Does Sup Forums actually like the Fate series?

Does Sup Forums actually like the Fate series?

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The only people on Sup Forums that legitimately like it are secondaries. People who have been into the series for a while and read the material know it's nothing special.

This. The only fate-related material I've legitimately enjoyed since Carnival Phantasm is the Emiya cooking show.

I've never actually read, watched, or played any official Fate anything. I just jerk off to the hentai people draw of it.

this is the only correct attitude

too fast, slow down

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it's absolute shit

Yeah, it’s great.

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I liked it before Grand Order came and made me pissed off at TM til I eventually stopped caring.


Jalter a shit.

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Is that a fact

>posting Unkobeth


My wife is perfection.

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perfectly shit

Find the nearest rope and shoot yourself until you're dead

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been ignorin this game cause of work but still feel like i should throw money until i roll her

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>le lovecraftian keyhole loli

Fate is ded

How do you use rope to shoot yourself?

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I really don't like chubby lolis but bony lolis are almost just as bad.

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If you can't see her bones, she's a pig.

Rope physics. You're not dead until you die.

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>pissed by a mobage
How retarded are you?

I'm guessing you like Raita?


>not pissed by the mobage that literally made TM stop giving a fuck and just appeal to secondaries who want Servants and zero effort put in
How retarded are you?

I read the VN a bunch of years ago, and I still think it's great. In fact I recently finished F/HA and really enjoyed myself.

Don't kid yourself, Nasu stopped giving a fuck a fair bit before the mobage

once HF come I will watch it. other than that Im good on the recent ones.

I like the premise of Grand Order but the stamina system killed it for me
I like Extella
I'm enjoying the VN but I'm only on like day 3 of Fate
I enjoyed Fate/zero

>zero effort Servants
You mean the Servants that actually have more effort put into them than the VN ones aside from Saber and EMIYA?

Just /SN and /Zero. Anything else is shark-jumping.

you already fucked up by watching zero, kinda

Yeah I know.

America is fun.
Nigtingale's autism is tanoshii.
Last Encore is also enjoyable.

Why is Medb so slut?

Who's the headlock?

I love Jeanne!

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I keep trying it and yet I don't think any work in it has been better than okay. The idea of mythical and historical figures fighting is cool but it's probably the biggest wasted potential Japan has churned out.


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>Fate series
95% Trash

>Type-moon in general
KnK was great at least.

Abigail Williams, the first Eldritch abomination servant

some other user sold me the fate franchise as basically pokemon with mythical heroes.

and i love history.
not the romance and all that bullshit but i like myths being represented in animu.

Where can one get this sticker set?

I made it custom from some skin creation site. It was around $40 for both of these

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I think F/SN the VN is ok, I honestly don't know about the rest of the franchise.


I like the Saint that punches things.

I like the porn

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Damn, but at least that opens up other opportunities. Did you use skinit, decalgirl , or another store?

It's just the lens glare from monitors. Nothing is actually on the controller

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I only like Cu and most of the Lancers desu.

I made it on skinit, if I remember right. My only gripe was that I couldn't make a multi-colored controller skin

I'm talking about the jagged edges of the sticker.

Summarize your feelings on Last Encore in a single image

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Thanks for the tip user.

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Speed it up, over there!

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The idiots on Sup Forums have some autistic delusion that Fate is about masters and not servants.

wasn't extra supposed to be 2 cours? what happened?

The VN is definitely one of the best in its category. Still my #1 VN even after all these years.


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Fate is actually better than ever now. The VNs have not aged well.

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First fate was nice, UBW was great, fate zero was the absolute shit though, really amazing 10/10

Apocrypha was meh, and last encore is really uninteresting so far

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>First fate was nice

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It's a problem with the source image, one of the layers was antialiased with white around the edges, instead of properly blending with the background.

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And? You knew it was dogshit and still went ahead with it anyway.

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And there weren't even any good girls until GO.

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I'm not that user, I don't put stickers on my controllers. I have no idea how people don't notice this shit, it's also in the gifs in this thread:
Reeeeeeee, etc.

its was always only ever good for jerking off. the vn and zero were ok, everything else was superflous and destroyed the quality of the franchise. go was the final brick in the wall. now that fate has become hip with the normgroids in japan, there will be a fuck ton more mediocre at best fate adaptations, and i wont waste my time with any of them.

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