This is your Kobayashi for the night

This is your Kobayashi for the night.

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I want to keep her forever.

She's a qt

Is this supposed to be me for the night, then?

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Kobayashi is cute and also my soul mate!!!

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Perfect in every way! Her panties taste great too!

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I guess I'm the only one who finds her annoying. She acts cold towards Tohru and shows no appreciation for all the work she has done. It just seems like she didn't progress that much as a character from ep.1..

Just eat that god damn tail already!

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>always thought that looked stupid
>start reading the manga
>it's really fun

Best girl

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>she acts cold towards Tohru
Are we watching the same show?

Physically great, but she has nothing on Kobayashi otherwise.

>best girl
>posts worst girl

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It would be cute buying her food and explaining to her how the world works
absolutely disgusting

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Kanna is for HUGGING only

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Kanna is a being made solely for sexual pleasure

This is a Venusian.

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Kanna is for FUGGING only.

No, sorry user. That's me.

Which dragon has the most smelly farts?

The harmony king will get her to betray her love, Tohru.

See? Already hardening her heart to the best chorogon in preparation for such dark deeds.

...user, where is the Maru?

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Elma is to naive for betrayals

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Not gonna lie that gave me a fucking chuckle.

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Her naivety and loyalty makes her prime for manipulation by evil harmony forces.

longbayashi is long


Eat shit chaos scum.

that's wicked

Prime for manipulation by ME, as long as she is loyal to me i'm happy

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If I did those faggy little harem collages some anons do I'd have Kobayashi in it. She's not explicitly my waifu but fuck me if she isn't elder-god tier.
I want to get plastered with Tohru and heavily discuss the excellence of Kobayashi with her, only to later have her join us and then bully Tohru together over how she needs to step her goddamn meido game up.

In 2012, 4% of all global deaths of women were caused by the consequences of alcoholism and alcohol abuse

>tfw no Kobayashi gf

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Reminder that all dragons are sexual deviants