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Discuss why Brocco Li is the best mafia fixer.

Also, if anyone has the Viz for 377, I'd be grateful.

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>Also, if anyone has the Viz for 377, I'd be grateful.
There's no great difference between 377 MS and 377 Viz.

It was a short chapter, after all.

looks like a bogdanov

Luzurus's dad is pretty cool. Just because he cucked the king c377 [viz].rar

Thanks, dude. Peace.


I like Togashi's "character randomizer" designs from this arc.

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I have to say these 22 are all well designed and unique, but I hate the random dog.

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The guy in the bottom right was the one talking to Mizai, fyi.

wait a sec are you trying to cheat me
Well, to be honest I don't know what the fuck is really going on with Alluka.
Nanika's power makes it even more complicated. Even if Alluka was born as a buy, Killua might have turned him into a real girl complete with fempussy and a functional womb.

Can I get a quick rundown on him?

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He likes cats/dogs, fish, and roses.

Pretty sure the indication is he's homo

Does Morena really count as a potential successor in the succession war?

It's weird that this guy can develop Nen and a Hatsu all in one day. I get that he was baptized and everything, and had to complete some twenty conditions, but it's still weird to me. I guess the only other dedicated baptist we saw before was Pouf, but I always figured the Ants' massive Nen potential was more of the reason why they learned so fast. It probably still did, but still. A Nen baptist Hatsu is dope as hell.

It's ambiguous.
Togashi said Silva only had boys. Thing is alluka isn't considered a member of the family. Servants (Tsubone for ex) also refer to alluka as it/he but it's because once again they don't really see alluka as a zoldyck. Add the facture that nanika exists and it's really weird.

But killua always said "little sister"

He only has a hatsu.
He doesn't know gyo ten en ren in etc...

Alluka was being called bocchan way before he was ostracised. It's not ambiguous.

>Togashi said Silva only had boys
Where was that said?

Between his animal friend, fish buddy, leopard print robe, vegetable name, and his mafia's tendency to have rose tattoos, he has some theme with nature. Seems random right now, but who knows how it'll look a few volumes from now.

She is the king's offspring

I don't think so, I think you need to put your blood in the Jar to apply for the Succession War ceremony. Also, Broccoli and Brainlet wouldn't be around if they were fighting Nasubi for the throne back then.

Hisoka isn't in the ship

I love Cammy!

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If the midget didn't bring the urn to her a month previously, then no.
And that's assuming the urn doesn't just reject bastard children or other undesirables. There has to be some disqualification threshold.

An explicitly illegitimate one who did not participate in the urn ceremony. If illegitimate children were included in the battle royale, O'Neal wouldn't be alive right now.

Morena does count. She admitted it herself. We just don't know the full details yet.
She's the reason why there was an extra coffin at the King's machine.

Of course he's not. He's sunbathing on the deck of tier 1 while the Troupe loses sleep over him.
A dash of Texture Surprise and the Clown Posse lets him go wherever he wants.

What about killua saying lil sis then ? And it's still not a proof desu. Female Princess of kakin are called princes.

Sorry i don't remember. It's in a volume iirc but i wouldn't be able to tell you which one.

Hey retard, read the chapter, its explicitly stated that illegitimate children(second rate) are allowed to live as long as they don't expose themselves to public eye and get involved in politics,

I love YOU

Killua is cute!

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Of course it's proof. Kakin princes are a very specific exception that Togashi had pointed out for the reader's convienience. The moment you try to argue the exception, you have no argument at all.

Killua's just enabling mental illness.

SERIES BEST MOMENTS (does not correlate directly with overall arc quality)

Hunter Exam
-Gon tracking Hisoka
-Gon setting the atmosphere in the Hanzo fight

Killua Retrieval Arc

Heaven's Arena
-Gon punching Hisoka

York Shin Arc

Greed Island

Chimera Ant Arc
-Colt at the queen's side during death
-Gon getting enraged at Pitou while she's protecting Komugi
-Killua crying to Palm
-Ikalgo talking with Welfin
-The fight between Meruem and Netero, particularly its ending
-Welfin's encounter with the ant king
-Komugi and Meruem's final games
-Reina reuniting with her mother

Election Arc
Leorio punching Ging

Succession Arc
-None yet

It would have been so much better if each headmafia were a vegetable.

Cammy is cuter!

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They are, right? O'Neal is an onion, Brocco is broccoli, and Morena is braindead.

If I were you, I would wait until Viz unties Morena's meaning, because it makes zero sense for her to be considered a potential successor.


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Killua Retrieval Arc
-Coin game
York Shin Arc
-Auction massacre
-Kurapika vs Ubogin
-Gon and Killua tracking the PT
-The Requiem
-The Zoldycks vs Chrollo
-The lights out scene
Greed Island
Succession Arc
-O (just for it's meme material)

I was tempted to call this bait at York New, but I couldn't think of any part of it that deserves to be there.


