Girls und Panzer

why is yukari so sad, anons?

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Because you are continue making generals.

there can only be one best girl, so its lonely being at the top.

Not even best fluff

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You could sometimes at least learn to wait a week for BD content to be out. Not that hard.

Not him, But the last thread wasn't a general by any means and doesn't contain any template info sort to speak like most generals, why did got 404'd?
And the a thread for GuP was relevant as there is new ova that is about to be released also today is the Oarai Festival, so we could get relevant info for the series and in any case is not that we are keeping a constant cycle of threads like for example the buyfag thread that is constantly created as the previous is about to die

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Mods are faggots, look how many DB/Boruto threads are

Yeah, also for BhA and OPM

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>wasn't a general by any means
It was though and the replies were pretty garbage tier. It also had really 'template' OP just for the sake of it, so why is this even surprising to you.
OVA is out in a week, not now, in a week.
>Oarai Festival, so we could get relevant info
We could, but have we yet? Nice thread with that new info if such comes out would be swell, right? There has been nigh constant cycle of threads though at all times, unless you count few hours as something like few weeks to you.

At least their show is running weekly. And thankfully ending in a few weeks.

why do you hate fun?

>the replies were pretty garbage tier
Nothing different from most threads on Sup Forums that got garbage tier replies all the time
>It also had really 'template' OP just for the sake of it
Elaborate this, I don't see the 'template' form you speak of
>We could, but have we yet?
In a few hours at most. festival is starting so we'll see what news come from it later, so it still relevant to the thread, so I don't get why threads are deleted, as they could have some shitposting, isn't as bad or cancerous as most DB, Boruto, HeroAcademia or any other of shit shows

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Don't kid yourself, every fucking thread in this shithole is the same, even the fucking homo thread is allowed.

This one wasn't me this time.

More OORAI MATSURI photos please

>Sup Forums, not allowed to talk about anime....
tsk tsk

Nice but I don't just want a 1:1 scale model. I want to see it moving.
Erika likes

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>coming to Sup Forums
>expecting to have any productive discussion about anime

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The Garupan talk segment will start in less than 2 hours from now.

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I want to steal the Marie one

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Because she's just been subjected to the vilest atrocity; she can find no joy or solace even in tanks anymore.

Is there a livestream?

I hope if they announce the second OVA, at least they show some info or pics.

You wouldn't be able to lift it.

>expecting to have any productive discussion about anime
Fair point, but if that cure for that is deleting threads, then better delete the board IMO.

>Nothing different
Don't be like them then, that doesn't justify anything.
It was a garbage OP, it had no value in it, it was there to just for the sake of having a thread up. That's the template part of it.
In a few hours huh, so waiting is that hard for the stuff? Are you a drug addict by any chance? Yeah, relevant to this thread just because it's up for days at a time always. Why people compare to shounen threads goes past me when they're weekly running or releasing chapter type of shows with constant flow for new content. Just because you hate them doesn't mean your hate is valid for them to not exist ever, even if said fanbase consists of retarded spics.

Tsk tsk. Don't kid me user, the threads have had near zero level discussion about the anime for months.

>150 cm
>roughly 80kg

imagine who exhausting it would be to haul her fat body... i'd just stagger around the house looking for things to drop her on to catch my breath.

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No, I’m using twitter for updates.

Admon stop bullying us let us post our tank girls the Love Live threads get to stay

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False, we were discussing the new info that the game gave us in the last weeks

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Marie only looks fat only because she is tiny

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And before that we where discussing things from the first Das Finale OVA as seen by anons who where in Japan during the initial release.

So they really are just teasing us now at this point, aren't they?

Doesn't game discussion belong to Sup Forums and /vg/? The Kemono Friends threads with Pavilion content were deleted on sight and all discussion about the game directed there because it's games and not anime in the end as should be.
Also false, I kept checking the generals, there was more waifufaggoty, imagedumping, sexposting, etc. and what not than actually discussing said game info, because I'm actually interested in that stuff.

They are doing it for a while, the game even hint about Mika having the qualities of nobility.

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There should be a doujin where they actually experience war

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Well if we use BMI, that makes her fall into obese territory.

Not when is relevant to the source, and it give us more info about the relation of the other characters, the only thing that the anime lacks.

>there was more waifufaggoty, imagedumping, sexposting, etc.

Since when is that forbideen? then the whole board should be erased.

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That's not her real weight.

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Replace it with a giant Toblerone.

But does she deserve it?

Phase Erika worth reading?

Only if you want to hate Erika even more

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Well shit. Wanted to read it for more Erika.

Why? Why did they do this to her?

Because not everybody can be redeem

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You sure can

>fascist pizzapasta meme gets rehabilitated
>arguably the third most important character in the franchise doesn't
It's not fair

French restaurant?

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>the third most important character in the franchise doesn't

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She even was rude to Koume, she deserves all the bad things

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>history meme 1
>history meme 2
>important characters
Floof is more important than those two. She actually does things to advance the plot.

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user, only focus in the laughing part

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Where's Chihatan?

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In the trash

I wanna go to Oarai....

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I mean, they have flights, it's not like it's on the moon.

Im sure she meant well

I think he means the big Oarai in the sky.

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Oh, in that case you shouldn't be laughing at my (or Maho's) pain.

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Still, she must pay for Koume's tears.

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so cruel

I hope they show up in Das Finale...

They even show their uniform

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They are teasing my dick.

Koume has best german tank; 1 Tiger II costing the same as NINE Shermans meant that German can't compete in numbers...

But i'm only laughing at this failure

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oh they will... as human fodder

target her weak points

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Because she's in an edgy doujin drawn by a failure who people give way too much credit.

Bullshit. Miho completely deserved that.

But Koume uses a Panther

Nice try Erika

And the fact that one of her closest friends and respected peers is such a failure hurts Maho's feelings deeply. If you don't want to upset Maho, don't laugh at Erika, please.

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That's look like a plan

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No, Erika is just a bitch.

Maho should be more worried about letting such a dork command a prestigious school

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>"Oh I lost to you on purpose despite my team trying their best for me."

Wait, Mka is a god damn gypsy, stealing everything and shit.
I bet her last name is Lindgren

please stop this bullying

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I bet that she wasn't worth the effort

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Opps wrong youtube link

Go home, Erika. You're drunk.

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Only when she stop being a huge bitch

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Koume is too cute, also

>Erika is too bitchy to thank Koume adequately

If we needed more reasons.

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worst girl should pull the fucking trigger.

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Give Katyusha the gun then.

Sodoko is trying to escape from my rape dungeon.

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You should probably reinforce the door user.