Why aren't you holding her Sup Forums?

Why aren't you holding her Sup Forums?

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she doesnt have any feelings or emotions, why would i?

I don't think Rei gets anything out of physical affection.

Asuka is the one who wants to be held

She's a household appliance.

>hold her
>has a bandaged arm
>could further complications

I know Sup Forums consists of retards, but you know better than that OP. Also....

>that's not Asuka.

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She won't let me.

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lol disease laden ho

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It's inappropriate in class. We'll hug afterwards.

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and to be told that she's loved


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Wants != deserves.

She deserves it if anyone does.

Asuka's not even that mean until the last third of the series after Shinji's rejected her multiple times, she definitely deserves to be loved.

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I don't understand how someone watches all of Eva and sees why Asuka is the way she is and still has this bizarre grudge against her for being 'mean'

It's all a matter of misunderstandings and circumstance, I thought the ending made that clear

She's not real, user

You don't know that anything is real. If you imagine hard enough, Asuka can become realer than what's around you.

Sorry user I'm not an escapist

This verbal warfare is annoying. Are you 'escaping' into your food when your body tells you it needs to eat? Are you 'escaping' into oxygen when you draw your next breath? People do what they need to do.

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asscar can fly

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That's deep man

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That's what makes it the ocean and not a lake

Not for the way she treated him.

All her failures coupled with her period was what spelled the end for her

>flicks his nose playfully
>light verbal abuse
>kicks him in the face a few times

Grow up, pussy