He did everything right

He did everything right

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Is it normal that I don't remember anything about code geass except its ending?

The series is kind of a mess.

no he did not. but he sure redeemed himself

maybe you have brain damage. but yeah, this is one of very few anime where the ending is the best part, truly unforgettable


>no he did not. but he sure redeemed himself

no he didnt, he was a hypocrite and nigger the entire series beginning to end.

nah he realized what needs to be done. he turned from an idealist to a realist. he is the only character that comes to mind who did so. while for most of the show he is insufferable, at the end he is the best character

I wonder who could be behind this post

what bothers you about final suzaku?

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All I remember is this
>Britannia controll half of the world
>japan are the eleven colony
>the mc was the son of the king with an eleven mistress
>his sister was blind and crippled because PTSD
>he is in a britain frendly highschool
>suzaku was his childhood friend
>the mc meet c.c. after he help her in to release her from a truck
>the mc get the geass
>i think in some part mechas are introduced with the other two main girls
>he join the revolution and get to lead them as zero
>he is a gary stu and every atack he lead end up with him winning
>he fuck up and order her half sister to kill everyone in a stadium
>season 1 end, fight in a cave suzaku aim him with a gun
>season 2 more of the same, some new geass and new characters, loli eleven princess
>atomic bomb reference episode
>they defeat the king
>he become the king of the world and the public enemy of the world
>he order suzaku to kill him as zero
>c.c in a wagon with someone that look like the mc
>also spinsuzaku meme, orange meme, I recognize that bulge meme, pizzabutt meme, jinbu wo meme.

No, a key point is that both Suzaku and Lelouch did a lot of things wrong and at the end they realized it and tried to fix things.

but wasn't lelouche just really after revenge even if he himself doesnt realize it? can you even do revenge wrong? the only thing I can think of is he did wrong is that he left nunally alone when all she wanted was to be together even in obscurity.

The revenge was what he did wrong

>erased the father out of existence
>made most of the royal family into servants
>made older brother into a slave for zero
seemed like he did pretty good to me.

Yes he did and you are absolutely right in that regard.

Can we acknowledge how baller Suzaku's cape is at the end of the series?

Code Geass is an amazing comedy

I watched hundreds of anime and this is still one of the best I wached by far.

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No. I mean the fact that he wanted to commit revenge for revenge's sake is what he did wrong

Hands down best pizza commercial during it's time.

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I love brown girls
This guy has good taste.

Is the OVA a good watch?

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Do you guys think he'll be fucking Nunnally's pussy in the R3?

well he was also trying to find out about his mothers murder before the reveal. and what do you mean revenge for revenges sake?

Just because he was right doesn't mean he was correct.

Confirmed change for Recap 3

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I hope so, the man deserves at least one pussy.

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Is Euphie still alive or not?

You have a very low attention span and poor memory.


I've been meaning to rewatch this. Reminded of it every time I get to use this great reaction

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Nobody did anything right until he and Lelouch teamed up near the end of Code Geass though

>>he is a gary stu and every atack he lead end up with him winning

He fails or loses often

>conquers the entire world
>Pulls a Veidt and unites it against an external evil
>Believes his death will magically keep that going forever

He merely set the stage for the biggest world war in human history

It's his fault for always try to NTR Lelouch's harem.

when did he tried to dick, Kallen, C.C. or the orange slut?

never, but he did try to get kallen hooked on drugs

He did everything wrong except few last episodes

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That time on the island or when Kallen was captured in R2.

Has there ever been a stronger cast of main characters?

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The whole thing where protecting Nunally was just an excuse to himself for revenge

>tfw ywn be a crippled princess that gets rawdogged by a subhuman eleven

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Gundam Zeta.

Those 3 are unbeatable.

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>Did nothing wrong
>Nuked the capital city of the largest country in the world

he deserve it after being screwed by lulu with euphie's death

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I've never seen a Gundam so would Zeta be an alright place to start? And would I like it if I liked Geass?

