What is your favorite Miyazaki anime, Sup Forums?

What is your favorite Miyazaki anime, Sup Forums?

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End of Evangelion

i liekd boku

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It wouldn't exist if not Miyazaki though

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A new Miyazaki short film came out today for the Ghibli museum. I haven't heard any word on it yet. How did it turn out? It is supposedly in CGI as well.

none, hes a hack and his work is overvalued

>A Miyazaki film
>in CGI
Is it true? Wasn't he the one to shit on all the 'new' anime?

First 20 minutes of this film is the best. It's a shame they meandered in the love story for too long. I wanted more bro action.

fuck no

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It is a short film. Perhaps he just sees it as a test of endurance? There's probably some interviews regarding it somewhere.

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I liked "your name"

Oh, I've heard about it some time ago

It's going to be either Nausicaa or Mononoke for me. Probably Nausicaa tho

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Hideo Kojima's 'Koe no Katachi' was better

Thats not Miyazaki but agreed, one of the best films I've ever seen of any kind, anime or not.

Princess Mononoke.

Castle of Cagliostro. It's such a nice film.

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Why was he being so overly sensitive? Was it an instinctive defensive mechanism against shitty animation, lack of humor, or both?

He is an old man and he is probably almost always in a bad mood just like every other old man

Miyazaki made art, not anime

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Nausicaa. Nothing else he's done has been on the same epic scale and executed as perfectly.

Always assess your audience, especially if it's someone important to you.

I'm into this stuff but I can easily understand Miyazaki was the wrong person to show that to.Try not to look at things like they'd be acceptable to everyone

My grandpa is really happy despite having plenty of reasons to be sad. Miyazaki is an accomplished man with a still living wife body still healthy enough to let him do what he loves, he should really brighten up.

Creative people are often depressed, I guess that's why Miyazaki always spergs out about 'muh hand-drawn'. And he has every right to, to be honest, he was responsible for some cool stuff in the past. Glad that your grandpa is happy, by the way

Funny how Nausicaa is my least favorite by him. Just didn't click with me. Nausicaa is also Hideaki Anno's favorite

And Anno is my favourite director. Adds up.

The only correct answer

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Porco Rosso. Comfy af. Comfy music as well.

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Porco Rosso was so boring I couldn't wait for it to end. I'm tired of Sup Forums praising it for no reason

Can Naussica be a game or live action? TV series that covers the WHOLE manga?

Lupin and The Wind Rises as far as movies go

It's more of a Ghibli /comfy/ thing. Not a Ghibli melodrama or action.

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The manga is boring. Too much pointless exposition given over unremarkable artwork. The film took the best aspects of the manga and gave them awesome spectacle with its visuals... Which wouldn't be possible in a full series anyway due to TV production limitations.

Dragon Ball Super

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But I love Ponyo and it's 'ghibli comfy'

Daily reminder that you, Sup Forums, are part of the reason why Miyazaki is so depressed about modern nip animation

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>Calling yourself an "otaku"
>Glorifying the horrendous anime fanbase and culture
>Giving a shit about most anime

No one on Sup Forums actually does this, right?

That bad huh? Thanks, you save me the time. Hell, just wanted to know the backstory to what lead up to the Seven Days of Fire.

Sup Forums actually IS the horrendous anime fanbase. Just open the catalog

There really is nowhere better though.

It isn't bad per se, just not as good as the film IMO and I get defensive because I see people saying that the manga is better all the time. There isn't much more info on Seven Days of Fire than is presented in the film. By the time the main story takes place, it's ancient history that's only known as a legend, so it's never really elaborated on.

>2016 + 2
>still posting fake subtitles that literally everyone knows are fake by now

Sup Forums is the closest the West has to the general Japanese otaku fandom, for better and worse.

Say whatever you like but if you are defending Sup Forums then I don't know

Reading comprehension.
>"for better and worse"

Is it basically his "Industry bad, nature good" arch story again...fuck what am I saying...thats all it was. But still, damn fine film too.

One of the best.

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>Nausicaa is also Hideaki Anno's favorite
Well, he did work on it.

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>What is your favorite Miyazaki anime, Sup Forums?

I can't decide between Laputa Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso.

Miyazaki and Takahara working on Lupin III

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There's that, but there's also how much of it just seems designed to appeal to his sensibilities. The huge alien-esque monster designs, the detailed mechanical animation on rustic technology, the scenes of realistic military battles, the presence of a giant humanoid with the ability to wipe out civilisation. So much of what's in Nausicaa would also appear in and characterise Gunbuster, Nadia and Evangelion.

Stole from it too.

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>Why was he being so overly sensitive
Because what he was shown is literally shit. It looks like pure trash. It looks like a ragdoll from Euphoria engine instead of something with muscles attempting to crawl. The reason why he used his disabled friend? To make the interns understand why their work was so shit.

>prequel film made with the people who made the original
? Those are two very different things.

user thinks the artwork in the manga is bad, so you should completely disregard his opinion and look up the art for yourself.

This but unironically

Spirited Away, it's unironically his best film.

The manga is, wait for it, actually superior to the movie it expands on the conflict a lot more and the setting too. In fact the movie is missing a bunch of stuff like the Dorok, much of the lore or even the actual antagonist.

I've seen bits and pieces.

I mean in relationship to the Eva's. Or was the original concept of the God Warriors Anno's too?

Did Osamu Tezuka ever give his opinions on the weird obsessive anime fans before he died? He seems more way more eccentric to me.

Miyazaki did some brief work on the movie Space Adventure Cobra in 1982. The manga of Cobra was primarily influenced by Tezuka (who was also the mentor of Buichi Terasawa, who is the creator of that series).

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Metal Gear Solid

Porco Rosso obviously

Too bad they never made the planned sequel where he fights in the Spanish Civil War

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No, but besides being internally organic and having the ability to destroy the world (which plenty of other mechs have, I'd say he took more of the destroying the world thing from Ideon than from Nausicaa), they're not really similar. They look very different, they fulfill very different roles in the story, and the most distinct thing about the Evas (that they are inhabited by the souls of the pilot's mother) isn't related to the God Warriors.

Unlike Miyazaki, he was happy to not live long enough to see all the retardation going on


I'm not saying that they weren't an influence, but going as far as to call it stealing is reductive. Anno is the god of otaku who consumes anime like most people consume food, his works are the sum of many parts, pointing to just one thing and saying "he took that from there" isn't ever gonna be quite true.

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He took a really damn big chunk of what the Eva's were from the God Warriors.

It sounds like a deeply stupid thing to say, but Porco Rosso + apocalyptic Mad Max setting would be a cool premise. Give me more survival shit and pirates please.

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>Biplanes in the desert

But he also took the core idea of their appearance from Devilman, their ability to and role as beings that ascend humanity to another plane of existence from Ideon, their combat ability relying on how well they can synchronise with their pilot from Getter Robo, their sharing DNA with humans and ultimatey being from the same alien creator from Macross, their scale and presentation from Combattler. And again, their aforementioned most distinctive feature is (as far as I know) completely original.

Shoujo Ramune

The beam attack, that seems to be from the God Warriors.