I will be your asspull for tonight

I will be your asspull for tonight.

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17 must really want his fucking boat

It's not fun anymore

wait until 17 becomes the one to make his wish and prevents all the eliminated universes from coming back.

Name a more based character

Why in the everloving name of godmotherfuck won't this shitter die and stay dead?

this is actually unforgivable

Is he the most based character in all of Dragon Ball?

Fuck that faggot, where's my 18

>17 is programmed to wish cell back

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His button was never pressed. El Grande Padre rused you all.

I like Android 17 even more now

17fags may be gloating now, but just remember that your boy got fucking vored by the true chad of this series.

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CHADroid 17

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>people hated caulifla for being a mary sue
>people love 17 for being the biggest mary sue

She is busy ogling Chadhan right now.
Nice try caulikek but you aren't fooling anybody here.

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OK really, if Cell absorbed 17 and 18 now, how fucking powerful would he get?

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If he fought him now, Cell would be dead in seconds.

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