Nah man, watch SEED Destiny

Is it because I should start there? Or is it because I would enjoy it more than Zeta?

zeta is shit
just go for seed

So Seed, Seed Destiny, and then whatever? I got to go find that Gundam rec pic now

You should rewatch the series. A lot of interactions between Suzaku and the girls in Lelouch's harem would make people scream NTR nowadays.

go for 00, wing then ibo

>Nobody did anything right until he and Lelouch teamed up near the end of Code Geass though
They essentially did what Suzaku wanted in S1 at the end.

Suzaku normally went with the morally correct choice, but got shit on at every turn.

Sure did

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he did an amazing amount of things wrong, but that's what the plot demanded of him as a character. His purpose was to piss people off at the inconsistencies in his reasoning, and his success in that task is what makes him a good character

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The second recap film was supposed to come out in February, what happened?

Waiting for Blueray release, which should be some time in May.

Suzaku will get a harem in R3 consisting of Nunnally, Cecile, Kaguya, and maybe Anya.

Suzaku will cuck Xingke with the empress

The strength of Zeta's cast lies in their history and legacy. Let's see how R3 will handle its characters, since it's pretty much the Zeta of original Lelouch of The Rebellion arc.

Wrong dude, wrong analysis.

Why didn't Lelouch tell girls to fuck him?

Does he need to? The whole school was ready to fuck him silly.

He didn't fuck Cecile, and that bitch was craving 11 dick

Because he wants Suzaku to ram it up his ass?

He is literally autistic when it comes to women. He knows how to handle them except when it involves his own heart.

Shirley didn't deserve it

I've always rooted for him. Zero was an immature prick.

What did he kill Clovis for?

because thats wrong

Clovis was a spineless faggot

Cause he'e gay.


Its a shit show not worth remembering anyway

>implying he didn't fuck C.C already.

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Those who kill should prepare to be killed.

>Suzaku normally went with the morally correct choice
He didn't. From japs views he's betraying his own people by sucking enemy's dick. Especially if we consider japs values in dying with honor rather than living in shame.

Isn't Anya plowed every day in the fields?

Did anyone else notice how good the audio was in handled in the recap movies? I don't remember it ever being this good in the anime.
When a character passes by the camera and enters another room, it feels like he's actually doing it; the sound moves from your right headphone, to your left, and then, when he enters the room offscreen it's not just a plain simple volume reduction - it sounds muffled, and there's just a teensy bit of echo to it.
The speakers of the Knightmares relaying their pilots' voices also sounded, well, like real speakers. There is a degradation of quality with these speakers, as well as with the handheld walkie-talkies and any sort of electronic communication. The Knightmares have a nice ambient noise (the original had ambient noises as well, but they weren't as nicely handled). Hell, even Euphy's speech in the G1 mobile base had a slight echo to it. The masses of the people during Suzaku's rescue sounded real, it didn't sound like they were using generic audience soundbites.
Bloody hell, I am sure that if you knew Japanese and purely listened to the audio, akin to an audiobook, you'd understand everything. This is an experience that even the blind can appreciate. They recorded the lines of most of the characters again, didn't they? You can notice the higher quality of the recordings thanks to the better equipment used.

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You know what would suck? Being blind.

>he turned from an idealist to a realist
His idealism was always a front for his hypocrisy and death wish. All of his nonsense about changing Brittania from the inside was utter horseshit, and he really just wanted to die out of guilt for killing his dad or some shit.

It's a mix of both. Dude killed dad in the first place for his ideal.

At least you get to wear some cool shades and pretend to be part of the group.

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With Orange? Probably make believe family route. I just want Anya to be in someone's harem though.

tell me about Spinzaku. Why does he do the spin?

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Their almost kiss scene in that hangar if anything supposed to imply that they're still trying to figure out the direction of their relationship and the name of their feelings for each other. They clearly weren't fucking.

He's not blind, he just has to shield his eyes from Cornelia's beauty.

That's a big Knightmare

I can't wait to see Suzaki spinkick someone again.

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it was like 10 years ago, so yes

he's a big 11

why doesnt he look japanese