Why are the years of 2006-2010 considered the golden era of anime?

Were there just a few more average shows than normal or just a few really good ones?

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It was the beginning of the new standard of anime with the digital age. It was a special time.

so the switch over when stuff stopped looking jankey?

Does the nips have a "golden era of anime"? I'm really curious

>Why are the years of 2006-2010 considered the golden era of anime?
According to whom?

I think it's due to the current demographic of Sup Forums and the majority of western anime fans is between 20~30 who grow up in the mid 2000s

everything before miyazaki soiled it with his racist hands

The western semi-normies who watched the big 3 in their "prime", got introduced to the few big hits like geass, gurren lagan, Fma:b, were ignoring the rest of the forgettable seasonal anime due not knowing where to find them, unlike modern anime watchers

This is probably correct.

>Why are the years of 2006-2010 considered the golden era of anime?
By whom?

The switch to digital was older. Early '00 if not late '90

I think a large part is that is when the majority of people got not shit internet.

It was really the first time people could keep up with seasonal anime.

I agree with you also in my country we didn't get a decent internet until around 2009 or somewhere around that time I'm not sure
also this

I'd assume it ties into the rise of social media. Anime was no longer that 'kid' and 'creepy guy' thing because it was easier to find like minded individuals and discuss things. Before social media you either had to find people at school or find a college club.

2006-2010 wasn't the golden era so much as it was the time the western anime fanbase began to modernize.

Supporting that modernization were things like Crunchyroll which opened in 2006.

2002 is when I got off of dial up but it was still slow. We are talking still under or at 1 megabit download speeds.

This was also the era when kazaa and napster reigned supreme.

By near 2006 5 megabit download was widespread in coverage. Not everyone had it but most could get it if you didn't live in the middle of nowhere. By now a lot of people had upgraded away from dial up and metered connections were going out of style. This is when I was in college and the anime fan clubs were popping up and people would get together and nerd out.

Anime was largely on IRC then and you would do XDCC gets off of dedicated fansub channels. Streaming sites were not really around before this or were not well known. They would get crushed if they popped up.This was when the likes of Dattebayo fansubs were king.

The nerdom just grew and grew. I don't really think the golden era has stopped. I think it just began in 2006. Back then I would have called bullshit if I heard you could get licensed same day aired subbs. Im not trash, but same day dubbs are even more impressive.

I am just glad I was here at Sup Forums when we watched code geass together. Those will be some of the most fun I have had on the internet. I have been on the internet a long time and it was the best shitshow I have ever seen.

And as always, all of you are trash.

79-83 probably could be too. You had everything from OG gundam, Macross, Tarra E, Ideon, the castle of cagliostro, Captian Harlock, Urusei Yatsura, Xambungle, VOTOMS, even the fucking rose of Versailles
It depends on who you ask, although every ten years or so there's probably an amazing cluster that could be considered a "golden age"

but mecha is shit and only popular in japan. it is a pretty small genre in the west.

Only a five of those shows were mecha though, and even then with the exception of Xambungle the mecha I did bring up were massively influential.

2006 - 2008 especially had a lot of good shows.

Spice and Wolf is the only show that matters from then

For Sup Forums in particular it was great because there were frequently shows that would take over the entire board when they were airing (Geass, Haruhi, Guren Lagan, etc)

Not 1988-1996

In the west/on Sup Forums to an extent it's a version of the "pop culture peaked when you were twelve" thing- 2006 was around when technology and the internet fansubbing scene hit the point where you could reliably watch most shows within 24 hours of airing, so you had a lot of people following shows as they aired in Japan for the first time.

There was Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragonball Z and thats about it.

Both classics and I would considered required watching for any shounen action fan, but not much else during that time was worth the paper it was drawn on.

95 had ghost in the shell and Evangellion

96 had most of Kenshin.

So if he cut it off at 94 I would agree. Everything else made in that time was magical girl and mecha shit