I know that. Doesn't change the fact that Morena calls herself a "potential successor" here. She also mentions she was ordered into a "deathmatch", which can only refer to the succession war.

I'm aware of the fact illegitimate children are disqualified from the throne. But her inclusion explains the unaccounted coffin in the King's machine. I think she's involved in the succession war. Maybe the King decided to tweak the rules for this war?

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>coin game
>zoldyk/chrollo fight
>auction massacre
These aren't even remotely close. I would disagree with the rest as well, but these four in particular

I'd say Uvo vs. Pika is pretty great
Also the pages of the Requiem

>York New
the true bait is you

I interpreted it as a potential successor to the head of the Mafia(why would she say she's still inexperienced - also broccoli and that other guy were talking about Morena just recently jumping the ranks or something) and ordered in the deathmatch by Tse.

>Doesn't change the fact that Morena calls herself a "potential successor" here.
Neither of us speaks moon, the original spoiler texts translated it as something else again. it wouldn't be the first time a proper translation changes the entire sentence and context.

>Killua's just enabling mental illness.

>York Shin Arc

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Pitou is a good girl

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What would you do with absolute power? Imagine being post Rose Meruem (without the poison ofc).
Where would you start?
I'd probably try to make the world better, but after seeing a lot of people doesn't follow my advices I'd tilt and murder humanity and then kill myself

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Take Niggerstream's translation with a grain of salt. And take anything Morena says with one too, since she's off her rocker.

It's more logical to assume the 14th coffin is for the King himself considering everything we currently know. If illegitimate children were at all involved in the battle royale, Brocco and O'Neal would already be dead.

There is a mountain of evidence against what you're saying and only one dubiously translated page from a nutcase supporting you.

Election Arc
-Pariston crying
-The koala on suicide watch
fuck is there even something that you like about these?

>I know that. Doesn't change the fact that Morena calls herself a "potential successor


>potential successor to the head of the Mafia
She already is the head of the mafia though

If you didn't cry a little when Gon and Leorio ran to each other, you're either Pariston or Ging.

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>morenafags this delusional
It makes sense why she's your waifu, at least.

Uvogin Pika was sort of disgusting. It was decided by a bunch of stupid fucking newly introduced abilities. Mostly it was Kurapika going into exposition. Uvogin's death was memorable, but the fight overall was meh.

Requiem was honestly pretty forgettable.

But you need to know those to have a Hatsu since a Hatsu encompasses all of those

Only of the Heil ly family

You're asking for people's favorite scenes and then you just reject them as if it were objective. What's your endgame?

I agree with both. Uvo versus Kurapika will never not trigger me. The gap between them was simply too massive at the time. I understand Chain Jail being a kind of instant win condition, but Kurapika wasn't having much trouble with him before that. And not using Gyo was insanely stupid of Uvo when every other Nen user since then knows to use it all the time.

when will he make his great move

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I'm just glad that now that all the cards are on the table Togashi will finally start with the game, it's time for some action.

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Dang, Kalluto looks insanely cute there.

user, stop jinxing it.

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So how powerful is that old geezer? Any info on that?

we don't know
that pic is literally everything we know about him

Netero was the only person to fight him and stay alive apparently.

At one point he fought against Netero, but that's about the only thing we do know.

>Killua Retrieval Arc
Leorio being the strongest

They still have to introduce the ants stored on the ship, Beyond's spies, the zodiacs, and Gyro's followers. THEN the real action can begin.

That was retconned
Five siblings = Illumi, Milluki, Killua, Alluka, Kalluto
Parents = Silva and Kikyo
Set of grandparents = Zeno and ???

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you're missing a bunch
you didn't even post my favorite from the election arc

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Tsubone had it rough if she went from Zoldyck family member to simple servant under Silva.

Where can download the Viz translations? I have up to 370.

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We can assume that he fighted Netero on his peak condition and even then Netero couldn't defeat him, so he must be Meruem level for the least, they are the same age and probably became friends after the fight though.
>"acquaintance of mine"
Don't have the page at hand though.

>implying Tsubone is Silva's mother and just casually takes orders from him and his sewer rat wife

Cammy is objectively superior to all the other Princes

Zeno may be talking about Netero here, but seeing how Netero himself was a madman makes me wonder how much of a monster Maha is for the chairman to receive praise just for surviving against him.

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>York Shin Arc
Don't ever fucking come back on my board again.

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Is Zeno's dead dad?

>Zeno: "Netero is the only person who's fought my grandpa and lived."

Oh yeah, I remember now, it's been a while since I've read that. Amazing though, looks like Maha was an absolute beast.

That's what we call a good wife and mother, you millennial.

It's possible he might still be, even as a turtle. Don't worry. I'm sure we'll never see him again.

i want to see Zzigg Zoldyck

I wonder what Leon is doing.

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I went to check which volume's Zeno's monologue in, and apparently the guidebook makers wrote him down as an Enhancer. I wonder why they chose that one (not like it's canon)

We don't really know, but people speculate that he's actually Zzigg, just with a different character design.