>Kind, selfless hero who dedicates entire life to saving innocent people
>Refused to become a god of destruction because he has a no killing rule and believes even the worst criminals deserve to live
>Not willing to save his universe if it means destroying others. Doesn't believe his own universe is more worthy of surviving than the rest

>Loves to brag about his power. Considers weak people worthless
>Tries to murder Goku's friends just to piss him off
>Hates trust and friendship, doesn't care about the pride troopers

Where did everything go so wrong?

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>Where did everything go so wrong?

DBZ where Goku finds out to be an alien from outer space

the frieza arc was good

So Manga Jiren is a pussy while Anime Jiren is prideful and wants to survive?

Should have went all the way with making him a Superman expy from the start

>muh overzealous masochistic moralfag
Fuck off soyospic

Namek? Really?

I miss when this shit was just a sillier version of Journey to the West

Both are

Manga Jiren is regular Supes, whereas (current) anime Jiren is all those edgy Supes versions DC Batfags come up with to make him look bad.

Hearing Jiren scream like a bitch after that clash was a present surprise. I expected him to be like Hit and be stoic to the end, but this is infinitely more entertaining.

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>Actually liking animeJiren
Fuck off from this board and gargle on shit-video games Sup Forumsfucker

>Complaining about Jiren %100 (Desnudo)
Fuck off Soiyan

""My taste is better than yours"". 10 years in this board and people are still retards. Now tell how you think BNHA or HxH are better.

>liking nardo jiren
He's still better in the anime. Disembowel yourself.

I miss when there were comic relief characters like puar and oolong
remember those? tori sure doesn't

When Toriyama felt too lazy to give a canonical personality to Jiren other than "Jiren doesn't talk!". Pride Troopers were a Toei invention that had to be left aside once the final matches started

Remember the time they fought a rabbit.

What a joke. If Jiren actually wanted to survive and get his wish, he wouldn't have pussyfooted around for 47 minutes and let Goku become stronger than himself. This episode clearly proves Jiren wasn't looking for a "worthy opponent", as Jirenfags were insisting. He's just a cocky retard. Poor Belmod, having to be erased because of Jiren's stupid ass.

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>Tries to murder Goku's friends just to piss him off
not really, he just wanted to show goku how unreliable friendship and love power is since they could easily disappear just like his own friends and family

>>Tries to murder Goku's friends just to piss him off

I think that was a really petty moment for Jiren. But it shows how desperate he was to hold onto his ideals.


Anime Jiren is a petty, selfish and angry character that hides beneath the veneer of justice. I guess those are good traits for an arc villain.

Namek was peak of these series

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