Bow down to the new queen of Sup Forums

Bow down to the new queen of Sup Forums

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But Saber has been around for more than a decade.

All Seibahs are pure shit.

That's a cute queen

The cutest

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I love Seibah

Isn't that one of the GuPs? I recall her being cute.

By this time next year the term "Violet clone" will have entered the lexicon of weeb communities, calling it now.

>new queen of Sup Forums

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How tall is she supposed to be?

she's a slut

Pretty small. Probably IMAGINE tier height.


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This is Violet. She will be replacing Saber from now on.

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there is only one Queen of Sup Forums

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>automail saber

Who is saber? A Violet clone?

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I can count the lines with my fingers.

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That's not Yotsuba, asswipe.

some eroge character

Yotsuba is our princess and official mascot. Violet is our reigning monarch.



Disgusting subhuman woman

That's Sachiko, asswipe.

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