Why does Sup Forums like this insufferable cunt?

Why does Sup Forums like this insufferable cunt?

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Well-written characters are much easier to relate to than shitty waifubait.

i refuse to believe that anyone actually likes any of EVAs characters.
>Well-written characters

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Quit picking cherries.

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Which one of those two cunts you posted am I supposed to like now?

Why wouldn't Sup Forums like this precious flower?

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-You can't handle well-written characters with uncomfortable issues.
-You aren't anti-social, have no crippling deficiencies of your own, and you are too well-adjusted to find her relocatable like the rest of us.
-You aren't cultured enough extract moe from a character who has an ironic attraction aimed at otaku fantasies.
-Too deep for you.

Don't be idiot Sup Forums likes Rei.

I wanna run my hands under those coat laterals

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>Sup Forums is one person
not everyone here likes NGE aka the rick and morty of anime

You're an esteemed shounen lover on visit from the BnHA threads, I'm guessing?

It's slightly less shit than the other one.

you are guessing wrong. BnHA is not as bad as NGE but still bad

Ah, I was right.

Sorry for how you were born, my friend.

she's cute!

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What's with the smile? No one should ever see that unless they've earned it.

Because there isn't much to work with with Rei because she doesn't even know what she is herself. I honestly don't know what I'd do with Rei in a relationship?

Her fan art is kino though.

>gets called out for being wrong
>harr harr so I was right all along
I was aware that you need an IQ of at most -200 to enjoy NGE but this blatant denial of reality surprises even me

>I honestly don't know what I'd do with Rei in a relationship?

Seriously, how do you make her happy? All it takes with Asuka is three words and a tight embrace. That's all she's ever asked for.

>the rick and morty of anime
You mean Hunter Hunter or Jojo?

I've become Kaji at this point and wouldn't want to deal with the drama.

If I was a pilot I'd go after Maya and try and straighten her out with the D.

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Rei's a doll

neither fanbase claims that their respective anime is super deep and smart and groundbreakingly great

She just needs a chad to melt her icy heart

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Yes but Asuka wouldn't actually love you, she just cares about her own self image as an independent adult, that's why she goes after Kaji

HxH fags are just as pretentious as Eva fags "muh chimera ant is the greatest arc in all of shonen" and Jojo fags believe Part 7 is the greatest achievement in fiction

It sounds like you haven't even watched Eva, you just read wiki articles

She would if you're a chad like Kaji or Kaworu

Kaworu is for Shinji you dumb faggot.

Only that Eva literally saved anime when it came out and the industry wouldn't be the same, if not for it. This whole site, and all like it, exist because Eva allowed anime to flourish as it did.

Why is Rei art so aesthetic?

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No, Kaworu's straight and likes cute girls like Asuka.

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>being this deluded
if anything eva was a negative influence on anime


>didn't even canonically meet Asuka
>takes baths with Shinji
>no he's in love with Asuka guys
Asuka is for Mari

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He canonically had sex with her in EoE.
Kaworu doesn't give two shits about Shinji, get over it.

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this but unironically

>kaworu spammer is in every eva thread within 15 minutes of it being made during the period of american daylight time

have never seen this kind of time wasting before


No, he's Asuka's.

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What's your favorite canon couple in anime, Sup Forums?

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Anno x Ikuhara

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I really need to watch the show again and just stare at Rei the whole time to make sure I get everything about her. I didn't care for her much first time around, maybe this time she might grow on me.
Seems I've grown to like kundere's more, so who knows if that might change things with Eva.

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your package is here Sup Forums

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Stay mad, bitchboy.

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Filter LAK_ to get rid of kaworu spammer's new schtick

>muh safe space

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What is misato's scar from

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The Second Impact, you retard.

at least LAK poster tries when shitposting, this is just retarded

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What's wrong with her leg?
Post better art please, best girl deserves it.

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How did that give her a scar there exactly

She had blood and shit on her, debris probably sliced into her during the explosion.


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Sup Forums here. I hate that bitch. Who told you I liked her?

for a second there i thought he had a massive boner there but then i realize that it was just his leg.

naruto x asuka otp

ask the faggot who made this gay website

Oh come on, Shinji isn't that bad.

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What the fuck? where the hell did this this crap come from?

she is adorablein her original va



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Agreed. Kaworu x Asuka is best pairing

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Shinji = Charlie Brown
Asuka = Lucy
Kaworu = Schroeder

Lucy loves Schroeder
Asuka loves Kaworu

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>this is what evafags believe
if anything it ruined anime forever

>not knowing NTRuto

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Asukafagging is the equivalent of a good girl attracted to a bad boy.

Most faggots here didn't even watch the whole thing. Shes a cunt who has insecurity issues and tried to fuck a 30 year old man
Definition of a roastie, better to go for the qt traditional quiet rei/ur mum lol.

Asuka is the best girl, that's why.

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>>Please describe each Evangelion girl's vulva, thank you in advance

fine and sparse pubic hair, her inner labia are revealed and have some pigmentation as is typical among the japanese. in keeping with her general lack of personal care, there is some smegma accumulation in between her folds accompanied by the lingering smell of LCL with a hint of green tea.
naturally hairless, her outer labia are still quite puffy and only the slightest bit of inner labia protrudes. little pigmentation to be found, so when she gets aroused, it all turns into a beautiful red blush. smells like stale sweat and not much else.
ruined wizard sleeve, prominent clitoris and a gnarled mess of soft pubic hair. slight smell with a hint of lavender, not entirely unpleasant.
pristine innie with a bit of clit poking out, has never known the touch of anything other than her own fingers or vibrating toothbrush. she has some soft downy pubic hair and smells of lilac perfumes covering up sweat.
deep pigmentation, some pubic hair, moderately sized labia that tend to get into a sticky mess of secretions and hair stuck to her panties whenever she thinks of Touji. the scent is almost indistinguishable from her anus.

pretty much

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Rei was a literal robot
There is no good girl in eva

Mr. Steal Yo Girl

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Asukafagging is still better than Franxxshitting.


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Ah, the taste of a pleb.

Thanks. I hope you enjoy your whore waifu hitting on and getting dicked by some bland loser.

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narutofags need to be gassed.

20 is also half nigger.

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>soulless clone

I mean she technically has Lilith's soul, or part of it, or something like that.

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The description of each tells me the bias behind this image.

how can ahcyka be so perfect

this pic is extremely biased

the german girl stands no chance

I know

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[spoiler ]>Rei laying on her stomach
>doing the suck
>she's keeping eye contact
>patting her head [/spoiler]

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>Rei is on her stomach lying on the bed
>intently sucking, head slowly bobbing up and down
>maintaining eye contact
>while I'm patting her head
wtf I'm a Reifag now

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Because she has a cunt.

So this is your average Reifag. Pathetic.

This is what a HIGH PERFORMANCE body looks like

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