Hunter x Hunter

When will Zhang get some time to shine again? The last volume was pretty hype for him, but he has done jackshit in this one.

Also, other plotlines that you want to see more of.

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I imagine he'll have a more serious role once the mafias start to come to a head.

It just seems like he's done jack shit because you really like him. Overall the chapters have been great
btw, what does fixer mean?Did I read past that or should I wait for further chapters to explain?


A patron or person who donates to the said intended group/individual

ah thank you


He's wrong. This is what a fixer is in organized crime:

why's there 6 DBS threads whats going on ?

What I would give to kidnap Zhang Lei and make his life a living hell. I would force him to dress up in elf and leprechaun outfits and subject him to pure awfulness and humiliation. Just terrible degradation and shameful acts. It would be so easy to break his spirit and drive him to suicide, but I wouldn't let him do it. If I could train a dog to rape on command then I would totally do that as well. A really big dog like a mastiff. Zhang would be so completely and utterly powerless to stop it, not to mention terrified. A big ass dog is even scary and life-threatening to a normal human but to a midget? might as well be a dragon. I'd keep Zhang in a cell and what's more is that I would actually place to key inside with him but put it in a high place. Not extremely high but just ever so slightly out of reach. it would drive Zhang mad. I would dress Zhang like a baby and force feed him 99 cent store baby food. I'd also pick him up like a child and toss him from one corner to the next. I'd grab Zhang by one leg and swing him as hard and as fast as I could then hurl him to see how far he goes. I'd rent one of those giant inflatable bounce houses and body slam Zhang all day until my arms got tired. I'd hold him down with 1 hand and slowly stick things up his butt just to see Zhang squirm. I would stick him in dryers and turn them on and leave him in there for long periods of time. I'd force Zhang to fight other midgets to the death. Just so many things I would do to Zhang Lei.

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thanks for the clear up

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>netero is listed as an enhancer by the wikia
>literally every single skill is emission and manipulation
The fuck?

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Databook and card game is considering surrogate canon on the wiki.

Because he was listed as such in the databook

His skills at their core are enhancing, using raw aura to attack.

I want to see more of King Kachou and her queen

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why do those two walking corpses get more fanart than cammy? its not fair!!

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I'm going to laugh for eternity if Cammy is killed in her jail. We don't know if there are any conditions for her reviving, just that the one time she did revive she goaded someone into killing her so it's entirely possible if she was taken by surprise her ability wouldn't activate.

The only real walking corpse is Camilla, you know.
Well, there's also Hisoka.

She just needs to be killed autonomously. A trap, accident, poisoning, etc.

You got a point there

man, that would be a shitty condition if she has to provoke someone to kill her in order for the ability to activate. by the way, she's not in jail, she's just under surveillance but free to go where she wants.

Is Kacho supposed to be cosplaying Sigurd or is it just a coincidence?

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I mean that doesn't look remotely similar, so

How about this?

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enhancers and manipulators hatsus are fucking shit
bing bang impact is no different than jajanken

at least phinks spent 2 minutes putting a rule on his hatsu

No, user, really? Do you actually think that looks like ?
The only similarity there is the generic boot shape.

>using raw aura to attack
That's more like emission considering said raw aura is coming out.

They look pretty similar to me, but I played FE4 recently so I'm probably just obsessing.

Cammy is objectively superior to all the other Princes

leave the dark continent to me

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I thought Meruem killed you.

I hope his coins do something more than a forceful baptism. I always wanted an ability like that, but now we've got Morena.

I thought she was on lockdown in the VVIP area for the duration of the investigaion.

I choose to believe he developed a hatsu that just went outside of his natural affinity. Dude was a fight-crazy maniac who treated his martial growth like a divine mission. He's someone who developed their body, nen, and mental fortitude to the point that his natural inefficiency towards emission and manipulation were curtailed. His "prayers" to manipulate the Bodhisattva may also be a restriction to help bypass this shortcoming.

Also, given his level of aura and nen-mastery, being at 80% efficiency for emission is still monstrous.

His coins have "multiple abilities" that activate under "multiple conditions". ie: ideal for asspulls. Togashi will give him time to shine in the future. That is guaranteed.

My guess is his coins let him buy anything. Buy someone's nen ability, buy years of someone's life, etc.