Meaning of cello

why is the stupid cello so important ???

why is it being repeated in the series so many fucking times ?

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human instrument-ality project


Shinji's identity
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It's something else he's actually good at, refuses to accept compliments for, and keeps doing while claiming to be totally uninvested.

Probably for the really low profile role a cello has in anything it participates in. Constantly overshadowed by the violin and viola in lead positions, cello tends to take what is usually the doublebass' role in playing the lowest notes. Never really leading or standing out. Not to say it never does. Look at a couple Debussy works for example. But it usually never wants to take the lead, but rather just resign itself to keeping underneath everything and blending in the harmony when it can.

Now you say "human instrument-ality" project is what it means, but couldn't literally any other instrument refer to that, as well? Harmonica, english horn, xylophone...even piano. They are all instruments. But when you describe their typical roles in group music settings, the meaning becomes a little more clear.

Simple, the Cello shows us Shinji’s inability to make real choices for himself and his utter reliance on the orders that others give to him.

He got played like a cello.

And is that cello smaller than what I remember them to be?

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cello-chan won the shinji bowl

That's what Shinji tells Asuka, but he did have some kind of expectations for it. It's easy to picture him joining a music club to meet people and then never talking to anyone.

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They were originally gonna do more with it by having Kaworu and Shinji do a cello/piano duet

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Haven’t seen this anime yet, Is it any good or just a weeabo circle jerk?

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>Is it any good or just a weeabo circle jerk?

Meant for

It's a metaphor for piloting the EVA. It's something he does because people told him he was good at it.

Of course the difference is that he actively hates piloting the EVA, whereas the cello is much more benign.

one of the many things he is good at that he pretends doesn't matter in order to continue his glamorous self-pity
this is barely even fucking deep enough to be called a metaphor, literally go do something else

I'm pretty sure the question isn't just what the cello means, but why the cello over a violin.

understanding the cello is the real pleb filter

Are you a fucking violist or something? The cello gets the melody more than the seconds. It has far more concerti than most instruments in the orchestra, too. Shinji really should have been a violist if the choice of instument was supposed to reflect 1:1 with his personality. The cello's far too lyrical.