see how this is bad.
i hate being a depressed piece of shit, but i hate normalfags even more. their happiness is fickle and fallacious. they find solace in trivialities such as slaving away at a seemingly endless job for the gain avaricious plutocrats in hopes of becoming a lonely neet when their minds and bodies wither due to advanced age. their superficial relationships with futile formalities and deceitful illusions of trust sicken me. i wish to take no part in it. as the plutocrats and aristocrats derive their power from the efforts of these slaves, they delude them into justifying their meaningless existence with absurd fantasies like god. in the end, i hate existence in itself. any way you live brings endless suffering. talking to someone who only wishes for material gain from me and taking pills to alter my consciousness wont change any of that, just delude me into believing their rhetorics so i can join their work force

You're quite right, my fellow gentlesir

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Then kill yourself, fucktard. Go on, if this existence is so fucking meaningless, just off yourself.
>hurr I don't want to be a puppet
No, you don't want to be in a system. Well bad news sport, there is no way out. Everything you buy, everything you use, all of it is part of the system. Learn to be independent. Don't buy shit just because it makes you feel good, buy it once you're sure the people who made it were treated well. That is the closest you'll get to not following along with what the people at the top want.

Your problem sounds more like schizophrenia than depression haha

>lowercase poster
>huge fag
Every time.

At least they're having fun. You gotta start having some fun too, it doesn't have to be the same sort of fun they're having but you really gotta start enjoying things instead of looking down on other's ways of enjoying things.
You know, spending too many years on Sup Forums made me believe pretty much everyone else was a "pleb" unless they did things my way, that was until I realized they were enjoying themselves and I wasn't. Sup Forums had memed me into being a jaded and depressed individual, and they've done the same to you. You can get out of that hole if you put your mind to it.

see, youre fucking delusional too! this is why therapists are useless. you all know im right, but dont want to believe me because i contradict everything you believe you have in life. thats whyyou have no choice but to meme your way out.
>Well bad news sport, there is no way out
thats where youre wrong. as a neet i can live comfortably at my delusional parents' expense, with all the gifts of life a few clicks away. i dont need money, i dont need relationships, i dont need accomplishments or pride. this is like using cheats in a game, i can skip over the misery and strife people put so much time into and skip straight to the ending where everthing nice is at.

The fuck is this "tired/x" shit. You faggots flood Sup Forums with these /r9k/ tier garbage threads because you retarded depressed fucks can't manage to pick up another hobby when you want to do something different. Just end your fucking life /r9k/ shit

That's either depression or the emptiness that comes from reaching the intermediate anime watcher hole (500+ with almost no drops).

I got better when I improved my habits, eating well, sleeping well, doing exercise, taking care of my studies, cleaning my room from all the trash I don't even use, etc etc. At some point it went away, looking at the ceiling stopped being the most fulfilling activity of the day and oversleeping stoped being frequent. Of course I didn't recover in one day, but at some point I started enjoying taiwanese sewing cartoons again. Nobody really takes those pieces of advice seriously, but it worked for me at least. Running and doing bwf was a blast with aikatsu and pr/pp music. I never went to therapy either, it works for some people but I never wanted to accept help from somebody else, I felt some changes can only come from you and from people you would listen, and if you're depressed you would probably only listen to yourself.

Also or something.

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Did you tell that to your therapist. If you lie or hide things they can't help you. Unless you have a desire to kill yourself, iirc in america you're going to get locked away if you tell a therapist that you want to die. Don't do it.
And if you need pills then take the fucking pills. They won't change what you believe unless that is linked to feeling bad, the pills just make the depression go away so you can enjoy your life it's not brainwashing.

>i can skip over the misery and strife people put so much time into and skip straight to the ending where everthing nice is at.
Yet you are all depressed.

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Why is she crying? What could break the ichiban?

>i'm a depressed sack of shit but at least i can convince myself i'm better than those normalfags

im so far out im too far in, user. once you see through the bullshit theres no way any logical person would want to conform again. i do not thing its wrong to not participate in such a corrupt system. the fun people have is superficial, they only believe it because thats what they are told, and the fact that other people are told that and believe it to reinforces their delusion. interacting with a normgroid is almost in a way scary to see how far gone some of them are.

It's not nice though, it sucks. It pales in comparison to how it feels to crack open a beer after a hard days work, or how it feels to dick around with friends, or how it feels to kiss a girl, or what its like to hike in the woods, or any of the other things that require effort. You can believe me or not, but know that the more effort you put into a thing, the better it tastes at the end. Your life will be filled with unfulfilled trash, and mine will be filled with pride and happiness. Or more so then yours, at any rate.

only watching dragon ball and overlord this season.

Is this the evolution of the term normie?

cigarettes, tobacco smoke